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CircaRigel shows us her "O-face"
Belinda's class of '93 yearbook photo
The resemblance is uncanny..
proof that CircaRigel = Rape
Officer Williams reporting for duty!

YouTube Favicon.png CircaRigel, otherwise known as ytvigilante is an internet detective who thought it would be clever to dig up public whois information on ED so people could proceed to file Internet lawsuits. Owner Joseph Evers cackled as he shot up.

Enemy Of The State

The "vigilante" nature of Circarigel drew the attention of a few diligent viewers; she was hostile, offensive, and insistant upon digging up the dox of various youtube haters to display them on her channel so people could pursue "street justice". EDiot Djbb quickly sounded the alarm by dropping the Declaration of Lolz on #ed. Here is what happened:

  • Top Bantown data mining agents were dispatched to the Internet Tubes.
  • Data on Target Subject is collated and formatted
  • Dox are dropped to full-disclosure for archival purposes.
  • Djbb makes the official ED Video detailing the Informational WMDs(TOS'd) and posts it as a reply to CircaRigel
  • Comments spammed
  • Three hours later CircaRigel removes her video, and announces her surrender to superior forces.
  • JewTube removes Djbb's video. It is promptly reuploaded on LiveVideo.
  • Victory is declared on #ed. Orgies involving hookers and blow ensue.
  • CircaRigel posts a new video. Stand Down order is cancelled. All troops return to High Alert.
  • CircaRigel and VioletKitty post bulletins whining over how the public information is "private". lolwut?
  • CircaRigel sends out the following three lulzy messages:


Tell you what... I can make a compromise. If you remove the CircaRigel page on ED, all of the videos posting ancient info about me, and everything else you've posted about me, I'll remove the ED video, replacing it instead with a generic video without any reference to ED.

I won't go on IRC, though. I was an IRC op years ago and know how easy it is to find backdoors into systems there (heck, I used to have a script that looked for backdoors, although I only used it to check people, telling them afterward if they had security vulnerabilities).

I am honest. I will keep my word. If I don't, then you can put everything back up. However, if you agree to this and don't keep your word, the video stays, and if I lose my YT account, It just gets uploaded on another. I really don't care about my YT account anymore. As far as I'm concerned, YouTube has failed the community. What I care about is my reputation. I can't have a future employer associating me with ED, particularly since I have nothing to do with the site. That includes removing the stuff from the following sites as well...
I've unblocked you so you can reply. Belinda


addendum to previous message... I also would like to say that it's possible my judgment has been impaired. The day I posted that first video re. the ED, I'd just had shoulder surgery that afternoon. I've been sleep deprived and on pretty strong pain meds ever since. Today I haven't taken the meds, so my head is clearer. At the same time, the attack by Crystal Balls earlier this month was completely out of line. All I had done was say that harrassment of VK is inappropriate. They went too far, and I had been told that CrystalBalls was high up in the ED. The subsequent attacks on Irish282 have been just as heinous. He's never harmed anyone... wanting only to help. The whole situation has made me somewhat paranoid, and my current physical circumstances haven't helped (eg. the surgery).



After everything that's happened, I can't take your word for it that EDIRC has host mangling.

I never said I was great for doing a whois. I've been royally pissed off by the attacks on me and on Irish282 by CrystalBalls and other ED members. Neither of us did ANYTHING to deserve that. I had merely stood up for VK when she was being harrassed, and HCB turned around and came for me. Irish282 merely stood up for me when HCB attacked, and ended up being attacked for that. The stalking and harassment has to stop... and regardless of where the information is found or how ancient it is, it's still stalking. You might want to look at these web pages, where stalking laws are detailed, including cyberstalking. I'm including the laws for Colorado, Texas and California:

A Farewell To Arms

Vigilante work is serious business. Belinda and the YouTube Vigilantes sustained heavy casualties in the border skirmishes they initiated toward the tail end of the YouTube Civil War. She gasped in horror as she saw valued yTv member, VioletKitty411, turn traitor, and seek the protection of ministry of lulz. CircaRigel had to watch with disgust as one of her closest comrades, once a brave admonishment-spouting internet tough guy, was reduced to just a lowly fiddle peddler from San Jose. It was too much for her to take. On February 11, 2007 CircaRigel waved the white flag of surrender. She made a lulzy video, announcing that the next phase in her battle plan was to turn tail and flee to The Promised Land, all the while talking mad shit about how people should call the FBI, Interpol, and The Ghostbusters, should they happen to feel threatened on YouTube.

YouTube Vigilantes

Protecting Children or Grooming Them?

Using advanced digital technology, ED scientists have been able to determine what alleged rapist Jason Fermosa (above, left) might look like today.

