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A coincidence is actually a conspiracy without the "???? You decide!" at the end of it. Simply by adding "??? You decide!" any coincidence becomes a government conspiracy carried out by the Jews.


Not coincidences



A common variation uses only one "?" and ends in "I think not!" instead of "You decide". This version is for lamers. Real men use the "You decide" version.

Actually, I take that back, anyone who uses EITHER version is not only a lamer but a fucktard, too. But using the original version at least makes you less of one.

You decide!

Remember, you decide! But if your decision happens to be that it was, in fact a coincidence and not a conspiracy, you are a retard sheeple brainwashed by the government and a complete moron and should kill yourself.

But, you STILL decide!

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Or is it? You decide!

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