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/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
Yet more /co/ shenanigans.

/co/ is a board on 4chan where cartoons and comics collide. Theoretically, it's supposed to be about the discussion of cartoons and comics, but in reality is used for anon to discuss animated porn, pirate comic books, pirate infantile animated shows, whine about their sex lives, and circlejerk with drawfags. To their credit, they do attempt to create original content more often than most boards, but it's usually just gay 'Music Meister' porn or anthropomorphic personifications of the various boards on 4chan. /co/mrades, as they refer to themselves, are probably the least harmful 4chan users to meet in real life; while the others will just rage at you for not having their opinions, /co/mrades usually at least buy you dinner first before asking you to dress up as Neil Gaiman. /co/ is also unusually tolerant of femanons (or at least they used to be), unlike its cousin /v/, with whom it has an uneasy relationship.

Unfortunately, that all changed when the /pol/tards and /tv/ nerds invaded the board and spread their memes and cancer, turning /co/ into a cesspool with no self-awareness that can't take what it dishes out. Nowadays, the typical state of /co/ is endless arguing over trivial bullshit, accusing anyone who likes comics and cartoons of being a normie, and hissing at the sight of anything that isn't a white male.


File:The beginning of the end.png
Oh, my sweet, sweet child, if only you knew...

/co/ was created At least 100 years ago as a refuge for western-style cartoon porn aficionados to go and fap over pictures of Power Girl, Black Cat and Deadpool. This mass exodus of basement dwellers has also had the result of making /a/ full of only weeaboos.

An embarassing tidbit of /co/ history that everyone likes to ignore is that they originated the brony movement. After "animation journalist" Amid Amidi posted an article about how Lauren Faust working on a half-hour toy commercial marked the end of creator-driven shows, if not animation as an art form itself, /co/ became curious about the new cartoon and, upon watching it, discovered it was actually pretty good. This soon spiraled out of control, to the point where ponies were being spammed all throughout 4chan, making the mods thoroughly asshurt. Eventually, /mlp/ was created as a containment board for all the ponyfuckers to post away from the rest of the website. /co/ now hates My Little Pony with a burning passion (as they do most cartoons nowadays) and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what they created.

At some point in /co/ history, their tolerance for women and minorities suddenly stopped. Many blame Steven Universe, a show created by a non-binary woman with minority characters, and /co/ hates that show with a fiery passion because of all the filler, messages of diversity and acceptance, and the (male) main character's refusal to use violence and belief that villains can be reformed. Expect there to be a lot of threads blaming SJWs for whatever nitpick they have with current animation, along with the customary belief that people who work in animation don't deserve basic human respect. In its current state, the only good thing about /co/ is the drawthreads, and even then those aren't that great. Despite the anons wearing their disrespect for professional artists and animators as a badge of pride and treating many of the drawfags horribly (Herny especially), the smug hack artists continue to give free shit to a non-appreciative audience because getting their dick sucked is more important to them than treating their fellow artists with respect. Expect /co/ to completely throw the drawfags under the bus once they stop being useful to them, while the drawfags will be shit out of luck since they closed the door on any opportunities they had to create art professionally since they basically flipped off all their fellow artists just so they could get a blowjob that wasn't all that great to begin with.

/co/ memes

The various peoples of /co/.

Common threads on /co/

Typical /co/ thread.
Typical image found on /co/.
Typical /co/mrade behavior.

Ways to Troll /co/

A typical /co/mrade's wet dream, even though posting this would probably get one banned.

While trolling is an art, even the greatest artists must start somewhere. Following the bullets below will help you to begin a solid career in trolling. NOTE: Sticking around the threads for a while may actually get you interested in comix, so troll carefully.

