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This is the post that started everything.
But the funniest thing is, it actually caught on.

Clovergender is a troll made by some faggots on 4chan on the first of January, 2017. It was made to troll the SJW's by making a new gender called "Clovergender" (Cuz 4chan, clover, geddit?). This gender meant that you are a kid stuck in a man/woman body, and therefore like other children. It quickly became a complete clusterfuck and a lot of lulz were given.

Snopes wrote an article called Cloverfailed that cited Martin Shkreli as the source of the "hoax", even though they had the balls to post a screenshot of the thread from December 31st.

Also it probably would've worked better if you guys had picked kindergender, you fucking retards.

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