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Chuggaacuntroy IRL.
Leaked noodz.

Chuggaaconroy (born Emiliano Rodolfo Rosales-Birou; April 8, 1990) is an unfunny, annoying, YouTuber who does shitty Let's Plays which are horrendously boring to watch and listen to.

In every single one of his over-produced videos, "Chugga" (as he is commonly named by his pre-pubescent obese fanboys) constantly repeats the same old unfunny YouTube Poop quotes and spouts out the same vacuous phrases at the end of every sentence. Seriously, get a pen and paper, choose any one of his videos of him playing shitty Nintendo games and make a tally of how many times he says either one of these three phrases, as it will shock and appall you that he has somehow become a YouTube partner: "Whatever.", "I Dunno." and "Ok, so yeah." The total number should be somewhere in the hundreds.

For anyone with the mental age higher than two, his "humour" is excruciatingly painful to listen to, made only worse by his stupid hick voice. Not to mention, he talks about shit nobody gives a hairy horse's arse about. Such as in his Okami LP, all he talked about was ZOMG JAPANZZ MYTHOLOGEH AND OOOOOMAAAAHGAWWD DEH ARRRT! Chugga also has a very large fanbase, considering how untalented he is. He acts as if his videos are like Game Walkthroughs and will help those who may be playing along with Chugga himself. Yet, he seems to only play games that are only Nintendo which are always at least ten years old, which raises the question of: "Who the fuck would be playing them?"


Chuggaaconroy started making videos early in 2008. He coins the phrase "Let's Play" when referring to his videos, yet this is not exactly true, he is just some fag who claims to have coined it, Let's Plays have existed long before Chuggaaconroy made his first shitty LP, on the SA forums, with Slowbeef's "Immortal" LP being the first video based LP. You are not included in the playing of whatever game he chooses to play, which is usually not his fans' pick, therefore it is not "Let us play." It should more likely be called "Watch me play," or in the case of Chuggaaconroy: "Watch an autistic play a crappy Nintendo game poorly." A lot of other "Let's Players" make this mistake and it's rare to find one that does.

First video

His first video is posted below, and it's a complete travesty. It serves as a sort of omen for the level of quality the rest of his videos would end up having. Recorded with the greatest screen recording camcorder of all time, Chuggaaconroy gloats about beating the second hardest difficulty on Supa Smash Bros Bawl. The video is almost completely inaudible and unwatchable due to the shitty voice recording and the constant moving of the camera. This video is the epitome of fail and it's rumoured that this video can cause viewers to have violent fits of rage.

Let's Play

Chuggaaconroy has made a number of shitty LP's over the past couple of years. He uploads one video a day which used to be a ten minute part of his Let's Play, but ever since getting a YouTube partnership, his videos are now an average length of roughly half an hour which made his videos even MORE boring. His videos are incredibly over-produced for what is in reality a 20 year old sperg playing a video game for YouTube. The videos obviously take a stupidly long time to film, edit and render, and it is evident that Chuggaaconroy does not have a life outside the interwebs. Here is a list of the games Chuggaconroy has ruined by playing them:

Rule 34 based on a mondegreen from his Super Mario Sunshine Let's Play.


Whoever did this is a winner.

In July 2010, Chuggaaconroy and other famous LP'ers like NintendoCaprisun were trolled successfully by a troll who was filing false copyright complaints on their videos under false names like Richard Molina and Lynn-Ann Wayne. YouTube then proceeded to suspend Chuggaaconroy and delete all his videos. This was breaking news of the internets for about two days and then everybody forgot about it because nobody cares. Unfortunately, within the next month, Chuggaaconroy and others were given back their accounts. Chugga himself was even given a partnership with YouTube, so now he makes money from playing video games.

Fans of Chuggaaconroy around the world were devastated at the time, due to the loss of their favourite YouTube loser. Some even made videos, but nobody watches them.


Chuggaconroy's fanbase consists of three elements. They are:

They are also some of the most groveling little shitwipe fans to ever exist. Say ONE bad thing about Chugga's videos or anything associated with Chuggaconroy, may it be constructive criticism or not, and they will get incredibly defensive and hostile. This also means it is incredibly fun to troll them. Like this for example: "Chuggaconroy has no life and wastes his college years playing Okami, AKA The Legend of Zelda: Furry Quest. Who ever disagrees can call themselves a buffalo-fucking Indian nigger."

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