  • Mention Scott Pilgrim. At all.
  • Sage or otherwise shit on sharethreads.
  • Post unrelated images in storytime threads.
  • Praise Tim Buckley.
  • Praise Rob Liefield's artwork.
  • Make a thread about comics and/or cartoons. The /co/ janitor really hates those.
  • Tell them that you REALLY enjoy the writer Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Criticize anything written by Garth Ennis or Alan Moore.
  • Complain about the four different Flashes in the DC Universe.
  • Create god-awful OTP threads.
  • Start a drawfag thread without drawing anything.
  • Complain about the new Captain America, who happens to be a black guy.
  • Compare Joe Murray to John K.
  • Mention John K. However, with the recent news that he had a history of sexual misconduct, as well as the fact that he coined the term "CalArts style" (which ironically has nothing to do with the so-called "CalArts style" of today), /co/ now respects and reveres him and consider him a misunderstood genius.
    • Alternately, tell /co/ that John K. encompasses every single quality /co/ has, the difference being John actually put his money where his mouth is and made cartoons.
  • Bring anything from /a/ to the board. Note: This may fail due to nostalgia-fags who loved Toonami.
  • Start a Total Drama Island or 6teen thread. For extra trollage cred, upgrade it to a shipping thread.
  • Start a "Who was the better Joker?" thread.
  • Ask what the Green Lantern's superpower is.
  • Say /co/ is love.
  • Mention Maggie at any time, you don't even need a picture, however this is particularly effective in Adventure Time threads.
  • Make fetish-related in drawfag threads (scat for bonus points).
  • Praise Cartoon Network for moving to "real life" programming. Shit will hit the fan and lives will be lost. Have fun with this one!
  • Ask why other artists can't draw as realistically as Greg Land does.
  • /co/ has found a recent love for Hey Arnold!, just find one and say you hate Rhonda and/or that Helga is one-dimensional and boring.
  • Discuss Dragon Ball Z or Digimon.
  • Discuss how funny Tom Preston or BrokenTeapot's comics are.
  • Praise Wolverine and Joker as the best characters of all time. Similarily, say that Dr. Doom is the worst character of all time, or what a boring character Superman is.
  • Say that "dark and edgy" comics are the best thing that happened to the industry over the last years.
  • Mention or praise Johnny Test.
  • Mention or praise Teen Titans Go!
  • Claim that you like the TV show "Big Bang Theory."
  • Mention or praise MysteriousMrEnter.
  • Create a thread for The Loud House or Steven Universe, since 4chan ruled that they belong in the trash.
  • Mention or praise Vivienne Medrano (they hate her because she dares to have a life outside her webcomic Zoophobia and because her work doesn't meet the standards of every person on Earth).
    • Related, ask if they can do better or tell them to stop harassing internet artists over perceived slights.
    • Better yet, point out how several multi-man professional animation projects have just as many smears and perspective fuck-ups as her one-person internet works.
  • Praise webcomics in general.
  • Mention or praise Seth Rogen and/or Sausage Party.
  • Say someone's waifu is shit.
  • Mention or praise CalArts.
    • Related, tell them that CalArts is the not the cause of the "soft round" cartoon style they hate so much and that the entire concept of "CalArts style" was started by John K. to describe things he didn't like.
  • Say that the ending to Gravity Falls was perfect, that Mabel is a great character, and/or that Alex Hirsch is a talented man.
  • Post anything having to do with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Remind /co/ they're the reason bronies even exist.
  • Mention or praise Illumination Entertainment.
