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How subtraction is taught these days,

Common Core State Standards Initiative are the new federal school standards that have been implemented in the US. It was created by some pedophile Cultural Marxists commissioners and has no provision for those who operate a level above that of niggers. Even private schools and home schools are being coerced into it thank to the "No Child Left Behind" laws.

Common Core claims to enforce no standards, but all new textbooks being produced are common core compliant. All the new assessment tests require common core techniques. All all this shit is riddled with leftist language and propaganda. Even more importantly, it doesn't even teach basic fucking multiplication tables or any sort of standard mathematics. It even defers algebra for two years in the curriculum as it's "too hard" to teach to students. This is done in the name of fostering "creative problem solving skills". Ironically, due to the stringent "No Child Left Behind" testing laws, all students are force-fed this drivel so it becomes rote memorization instead of actually using problem solving skills. No actual learning is happening. Scientists are baffled how American youths are sitting at the bottom of the ranks for understanding math and sciences with teaching methods like this.

Common Core is being pushed not by industrial capitalists, actual teachers, or any other productive people but by globalist faggots like Bill Gates and other wealthy businessmen. The only way they got it passed was actual fucking bribery. First they launched a "race to the top" program to encourage impoverished USA schools to want to make their students succeed. From there they added in "If your going to get the money from the race to the top program you're going to have to accept Common Core". No Common Core = no federal funding.

How it applies to your favourite subjects

Common Core Logic
COMMIE core!!!1
  • Mathematics: Basic math is a done in an overly complex method that causes kids to piss themselves, pass out, and then go home and whine to their parents about how retarded school was. Math is now democratic and also relative. Groups come to a consensus of what the answer is and if a minority of the whole class has found the right answer he is wrong simply because the rest of the class says he is wrong. For individual work so long as the way a kid solved a problem is right to that kid, it is right, and the teacher will give the kid an A. Math books must be SJW compliant and have gay people in sentence problems, children will also do equation on] how to "redistribute the wealth" YouTube Favicon.png video Logic
  • English: Read rape stories and other egregious text rewritten for children, read about "social constructs" to deconstruct society, read boring TL;DR legal documents, a 100 page book on how to pave roads, learn how to worship the state, etc. However, it doesn't offer any reading from Gilgamesh, Shakespeare, The Song of Roland, the Athurian Legacy, any historical novel, Greek and Roman Mythology, the Bible, or any other seminal work that founded the culture of the greatest Empire in the history of mankind. All books by heterosexual white males are banned. YouTube Favicon.png video
  • Sexual Education: LGBTQs, Tumblrettes, and DieCIScum, will educate your 5 year olds on on how to penetrate their orifices with dildos, how to masturbate, how to do an assortment of sex positions, read a book where a bunch of midgets, tall people, old people, young people, Jewish people, niggers have one big diversity orgy. This is nothing less than the American version of Georg Lukacs's "Cultural Terrorismctrl-f" of 1919 in Hungarian schools (Hungary was under the Bolshevik Bela Kun regime at the time). When Lukacs became the Deputy Commissar for Culture he then instigated sex education program that promoted free sex among children and even kindergartners. That's right: kids are going to have more unprotected sex and spread more STDs than ever before. Pedobear and Shotacat approve.

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