"In addition, researchers have noted that there is widespread belief that there is a "cycle of sexual abuse," such that sexual victimization as a child may contribute to perpetration of sexual abuse as an adult. Such a pattern is consistent with social learning theories--which posit that children learn those behaviors that are modeled for them--and also with psychodynamic theories--which suggest that abusing others may help victimized individuals to overcome childhood trauma." --The GAO Report on the Cycle-of-Abuse Theory


While the activities of fellow YouTube Vigilantes member Irish282 relating to teen boys have come under widespread scrutiny on YouTube, thus far Belinda has managed to evade the spotlight. It is important to note that while she claims to be a protector of the innocent, she continues to staunchly defend Irish282 though there is no remaining doubt that some of his actions regarding children are inappropriate, if not outright illegal.

Superheros or Cyberthugs?

In an astounding (ok, we weren't actually surprised) discovery, it is revealed that CircaRigel has been harassing and bullying cyberpeople that don't cede to her whims since at least five years ago. It's ok, you don't have to apologize. We knew we were right.


Literary career

When not fighting injustice on YouTube, Belinda fancies herself a literary artisan. She indulges this fantasy by writing crap Harry Potter slashfic and posting it first on Mugglenet and then on her own home page.


Harry Potter and the Loch Ness Monster LOL

        The serpent appeared to be sleeping peacefully. Sensing that he was in no
immediate danger, Harry stared in awe of the immensity of the creature. By his
estimations, her size must be nearing seven meters. He remembered hearing muggle
stories about a great creature thought to be an ancient creature that looked like a cross
between a serpent and dinosaur, called a plesiosaur that lived within Loch Ness.
Muggles affectionately called it “Nessie.”
        Suddenly, Harry realized that the serpent had awakened and was looking at him
curiously. Given the creature’s size, Harry felt it best that he speak, so that it would not
mistake him for its midday meal. Since it was so serpent-like, it just might understand
        “Er, Hello.” said Harry, “You must be Nessie. I’ve heard about you, but most
people think you’re just a figment of their imagination, a reflection on the waves or
        “I have occasionally surfaced to observe the humans,” said the creature, “I find
your kind immensely amusing. People who see me get very excited. However, I always
fear that humans will come and hurt me if they know for certain that I exist, so I make a
point of disappearing before they can confirm that I’m real. You are the first human I’ve
met who can speak to me. It is generally very lonely here. As you may notice, there are
no others.”

Why mangle one beloved series of children's books when you can destroy two?

Continuing to display typical lack of originality, Belinda finds it necessary to incorporate elements from Tolkien. We can only hope that she's gearing up for a Legolas/Snape/Hermione threesome.

        “If Dumbledore is a descendant of Gandalf, then, he could be in possession of
those documents!” exclaimed Harry. “Listen, I’d like to look into this some more. You
know about the prophesy. Maybe those documents can give me some insight to ensure
that I’m not the one who is killed when it is fulfilled
        “It is also time that this was returned to you as well. Albus Dumbledore has
agreed that you should train in its use. This sword will protect you from the sharpest
weapon. It will pierce the strongest armor.”
        “You mean… is that… Do you mean to tell me that this is Aragorn’s sword, re-
forged from the shards of Narsil?” Harry stammered.
        “It is,” said Elrond. “It has lay here since the end of the third age, shielded by the
elves. It has remained hidden, not to be released until a time when Aragorn’s heir needed
it once more. Only the heir can weild it. Only you, Harry.”

Angstful molestation poetry

Her molestation poetry is even worse than her prose.





I'm not a Christian. I'm a Unitarian, and she and I are good friends. My church has Muslims, Hindi, pagans, Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, etc... and we ALL get along.


—CircaRigel, on crackpot religions


Belinda and the YTV have always touted one of their greatest achievements as "helping suicidal people". One such suicidal person, Gothreaper, was not all that grateful. Gothreaper, AKA Trish, had once stated in a video that she was feeling like becoming an hero. Belinda quickly dispatched a crack team of dataminers to discover Gothreaper's address. After acquiring the dox, she dialed 911 and sent the cops to Trish's house, who in turn got her locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Although Belinda is quite proud of her actions, it's remembered by Trish as one of the most traumatic events to ever occur in her life.

i'm not interested in yt politics. my first gathering was cops coming in on me.



Holy Shit! It's A Man Baby!

In light of the recent events concerning Gothreaper, some attention has once again been drawn to CircaRigel. Although she's made several statements that "YouTube isn't safe", and that she's going to The Promised Land until it is (lol), she's still been stealthily uploading videos to the Tubes in true attention whore fashion. This video in particular happened to contain some curious stills in it.

In addition to the obvious moustache, in this still, a pronounced goatee and adams apple can also be seen. This still is unretouched, and can be found at 00:13 in the video linked above.

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