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On May 10th, 2008, around 7:20 p.m. PST, anon owned made an ass of itself on Christian Teen Forums.

The Premise

If you don't know who they are, it's a place filled with virgin-for-life Christians, alter-boy crazy Catholics, self-hating Jews, and Baptists who have long since been out of the loop on how much their invisible creator is going to bring Rapture upon them. The plan was simple, and completely fool-proofed - even the newfags couldn't fuck this one up.


The Result

Basically, an Anon got scared of their ghost stories, stole a mod's password/email, and laid down the hammer to anyone below level 4 on their Admin/Mod hierarchy. By May 11th (they shall nevar forget), every anon/femanon participating in this crap got their ISPs ganked, /b/ laughed at their fail, and a backraid was discussed with the true evil's secret base, in case these complete failures ever picked their heads up from the series of tubes.

The Original Plan

1. Find Gore

2. Type caption, "WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?"

3. Post on /b/

4. ?????

5. Profit!!!


Wow, wonder why that didn't work...?

A Working Plan

1. Find Christians

2. Type piece of a scripture from the Bible that has meaning to you(use something from Luke, Job, or person), but leave part of it out.

3. Using TinyURL, or something better, add a link for the remaining part, and ask readers to click said link (claim it's a MySpace, LJ, etc. page link)

4. Repeat as necessary

5. ?????

6. Post on /b/

The Mods and Admins

Being more corrupt than the Senate on Corresant, the mods and admins, even though they think they are above all the spineless members of their little cult-board, they are beneath the lowest form of life. Their leader, whom is frequently compared to Hitler, is neither fit nor capable of running a forum. He's an old Pedobear that lures teens to his board with promises of Jesus and Turkish delight.

Most notable, obnoxious, holier-than-thou Calvinist mod Soli Deo Gloria is known to have had camsex with fellow underage mod Brekat, a moronic slut who has gotten around with more than one CTFer over the interwebs. Considering his unbelievably self-righteous attitude and obsession with judging non-Christians, this is a recipe for particularly refined lulz.

On around April 17, 2010, longtime member Ticketytak, a liberal (but still religious) member was banned in an ongoing blood purge of any and all remotely anti-Christian sentiment on CTF. Members who have openly complained about his ban on the forum or in the chatroom have also been suspended or banned. Feeling that CTF had 'strayed from its roots' (fundamentalist neocon bullshit), the mods have taken it upon themselves to enact a sort of kristallnacht against any and all who would not swear allegiance to the CTF reich.

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