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Christian Humber was a sad, pathetic loser, with no friends, as well as a weeaboo and gamer, who was addicted to anime and video games. Finally his parents decided to put a stop to his faggotry and took away his cartoons and computer games. With all his hobbies gone, Christian sat down and wrote what is probably the most stupid and deranged piece of fanfiction ever made. Some bullies from school found it and posted it online under the name "Grandma Serflak" with the description simply stating:

This is a fanfiction (sort of) written by a guy I know. He's not a friend of mine.


When Christian found out about this he told his mom and dad, who told the school, who made the kids publicly apologize. But the damage was already done.

Christian Humber: Reloaded

The Story

The entire story in a nutshell.

The story begins with a worlf named Blade/Vash, whose parents were killed by hunters, he and his brother were kidnapped by scientists to be experimented on, his brother dies and he gets super powers and kills everyone. Over the course of the story he gains magic powers, super sayian powers, demon, robot, vampire and psychic powers that make him already stronger than god within the first few chapters, and goes off to kill anyone and everyone he meets.

The story reads like someone dumped a bunch of DBZ mangas and tabletop gaming instruction manuals into a paper shredder and posted the results. The main hero is the most awesomely over-powered Mary Sue ever created. He is magically transported from place to place by portals that open with no prior warning or explanation, where he gains new powers, murders innocent people and acts totally hardcore. There is no explanation as to what setting, time period, universe or even genre the story is, and the "hero" goes around killing crowds of blameless people and sometimes even entire states. He also has about 50 magic swords, magic guns and a magic dragon that is 60,000 feet long and 9,000 feet wide and can control the seasons, although throughout the entire 121 chapter story this ability never comes into play even once. On his journey he meets licensed characters, makes friends, kills his friends, kills the cops who are at first after him for no reason until he starts murdering them, and acts out an all around insane wish fulfilled fantasy that only a pathetic nerd with no friends could imagine.

List Of Skills And Powers Blade/Vash Inexplicably Posses

Over the course of the story "Vash" displays a verity of skills without any explanation of where he acquired them. This is a partial list:

  • Swordplay
  • Gunplay.
  • Martial Arts.
  • The ability to fly
  • The ability to change from a wolf to a human being
  • Driving cars
  • Piloting planes
  • Piloting spaceships
  • Piloting giant robots
  • Going Super-Sayin (his spelling)
  • Healing people with ice
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Assassination skills
  • Hacking
  • Defusing bombs
  • Knocking down buildings with one kick
  • Killing entire armies with one hit

And the list goes on.

List Of Things Christian Humber ripped off

Like all autistics, Christin is also obsessed with a bunch of children's toys and cartoons. This causes the works of people like CWC and lazerbot to be a derivative mess of nonsense, just like this story. Throughout the fanfic Christian can't take two steps without running into a character or plot element from some other established franchise. Here is an incomplete list of things he shamelessly rips off:

And much, much more

Christian Humber: The Webcomic

The sad ending of a great work of art.

Eventually some SA goons found this masterpiece and decided to adapt it into a webcomic. They set up a site with the entire story copied onto it, assembled a revolving roster of artist, and even made a fucking game!. The creator of the webcomic and at least four of the guest artists either found it on the original forum or knew someone else involved with the comic. None of them came from Something Awful. This includes the person who made the game. Normalman eventually started a thread there, presumably to increase exposure, and it produced a small batch of guest artists during the last year of its run, but the claim that the Christian Humber Reloaded phenomenon originated on SA is a misconception.

Much lulz were had when Christian's parents found out about the website and asked the creator to stop making the comic. Sadly he agreed.

Choice pages from the comic. About missing Pics
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Here are some choice quotes from the story:



— I don't know... yes?

I have no name, but I go by Vash.


— A retarded hero's journey begins.

Some of the people wanted me to kill world leaders like, the one who started the Holocaust, that’s right I had to assassinate Hitler


— What time period is this?

I went to Japan to find someone who could help me but I was not welcomed, so I welcomed my self by beating the living crap out of the emperor, which was fun, especially when he tries to fight back, that taught Japan not to keep me out because I would again beat the shit out of the ruler.


— Best weeaboo ever.

I got a reward of $60,000,000,000,000,000...

...I saw some orphans watching though the window and I walked over to them they were scared until I gave them about $1,000


— What a cheap fuck.



— This is an actual title of one of the chapters.

I went to China and told a wise priest what I did. He told me in order to purify my heart I would have to go to hell and kill a dragon demon named Le-Hung-Doe who was cursing China for 5,000 years


— The only way for a man to rid himself of guilt is to slay a rude dragon from hell.

I found out how to purify my soul by showing kindness, which was hard because the darkness in my heart wanted to kill everyone. I’ve soaked in purifying springs and attended church that got rid of the tainted power in me.


— Blade fights the evil power inside him by going to church.

I wanted to kill her but I made a promise not to kill anymore, so I couldn’t.


— Blade promises not to murder his friend.

I let the police take me but I told her in a deep threating voice “you will regret betraying me” she didn’t know I was going to wipe out her entire gene pool. I met her friends before I was betrayed, so I broke out of prison, killed her friends first just to scare her, but she didn’t know it was me who killed her friends, until I told her, after telling her I tore out her throat, and I then destroyed the village, killing the rest of her family. I also killed her relatives in her family. By doing that I broke my promise to her.


— This is literally the next thing that happens.

