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Proper way of illustrating your toughness on the wall

Come at me bro is a confrontational catchphrase used to instigate a fight with another person. It’s typically used to convey that one will not physically initiate fight, but is willing to fight if the situation arises. In image macro form, the text is overlaid on an picture where the subject is making a tough face and hos body is in an agressive position, usually with arms spread out to each side and a little bit downwards or hold in a defensive fighting position. It is not to be confused with the frequently used gay phrase "Cum at me bro", although the two expressions sound the same. It is not necessarily to be used in order to provocate physical contact by trying to persuade the other person to start a fight with you, but it can also be used to express your superior power and toughness, or give weight to your opinion and decide an argument. "Come at me bro" is typically used by whitey, but it's special version "Come at me nigga" also seems to be widely popular along afro-american population.

The proper usage of the phrase come at me bro demonstrated in real life


Some say "come at me bro" has an ancient origin

When it comes to properly defining the origin of an internet phrase it's always very hard. Below I summarised the most accepted theories about the origin of "come at me bro". Which is true no human can know for sure.

Opinions about the origin of "come at me bro" are very diverse. Some say that it has a very ancient origin and was first used by Tacgnol to provocate a fight with Longcat a quadrillion aeons ago before the universe, material and time was born. Many others agree, that is has an ancient origin, but they refuse the fact that it was first used by Tacgnol, because they state that the two ancient enemies Tacgnol and Longcat are bound to fight each other since they were created as for the purpose of breaking the balance of the universe and none of them can be statisfied whilst the other is still alive. They instead associate the phrase with Hesus and Raptor Hesus. But these two groups can show no evidence that could prove that they are right. Therefore the most accepted opinion among Encyclopedia Dramatica's scientist and phylosophists is that the phrase originates from douchebag Ron 'Ronnie' Ortiz-Magro of Jersey Shore. Wether or not it is Ronnie Magro who we can originate this phrase from it is a fact that "come at me bro" gained at insane popularity among other douchebags when he used it during en episode of the first season of MTV's Jersey Shore reality show. It became so popular that the niggers instantly came up with their own version in which they changed the word "bro" to the word "nigga", which is more appropriate for referring as a black person and also more commonly used by niggaz. The popularity of the phrase also began to spread among animals and who knows maybe reached some aliens too.

But why has it became so popular? This simple phrase that has no funny background history at all became much more popular than other phrases like over 9000 or I can count to potato, what's more its even much more known than the all time best caturday. The cause of this is probably a fact that this is not some 4chan, 420chan or torchan fagottry, so the audience is not limited to pedos, pedo-wannabes, nolife geeks and mentally unstabble sexually hungry very very very strange minded 14-25 year olds. Instead "come at me bro" spread through websites that have a larger (but of course still faggot) audience such as failbook and reached people of all ages starting from the 12-14 year old internet tough guys of the 9gag army.

Proper usage

Fulfilling all the requirements

The circumstances under which you can use "come at me bro" to reach the "come at me bro" effect were told before, so in this section there will be no discussing about that. However to ensure that you will manage to make a successful come at me bro effect on your target you need to match certain criteria.

Requirements for using "come at me bro":

  • You have to be a scumbag and have to look like a guido to ensure the maximum come at me bro effect, this is really important
  • You have to use steroids in order to have abnormally huge unnatural shaped muscles that make you seem inhumanly strong (who needs a working penis if you got swag?)
  • You must not have an IQ higher than 30 otherwise the come at me bro effect will not happen

So these are the basic stuff you need to be able to have a proper "come at me bro" effect on your target. Once you meet these requirements we can talk about the actual performation of the "come at me bro" effect.

  • Step1
    • Face towards you target and look at his face
    • Open your eyes wide
    • Make an angry face
  • Step2
    • Raise your arms until they are nearly parallel with the ground. The optimal angle between your body and your arms is 74,9 degrees
    • Open your palm fully so that you seem even bigger
    • Start shouting "come at me bro, come at me, yo come at me u bitch, come at me bro, c'mon, come at me" as loud as you can
  • Step3
    • Take a few steps towards your target than take a few steps back you arrive to your original position
    • Repeat until "come at me bro" effect reached
    • Sometimes you can even bang your chest or stomach to show your toughness

Comeatmebro bush.jpg
Two rivals facing each other trying to have a "come at me bro" effect the one on the other


The gallery of come at me bros

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