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What you see is what you get.

TL;DR A cliché is a phrase or other expression that has been said or written so often in response to a given situation or set of circumstances that it is utterly predictable and terribly boring. Similarly, a cliché can also be a standard sort of plot-line, type of character, or other element of a story. Clichés are mostly used by people who have little or no imagination or creative brainpower. They make life easier for these borderline retards, as they don't have to try very hard to think.

If you're planning on writing a fanfic or a webcomic, using a cliché is a really good idea!

A cliché is often used in many forms of media entertainment, such as movies, video games, comics, anime, anime, or anime. While clichés come in many different kinds, one of the most famous kinds is "Robot created to surpass creator and take over the world." This has been used many times, so obviously, it is a brilliant idea which should be used as often as possible.


List of clichés in comics and movies

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