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There is a method behind the madness.

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a method of attack whereby a system is flooded with unnecessary amounts of bullshit. The resultant overflow is intended to unbalance a system and cause its eventual collapse. Why is this important to ED readers now? Because your very own President and his pack of grinning hyenas are using this form of attack to destabilize and destroy America.

Besides all that, the strategy has become a candy-coated keyword that Republicans have been spewing quite a bit lately.


Cloward and Piven

Initially proposed by two long-haired hippy sociology professors at Columbia, the Cloward/Piven strategy was supposed to point out flaws within Lyndon Johnson's “Great Society.” the two professors, who happened to be a married couple, argued that the current welfare system was not designed to work for all people, but was intended only for those who lived in urban areas and who were of minority status. They went on to state, that if social programs such as welfare were accessed by white, middle class groups, the whole system would collapse under the strain of all the millions of lazy blobs trying to “get theirs” from the government. Fortunately for the United States, some people have an ounce of integrity, and the strategy was never utilized.

Even still, in the aftermath of such an attack, vast gaps between law and practice would be exposed by showing that the government itself cannot handle paying everybody everything all of the time. In a nutshell, the strategy purposed to do the following:

1. The offensive organizes previously unorganized groups eligible for government benefits but not currently receiving all they can.

2. The offensive seeks to identify new beneficiaries and/or create new benefits.

3. The overarching aim is always to impose new stresses on target systems, with the ultimate goal of forcing their collapse.

Use Today

What is going to happen.
It's going to get worse before it gets better


—Barrack Hussein Obama

Obama and the political machine behind him were elected under the guise of CHANGE. This keyword, used along with other such keywords as “unprecedented,” “Eco-friendly,” and “transparency” sounded like great ideas to a tired and ailing American public who was disenchanted with the war in Iraq, social problems at home, and scandalous political behavior locally and federally. In fact, people were climbing over each other to vote for Obama, and ate his rhetoric like a fatty dives into a Baconator value meal at Wendy's.

But the American public did not read between the lines.

Obama's real mission is not to change the American governmental system by bettering the existing mechanism, but rather to destroy the system and replace it with a form of socialism that intends to redistribute wealth.


The final result of Cloward Piven Strategy.
Because these programs are financed with deficit spending, the effect of the Cloward/Piven Strategy becomes doubly destructive. Talk about a perfect storm! The Democrat stimulus plan is a mechanism whose goal is the destruction of the traditional American way of life. It is bitter irony that the American taxpayer will actually fund the destruction of his own ability to live according to the values of our Founding Documents.


—It's a conspiracy I tell you!

Currently, the global economy is weak and the American economy is part of that problem. Early in the Obama presidency, a stimulus bill was enacted that drove over 700 billion dollars into financial institutions in (a supposed) effort to prop up ailing banks. All it really did was increase job losses and increase demands for such governmental aid as welfare, unemployment, and social security benefits.

Next, by plowing billions of dollars into ACORN, an illegal community organizing thug group, the Obama administration was able to steal money from normal American citizens and give it over to radical groups. These groups, who share Obama's plan, will provide no aid to ailing American citizens, but only wish to “flip” the current status quo and make hard working, responsible citizens poorer each day. Since the economy was already in the shitter, community organizers were allowed money through a planned campaign of deficit spending...further eroding the economy.

Yet another step in this plan is to introduce a Healthcare plan that will cost trillions of dollars without causing any change in Americans health, care, or pocketbooks. It is literally spending money on nothing. By removing Americans from the process, Obama sabotages the current system of laws and sets into motion a decaying system that fails exponentially with every new day that passes. The ensuing crapflood of government programs, people screaming for help, and banks who manage to make money disappear will eventually overbalance the system, causing it to collapse.


For the lulz!

Remember back when Obama got elected by having his supporters scream “CHANGE” over and over again? Obama doesn't want to change the system for the better, he wants to totally destroy the system. Revenge? Probably.

Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation...


—Francis Fox Piven

Once the nation is rocked, it is the perfect time to move in with a new form of government, pretty much burning the Constitution along the way. Americans are getting what they voted for.



Those naively believing that President Obama is simply rewarding his far-left base, and will then move to the political center, must wise up.


—Nancy Coppock

I noted the liberal record of unmitigated legislative disasters, the latest of which is now being played out in the financial markets before our eyes. Before the 1994 Republican takeover, Democrats had sixty years of virtually unbroken power in Congress - with substantial majorities most of the time. Can a group of smart people, studying issue after issue for years on end, with virtually unlimited resources at their command, not come up with a single policy that works? Why are they chronically incapable?


—Coppock again.

Cloward and Piven studied Saul Alinsky just like Hillary Clinton and President Obama.


—A pack of commies!

According to Sol Stern of the Manhattan Institute, ACORN is a modern successor of the radical 1960’s “New Left” and holds a “1960’s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism” to be implemented through undisguised authoritarian socialism.



In their 1966 article, Cloward and Piven charged that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when "the rest of society is afraid of them."


—Cloward, preaching.


Skip ahead to 25:00 or so, to get to the meat of the matter.

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