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The British Monarchy lacked Common Sense until Thomas Paine pwned them. Sure did LIVE LIFE IN THE FAST LANE, DID THOMAS PAINE!
It tingles.

Some things you just know, you know? It is common knowledge that gravity exists. It is common knowledge that smoking makes you thin. It is common knowledge that Wilford Brimley has diabeetus. And it's common knowledge that Dr. Ivo Robotnik has a Pingas.

Common knowledge (or common sense) is known by absolutely everybody with a brain. Some people, who are severely lacking in intellect and probably dribble on their keyboard, do not know The Obvious. This leads to many, many lulz, especially when they: a) declare to the world something which proves that they are ignorant of The Obvious, or b) declare to the world that they have just discovered something that everybody knew to be Obvious already. Sometimes drama results from people believing anything they know to be common knowledge by default, resulting in their flaming others for daring not to know some obscure fact. Lulz ensue shortly afterwords when everyone else flames them into the dirt for being the pedantic little shits they are.

The problem is that most people on LJ (and the internets in general) lack common sense. This usually means drama for those without it, and lulz for those gifted with it.

If you are new to LJ Drama, there are certain things that are common knowledge here that you might not be wise to.

A History of Common Sense

Common sense began over 9000 years ago, when the caveman kept touching the fire and the dinosaurs told them to stop, because common sense for dinosaurs meant that fire burned and caused extinction.

Common sense then disappeared for at least 100 years. This is what was called the "Dark Ages." When common sense returned, Europe called it "The Plague" and promptly ignored it for another hundred years, because, as displayed during the Holocaust ignoring the obvious is what Europeans do best.

Common sense reared its ugly head in the United States prior to their independence, when Thomas Paine went Zerg Rush on the British oppressors. Ironically, in a surprise instance of common sense for them, France came to the aid of the colonies. Common sense has not been observed in France since then.

Today, common sense is an endangered species. Most of it went away when Al Gore created the internets, allowing for those who were normally too stupid to speak to gain a voice.

When Common Sense Doesn't Prevail

Common Sense tells us to not post things on the internets that we don't want other people to see. Thus, when everyone begins knowing that Ohbutyouwillpet is a sick fuck, that mediacrat is a homosexual, or that Ratherberucking is a needy bitch, it's because people without common sense probably told you.

Part of the reason ED and LJDrama are so popular is because there's no shortage of fun poking at the unfunny types with no common sense.

List of things that are common knowledge

No shit, Sherlock.

Other LJers Without Common Sense

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