I was playing with some children, when a familiar scent appeared; I knew it was Soku because I recognized her scent. She probably wanted revenge on me for killing her family, I regretted killing her in front of them, they started to cry, I told them “I had to because I couldn’t risk having you get killed, that’s why I killed her and if I let her live she would tell the people who are after me that I have a thing for children”


— Blade murders his inexplicably reanimated friend, and then nonchalantly confesses to being a pedophile.

Some people try to get me scared by trying to threaten me, but that fails when I go into my wolf form or go super Sayin, which scares the shit out of them because they are facing a ruthless killer who has just gone into a frenzy.


He told you he was hardcore.

Not even god and Satin can stop me


— Christian fears neither god, nor cheap, synthetic fibers.

I hacked a satellite and found a cave in the Rocky Mountains I took a plane to Colorado and took a car to the location, of course I had a laptop with a wireless card and a digital camera


— Blade: 1337 Hax0r.

After I told the army my mission they agreed to help.

I really didn’t give a fuck about what happens to Iraq


— Christian doesn't care about iraq. Just like his hero.

I set my theme song to “Blow Me Away” and the President sent the army at me and I just smirked and slashed the army to pieces. After the soldiers collapsed I rushed and used Hell’s Warm Welcome on the president, thus killing him.


— Just kidding. The story ends with him killing the president of the united states with the help of the cast of Kingdom Hearts.


And some videos:

PART 2!!!!

Experiment 117

Last Thursday another story by Christian was discovered. This time, having learned nothing from his last endeavor, he actually posted it himself. Under the alias "Gambit007" he opened a Deviantart account and posted yet another crime against literature, which was soon discovered by trolls and caused him to delete all traces of it yet again, this time without finishing.

Luckily, one brave hero was able to adapt the new story into a sort of internet radio drama before it was deleted.

From this audio recording it is easy to see that this story was almost the exact same one as the last one. Instead of a wolf, Christian's self-insert is this time a Lucario who, just like in the last story, is kidnapped by scientists within the first two paragraphs and is exiled from his clan. Again, exactly like in the previous story.

"Experiment 117" starts off as a blatant rip off of the first Pokemon movie, and its plot goes as follows: A lucrio is abducted by men in white coats, given a silver armor and destroys the lab in which he is held. He then gets sucked into a portal that came our of nowhere, meets the Egyptian god of death, inherits his powers, becomes immortal, fights Mewtwo and merges with him. With his newfound powers he goes... somewhere (there is no explanation of where he is), absorbs some guy and takes his human form (again, like in the previous story) and clothes. After that he gets more chains and leather clothes that according to the description make him sound like he dressed up like a gay street prostitute in the 80's. He then discovers music and the internet, and after listening to all the music on the internet, he illegally downloads the kind he likes and goes off to murder more people in the street.

The story ends with him going back to his village to kill everyone, meeting a girl he likes and taking her to hell with him. Sadly, the story abruptly ends before it can get to the inevitable sex scene, that would have undoubtedly been hilarious.

Christian Humber: The Drinking Game

The drinking game is very simple. Get yourself a bottle of vodka, tequila or any other kind of hard liquor you enjoy, and read the story. Take a shot every time one of the things on the list below happens. Keep going until you feel you can't go on. Then scroll down to the bottom of the list for instructions. ... Maybe you should get two bottles.

  • Take a shot every time a portal opens with no explanation and takes Blade somewhere.
Take a shot every time a portal opens with no explanation and something or someone falls out of it.
  • Take a shot every time Christian uses a number with more than three zeros in it.
  • Take a shot every time Blade gets a new super power.
  • Take a shot every time Blade powers up with a super power.
Take another shot if Blade simultaneously powers up with more than one power.
Take a shot for each individual power he simultaneously uses.
  • Take a shot every time Blade kills someone for no reason (you might need another bottle).
Another one if he kills an entire army with one shot.
  • Take a shot every time a character is introduced who's name it is impossible to pronounce.
  • Take a shot every time he meets a character or gets an object from another established franchise.
Take another one if the character or plot device is a poorly disguised rip off.
Take one more if it is disguised by changing a single letter in it's name.
  • Take a shot every time Christian informs us that a long period of time has just magically passed.
  • Take a shot every time a new character is introduced with no prior explanation, and the story acts like we are just supposed to know who this is.
  • Take a shot every time he gets a new sword.
One more if he combines the two swords into one super sword.
  • Take a shot every time his amazing, unbreakable sword brakes.
  • Take a shot every time Blade uses a skill without ever learning it.
  • Take a shot every time Blade punches someone with no reason.
  • Take a shot every time Blade insults someone for no reason.
One more if he calls this person "Ugly".
  • Take a shot every time he fights or kills a major historical figure.
  • Take a shot every time someone who is dead is suddenly alive again with no explanation.
Take another shot if he kills this person again.
Take a third shot if it's a person he has "finally killed for the final time" in the past.
Down the entire bottle if this person reappears again within moments, only to be "killed for the final time" again.
  • Take a shot every time Blade is paralyzed.
  • Take a shot every time Blade says a cuss-word.
Take two if he almost says it.
A third one if he almost says it, but then says it anyway moments later.
  • Take a shot every time Blade is kidnapped by scientists.
Take another shot is he kills them and destroys the lab (again).
  • Take a shot every time something happens that is so stupid it makes you facepalm.

Post your result and call an ambulance.

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Audiobook -

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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