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Church of Fudge does not involve a church
It also contains no fudge

The Church of Fudge is a classic shock video which contains neither a church nor fudge. Instead, for the next 2 minutes the viewer is subjected to hard core coprophagia porn involving a priest and a nun. The bride of christ appears to be begging the priest for some sort of fucked version of holy communion, with the body of Jew wafer replaced by the priests digested bratwurst sandwich from earlier in the day. Unsurprisingly, the video is German, although due to the subject matter and bizarre choice of costumes this could just as easily have been done by the Japanese. If you succeed in achieving a boner while watching, you are officially declared awesome and given a complimentary 6 gigs of scat porn.

Although this video is old hat for experienced dramacrats, it has recently spread out from it's home in the dank corners of the tubes on the wrong side of the internet to a wider viewing audience. Following on the heels of 2 Girls 1 Cup, some Church of Fudge enthusiasts have begun sharing the e-love that is contained in this video to their friends, family, and the elderly, then recording their hapless victims reactions. For some un-known reason, niggers chinks seem to be especially interested in this video.

So I herd u liek Deutsche

Since no country that doesn't speak English matters, here is a handy rough translation of the video for your reading pleasure. You sick fuck.

Nun: Your flesh Your flesh must be cleaned
Man: Oh my god nun Nun what are you doing
Nun: We're going to beat the evil together
Man: Together
Nun: All the evil will spill out of you
Man: With gods help
Nun: With gods help Yes
Man: Yes with gods help
Nun: (inaudible)
Man: Take distance nun
Nun: Let it out So it's right brother let it out
Man: (in Latin) In urine and shit we're born and in urine and shit we will be reborn (Actual quote from a biblical scholar in ancient times)
Nun: I rescued you from the evil of this world I took in myself


—Rough translation of freaky German speak


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