  • Start a "cartoons then vs. cartoons now" thread. Bonus points if the "cartoons now" section includes the "CalArts sameface" from shows that came out around the same time while the "cartoons then" section includes animation from multiple different eras.
  • Try to have a comfy thread. Either nobody will respond or things will derail.
  • Talk about Randy Robert Stair when someone is trying to have a Danny Phantom thread.
  • Bring in anything from /pol/ (even though /co/ has basically become /pol/ 2.0 at this point; they just don't want to admit it).
  • Say Rick and Morty isn't Reddit.
  • Post anything even remotely furry.
  • Mention or praise Steven Universe. Bonus points if you praise its inclusion of LGBT themes and positive portrayal of lesbian relationships.
  • Say the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the best film franchises of all time.
  • Praise television shows for hiring female writers (especially Rick and Morty).
  • Praise any female who works in the animation industry. Lauren Faust is generally the exception to this rule, though not always.
  • Post a fucked up sexual confession or headcanon. Bonus points if you use Master Shake as your image.
  • Say Christina Miller is a better president of Cartoon Network than Stuart Snyder.
  • Praise the fifth season of Samurai Jack and/or say Ashi is a great character.
  • Say Spider-Man Homecoming didn't flop.
  • Say Chris Savino didn't deserve to get fired from The Loud House for sexual harassment.
  • Say Chris Savino got what he deserved.
  • Accuse women in the industry of lying about being sexually harassed to get attention or remove men from the industry.
  • Accuse the people who claim the above of being paranoid and/or sexist.
  • Praise comic books for becoming more diverse.
  • Ask why /co/ didn't save 2D animation by going to see the My Little Pony and Teen Titans Go movies.
  • Ask why /mlp/ had to be moved to its own containment board even though the same exact damn thing is happening with Rick and Morty and Steven Universe but they get to clog up /co/ with 18 threads at a time.
  • Complain about /co/ complaining.
  • Complain about how /co/ is run and/or tell the mods to do their fucking job. Best case scenario, your reply will be deleted. Worst case scenario, you will be banned.
  • Accuse /co/ of being a hivemind. Everyone will say it's not true. Reverse psychology at its finest.
  • Say you liked The Last Jedi.
  • Say you like Disney.
  • Say Thundercats Roar looks good.
  • Mention or praise Nico Colaleo (they hate him for being the only person in the animation industry to have the balls to stand up to people like them).
  • Let everyone know that their complete disrespect and lack of human decency towards animation professionals isn't going to fix any of the problems they have within the industry.
  • Tell /co/ that women, blacks, and Jews are not ruining the comic and film industry and that they're all acting like paranoid retards.
  • Tell /co/ that comics and cartoons having characters who are black, female, gay, or transgender does not make them anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, or anti-cis.
  • Tell /co/ that feminism and misandry are two different things.
  • Tell /co/ that they know absolutely nothing about how the animation industry works.
  • Mention Vivziepop or Hazbin Hotel.
  • Remind /co/ they're the most furry board on 4chan.
  • Say Toonzone/Anime Superhero is the superior forum.
  • Tell the drawfags to stop giving free shit to these assholes.
  • Say you like comics and cartoons.
  • Tell the anons to make their own fucking cartoon if they're so goddamn smart.
  • Ask why /co/ is allowed to criticize/insult/harass/dox every single animator but saying anything even remotely negative about them or the mods is a bannable offense.
  • Tell /co/ they're a bunch of whiny bitches who are never satisfied.
  • Talk about Zoe Quinn's comic book Goddess Mode.


