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With Jews, you lose!
Jews are super angry and crazy. They cut off the tips of their own penises...imagine what they'd do to yours!


Dr. Stephen T. Colbert

An uncircumcised penis
Circumsized penis. You be the judge.
Fact: Foreskins give you SUPAH POWAHS

Circumcision (a.k.a. genital mutilation) was introduced by reptilian sociopathic aliens to mankind's ancestors and involves the unnatural act of removing parts of the genitalia, the foreskin for boys and different parts of the vagoo for girls, depending in what parts of the world they are circumcised. Male circumcision is mainly practiced by Morons, contrary to popular belief that Pedophiles do most of the cutting. The main idea for circumcision in the ancient era was lulz, since most civilizations that practiced circumcision were based in hot and dry areas where lulz were scarce. Because nothing's lulzier than mutilating a male against his will and there's not much to lol at in bumfuck 230 BC. Later, the practice of circumcision was adopted by Abrahamic religions, even though it predates said religions with thousand of years and has nothing to do with them. In modern times, male circumcision was popularized, mainly by Christians, in western societies, but fortunately it only got wind in The United States. At times when commercials encouraged smoking as a healthy past time, other commercials convinced people the same about circumcision, which mainly was pushed because of a Christian agenda which focused on how to stop boys from masturbating and because doctors will gladly take your money to cut off whatever you want from your child so long as he's too stupid to come back and murder their asses for literally sexually assaulting him with a knife. Thus, more than 70% of the males in the States are circumcised. Since then, the percentage of circumcised male newborns is slowly dropping, with the help of information against circumcision resurfacing on the internet, information that the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality buried decades ago for unknown reasons.

All of the so called healthy benefits of circumcision were debunked a long time ago even though most people that defend circumcision are circumcised themselves or they're idiots who defend it purely for aesthetic reasons, mostly women who disregard their own hanging meatflaps or the fact that uncut dicks would make them cum ten times faster. Most of them suffer from extreme butthurtness, or better said, dickhurtness because of their inferiority complex and knowing the fact that a cut dick can never go back. Some sued their parents, which surprisingly won them a pretty penny. Others are so lost in their own bullshit, they started believing it. But most suffer from Stockholm syndrome, painting themselves in a pseudo-high-caliber color while covering their ears, closing their eyes and chanting how superior they are. Just like rape victims who do not acknowledge or admit that they where in fact raped. Sadly, these males are rooted into a mentality that boys born natural are defective, which is a macabre reaction to their own mutilation. They will never feel real sex, they will never feel real masturbation and they will never be complete again. Always a part missing. Always circus freaks. Hence, easily triggered.

The glorious Glenn Beck pwns foreskin man

If you're against circumcision,you're a nazi and a bad goy

Crawling In My (Fore)skin, This Wound It Will Not Heal

Few things get people as excited on the Internets as circumcision, because discussing other people's penises on the internets makes gay people happy and causes outbursts of rage in the straight community. If you lurk the chans, be sure to drop a "cut vs uncut" thread on there for lulz and drama, and make sure to mention uncuts are superior to force the argument. If you say cuts are superior you'll just get anti-lulz and fail. The most vocal opponents are the majority of all internets, who prefer their sausages with casings. To quote an expert:

It's like being fucked by a dried up cock-piston that feels less pleasure, instead of a proven evolutionary method of pleasing a gay man. Believe me, I know.


—A gay homosexual

Whenever someone brings the topic up, the conversation usually involves most guys not giving a shit about it and smart people freaking out and using a form of the word "mutilated" in every post. Then the pedos (who love circumcision) start to freak out, sensing a threat to their supply of masturbation material - photos of circumcised baby penises. White trash moms (who love to make their babies dicks look AND smell like shit) team up with the douchebags and shit gets out of hand.

According to statistics, there are more white people circumcised than trained monkeys or jews currently in America. However niggers have a bigger penis than you, which is obviously a coincidence. Circumcision has been shown to cause both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation: the former because removing that "piece of skin" means there is less actual skin to stretch during an erection, which is particularly true in high and tight cuts (you probably don't have to worry if you have a low and loose in which case you are significantly closer to being normal); and the latter because less nerves means you have less sensation of when you're about to cum. This leads to Americunts getting all-cut-over circumcisions and making up more facts about circumcision to make themselves feel better.

What it boils down to is this: if you're raping something asleep, you want to cum ASAP for maximal escape chance. Keeping your penis is a proven method of jizzing quick. Also, if one is uncircumcised, you are a true male, due to the ability to bring lulz from clever tricks using this skin. See foreskin.

Also did I mention newborns are circumcised without anesthetic?

Along with this, you aren't butthurt and hunted for being a Jew.

However, you are probably never going to have sex anyhow, so you can disregard most of this article as it really doesn't matter either way. Arguing over circumcision on teh interwebs is like two cripples arguing over who has stronger legs. Though if you really must have a handy tip; for cuts: say the uncut guy has a higher chance of catching STDs, which is a lie and will cause major drama because of it. For uncuts: say the cut guy feels nothing during sex because of his lacking of an extra 20,000 nerve endings, and be sure to have links to articles proving this number otherwise you'll just generate anti-lulz such as "oh yeah well I highly doubt theres any nerves in that piece of skin." Use this for example: The foreskin is srs bsns.