File:The channel tans.png
The Three Sirens of the Apo/co/lypse

The only good thing to come out of /co/ (which is damning them with praise so faint it might as well not even be praise) is the creation of the channel-tan, an anthropomorphized personification of kids networks Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, soon growing to encompass virtually every network that even has the slightest /co/ connection. This being /co/, the very autistic concept caught on very well, resulting in the only instances of /co/ ever banding together to create something. Also unsurprisingly, it soon grew into an excuse to draw lots of porn, as well as projecting their complaints about each networks' "flaws" onto characters which are at their disposal to do with as they see fit.

Around mid-2018, the Channel-tan fandom began to die down, further showing that /co/ is incapable of seeing anything to the finish nor willing to put in the effort to collaborate with others and create good content, unlike their cousin /v/ and their annual musicals.

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Troll copypasta for drawthreads

Chun Li/Wonder Woman

Ok, this is after a long fight/foreplay, so they're both pretty sweaty and stinky.

Chun Li had this outfit on, but now she's half naked and she has unshaved armpits and legs (because they'd be covered by the outfit), the armpits are very hairy, but the legs aren't incredibly hairy, just average, she's half-Asian anyway. She has sweat stains around her armpits (if the discarded outfit is visible in pic, if not, disregard. She is muscular but also a bit chubby, she has semi-visible upper abs and very meaty legs and thighs. Her lower abs aren't visible, and she has a tiny bit of a lower belly. Typical Asian long pubic hair. Her feet are dirty and stinky (she has one of her boots off).

Wonder Woman is completely naked save for her bracelets and tiara, she is very muscular, and has a lot of armpit stubble (but they're shaved, though not very recently). She also has a hairy bush and an unshaved happy trail. Shaved legs, again with some stubble. Her toes and feet aren't shaved (if she has her boots off).

Chunners is kneeling around Wonder Woman's torso, pinning her down with her massive thighs. She is displaying her hairy cunt to WW, and pissing all over her tits and face. She has one arm behind her head, and she's in the process of letting her hair hang down (taking off the head dress things), so her hairy armpit is clearly visible. Her other hand is behind her chunky butt, fingerfucking her ass. There is some poop residue on the visible part of her finger and around her anus.

Wonder Woman is lying down on her back in complete bliss, both of her arms raised above her head so her armpits are on display, her wrists tied by her own lasso. She is sniffing and possibly licking one of her armpits. Her large clitoris is erect and throbbing, and she is rubbing herself onto one of Chun Li's discarded boots, which is lying between her legs. There migh be faint poop residue around her mouth suggesting Chunners let her lick her dirty finger.

Furry/Statue of Liberty

Bridget from an American Tail wearing nothing but sexy boots, fishnet stockings, and a garter that goes around her waist. She is standing naked on top of the statue of Liberty and waving the Irish flag. Pronounced armpit (possibly pubic and belly) fur and tuft of chest fur would be great. I'm not the original requester, I just really liked the request so I'm pasting it!

Also the original requester posted a link to fuckawesome Western boots she should be wearing but I forgot to save it. I pasted similar boots into the ref image but I'm not sure if they're exactly right.

Use this copypasta to drive away drawfags and deprive /co/ of their only power source

Requesting all the drawfags give these people nothing because you self-absorbed hypocritical fucking faggots don't deserve anything nice and the drawfags have absolutely zero integrity or respect for themselves, their fellow artists, or their craft. Being a drawfag on /co/ is like being the personal macaroni chef to a mentally handicapped bigot who hates macaroni with a burning passion and considers people who make macaroni to be subhuman garbage. The only reason he doesn't complain about your macaroni is because he doesn't have to pay for it, and the moment you start making macaroni for the masses as a professional career he will hate you merely for existing. Yet you continue making macaroni for them even though you're not being paid and don't give two shits about your fellow macaroni chefs who are insulted, harassed, and hung from the gallows just for doing their fucking job, but none of that matters to you because these faggots suck your dick harder than Kirby. So please, no more drawthreads ever again because this board is shit and deserves shit.

This one too

I cannot for the life of me fathom how any artist of decent talent can go on this website, see the stupid and uninformed opinions at best and borderline hate speech and harassment at worst, and say to themselves, "Yes, I want to draw art requests from these people for free". I literally don't understand why anyone would waste their talent on people who only care about themselves and believe that being an artist automatically means you have to cater to their every whim, and to do otherwise makes you subhuman garbage not worthy of basic respect.

The "people" of this board do not deserve to have drawfags give them jack shit. They don't care about you, they only care about getting free stuff. Look at any thread and you'll see how little they really think of artists like you. The anons of /co/ are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, braindead, self-entitled little shitheads who are not worth wasting your time and effort on. Stop enabling these pathetic excuses for humanity. Show them their actions and treatment of others has consequences, do not reward them for being assholes. End this cycle of injustice where the creative minds who slave away creating art and animation are constantly belittled and abused while the lazy, good for nothing little shits who have nothing better to do than make artists' lives miserable to feel better about their own failures in life get treated like kings.

Troll copypastas to rile up /co/ for fun and profit

Nobody knows how animation works

Note: Due to recent changes made on 4chan this may require multiple posts in order to fit everything in.

It's quite obvious nobody on this board has even the slightest idea how animation works, neither as an art nor as a business. Yet they think they know more than the people who do it for a living just because they can point out when something is off-model. Rather than offer any sort of constructive advice that could potentially alleviate the problem, making everyone happy, they instead scream at the artists to do better and sit back on their fat asses, eyes glued to the computer screen, ready to complain again when the next episode airs. The board has a sense of entitlement towards animation. It believes that animation is not created by living, breathing humans with their own lives, feelings, and shortcomings, but rather spat out by a faceless machine. When the machine does not give them what they want, they believe the machine to have been incompetently assembled. The manufacturer tries to defend himself, aware of humanity's imperfection, calmly explaining that he and his staff are doing the best they can and that there are many different factors at play when creating professional animation for public consumption, only to be met with infuriated screams and accusations of laziness and dishonesty. When something is not up to the board's standards, they feel personally attacked, as if their so-called Benevolent God of Cartoons is taunting them. Any fault they do not blame on the animator they blame on vague, imaginary boogeymen who oppose their ideals, fictitious monsters they've deluded themselves into believing are real. They know no joy. It is an emotion they have long since left behind, but do not know why. They believe the benevolent animators can restore it for them, but the board is not satisfied with what they have to offer. Could their mistreatment of the workers and constant demand for absolute perfection, which they are convinced they will never have, and their inability or outright refusal to simply move on to a different type of pleasure be the cause of their misery? No, it must be the fault of incompetent artists!

Teen Titans Go copypasta

Teen Titans Go is the greatest cartoon ever because it actually has the balls to call out cartoon fans for being the whiny, self-entitled, disrespectful failed abortions they are. The writers for other cartoons are either ignorant of the problem or avoid mentioning it in order to stay professional, but the truth is, this needs to be addressed, and more professional writers and animators need to see the cartoon community for what it truly is. Teen Titans Go is one of the brave few, and because of that, it's gone from being an "okay as its own thing but not as good as the original" show to a brave, bold, and biting commentary that has my utmost respect.

John K. copypasta

Admit it, /co/: you love and idolize this man and he is everything you are now and want to be. You unironically consider John K. to be the smartest, most talented person who ever worked in animation and consider him a role model to be emulated in terms of both art and how you treat other people. Just fucking admit it and stop lying to yourselves.

How to enrage all of /co/ in one post

Scott Pilgrim is an amazing comic, Alan Moore is an untalented hack, Hellboy is overrated, John K. is a garbage human being who was never funny or creative, Big Bang Theory is a love letter to geek culture and absolutely hilarious, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go, Rick and Morty, and MLP:FIM are the greatest cartoons ever made, Seth MacFarlane and Alex Hirsch are geniuses, Tara Strong is mad talented, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Zoophobia are the pinnacle of webcomics, CalArts is a great school that has given us some of animation's best talent, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the greatest film franchise in history, Black Panther is the best movie of 2018, if not the decade, Disney does not have a monopoly on the industry nor are they bribing critics, The Last Jedi was fucking awesome, Hazbin Hotel looks great, She-Ra does not look like a man, Thundercats was a shit cartoon created only to sell toys, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Samurai Jack had great endings, Nico Colaleo did nothing wrong, women are funny, the LGBTQ community deserves to have its voice heard, racism and sexual harassment are bad, the drawfags deserve so much better, /pol/ ruined this board and all the others, Anime Superhero is the superior forum, and this board's complete and utter lack of human compassion is eventually going to bite you fuckfaces in the ass HARD. That is all.

Welcome to /co/

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