Female Circumcision

A woman without cunt lips is like a fat woman!
protip: LOLIS LUV IT!

Broads can get their clits lobbed off too. Ouch. Unlike circumcision, this is illegal to perform without consent and can't be forced on babies. Unless you are in some small village in the middle of Nowhere, Afurika or any of the islamic European countries (which is every European country). In which case, you can get away with it. The preferred method is a piece of broken glass or battery acid (Now you can be just like John H Kellog!), but a cat is fine too. Fuck the clit! They don't need one anyway!

Forekin Restoration

Some men who were dickhurt over having been circumcised during infancy feel the need to restore their foreskins,although this is pointless because they will never regain the 20,000 nerve endings lost in the procedure and only Eurofags and homosexuals like foreskin despite the fact that 99.9% of consenting women would not know the difference even if they were trying to suck two cocks at once.


See: Metzizah_b’peh

During Jewish circumcision, the mohel (specially trained pedophile who performs the operation) will finger the foreskin, molest the infant to achieve erection, cut off the over 50% of his dick skin, then suck the blood out of the open wound. Seriously, I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

In 2005, some mohel who did this shit in New York gave three kids herpes. One of them died. The mayor, Jew, tried to get the Jew Kings of New York to stop. Here's a screenshot:

The Jew Kings eloquently defend their right to perform this sacred, ancient practice of sucking baby dick while rubbing one off

Jews have a Party where they invite everyone over to brag about their newborn son's half incher and then joyously allow someone (usually picked by whoever has the sharpest knife with them) the right to mutilate the helpless infant and then suck the blood off (not all Jews, just the extra Jewy kind, the kind that will shoot your kid and bomb your hospital because it is manifest destiny to own your land because G-D promised it to him). While the Jews watch the babies penis get molested and mutilated they enjoy various snacks as watching a babies penis bleed is known to increase a Jew's appetite by over 9000. Often times if the parents are not stocked up on enough cocktail weiners/bananas/other phallic looking foods then the foreskin of the victim is ingested ritually.

Foreskin Man gets his jew-hating ,anti-semetic,evil,nazi ass kicked by the glorious Captain Israel.
It's awwwwwriiiight
Only intolerant racist antisemites would
denounce sucking on little boys' dicks!

SeaNiggers Are The New Jews

98 percent of dumb, self-hating/self-pwning Filipinos draw pride in intentionally numbing their already microscopic pindicks by chopping half of them off.

Filipinos with enough sense to avoid having their genitals mutilated with a machete and a coconut are mocked out of jealously for their fully functional dicks with the slur "supot" meaning "I'd love to suck your gorgeous intact sausage."

After centuries of unhygienic BME sponsored tribal initiations of 9-14 year old boys, many dumbfuck Filipinos ended up brainwashing themselves into believing mutilated pindicks make you taller instead of the fact puberty naturally occurs after the age of initiation anyway (SERIOUSLY!). Seanigger dipshits idiotically became more enthusiastic about slicing up their own cocks after thinking they could reverse their midget height, however their minuscule stature, tiny dicks and self-inflicted mutilation are all permanent. EPIC SELF-PWNAGE!

It's no surprise the world's most infamous self-hating jew Bobby Fischer was very fond of the self-hatred he shared with Filipinos, so much so that he honored them with his first annual September 11 celebration being broadcast on Filipino radio.

List of circumcised men

People Who Approve Of Circumcision

Dr. Mutilator,saving you from masturbation related deaths.
A stick is fine too.

People Who Disapprove Of Circumcision

Examples Of Incorrect Knowledge On Circumcision

A long long time ago in a country far away a man called John Kellog decided it would be fun to cut boys penises off and pour acid on girls clits. This was obviously enjoyed because the government decided to make it lolimportant in a high percentage of newborns. Since then the American doctors want to team up with the Jews to create random facts so more people will circumcise their kids so pediatricians can keep making money. Here's some facts you can expect to hear:

  • Circumcision lowers chances of getting STDs, it's true we tested it in Africa! - The test results showed cut men who didn't wash were more likely to get STDs than uncut men who didn't. Cut/Uncut Men who did wash had equal chances.
  • Circumcision doesn't actually remove 20,000 nerve endings, it's just a fold of skin! -A circumcised person. - The foreskin is used to protect the glans from damage up until the age where you need to stop being a lazy fuck and pull it back to keep cheese out. It contains a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings unluckily for you. However these nerve endings feel slightly less than the ones on the head, but the Jews are way ahead of you! having your foreskin removed means your head will be rubbing against everything decreasing it's sensitivity to match your lack of nerve endings. TL;DR, yes it does remove them.
  • Circumcision makes you last longer in bed! - The time you last in bed is only 20% controlled by sensativity and is 80% controlled by your brain. DOES THAT MEAN I LAST 20% LONGER! COOL!
  • He will look like other guys in the changing room! - Ok now you're just being a fag. Why would you want his/your cock to look like another man's in a changing room? Besides circumcision is the minority now so either go back in time by about 30 years or cry as your gay son is laughed at in the changing room for being the odd one out.

Internet Articles full of lies and fail, Protip: You're getting trolled! -A circumcised person.


Furfags hate circumcision because they love having animalistic sheathed dicks.

Dickhurt Gallery

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