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Chloe Sagal is actually a tranny.

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Witnesses gave conflicting statements about the gender of the person.


The Oregonian's article on Sagal's death

Chloe Sagal Pixelgoth 28.jpg
Sagal breaks into someone's house at 4am
The most flattering photo of Sagal out there...
and he still just looks like a man in a wig
Even Brianna Wu can't stand the fucker.

Chloe Sagal is was a failed "game developer" and egomaniacal, mentally ill tranny that can't spell who, after being dishonorably discharged from the army for making up a mental illness, became an Indiegogo scammer kike who tried to get money for his sex change by pretending he was dying of a car crash. When his scam was exposed he pretended to kill himself live on camera.

An army of dickgirl fetishists masquerading as social justice warriors came to his rescue to have the article about him taken down, resulting in the person who wrote it being fired from Destructoid and the entire thing was forgotten for a while until GamerGate kicked that dust up again, exposing Destructoid as a shithole run by retards and borderline rapists.

You don't have to be a tranny to be a detestable, insane, drama-whoring, emotional parasite... but it helps!

Sagal in General


Sagal is a game developer by the loosest of definitions. His biggest hits are the "HomeSick" "series", which sounds like an attempt to gain popularity by combining "Gone Home" and "Homestuck" (which make sense since GH is also just a walking simulator) and contains one game and a second game he never finished or maybe never even started. It isn't clear if the first game was finished either, but from what has been released you can see that the game features a main character that is a pixilated version of Sagal himself (we aren't kidding) wearing a dress, slowly limping though the most overused of horror plots (you're in a house where there was a murder and now there is a murderer chasing you) and the most overused of horror game mechanics (the flashlight). The entire game can be finished in under an hour.

The art looks like it was made with Click&Play in the mid 90s, the sound effects are taken from a free site, the music is taken from Youtube and the gameplay/horror relies entirely on jump-scares that are more hilarious than scary because the supposed killer is dressed like the wicked witch of the west and keeps suddenly popping out from under beds, inside cupboards and out of boxes, to the point you half expect him to jump out at you from out of a kitchen drawer like a Loony Toons character.

It is never explained why the killer is in the house (has he been hiding under the bed for ten years after the murder? Is that why the cops never found him?), what's stopping you from turning around and leaving or why you're not playing "Silent Hill" on the PS1 instead.

Homesick Game Chloe Sagal.jpg

Looks almost as good as any other 1988 adventure game

His second, recently started but never to be finished, "game" is "Super Noah Vs. The Dinosaurs". Because, like most indie, sjw game developers who have no actual skill or training, Sagal is forced to make "artistic" games instead of real ones. In the game world "artistic" is a shorthand for "Cheaply made hack-job focusing 100% on ham-handed left-wing preaching instead of gameplay".

The liberal propaganda theme of the day is "Creationism is dumb lol", and is delivered via a 20 year old of animation and 50 year old jokes.

Actual gameplay

Actual gameplay



On the website that I host my devlogs (The Daily Click), I kept up with my ultra macho image, and gave a lot of people a very hard time. One user in particular was a female developer working on his first game, it had cutesy graphics and people were giving him a lot of attention. I said some pretty nasty misogynistic stuff and basically made the argument that people only like his crap because he's a "girl". Obviously, that situation got me banned from the site (though not IP banned).


—Sagal on being Loveshy

...the game sold barely anything, and I got blamed for the failure. I had been batting around the concept for homesick since I was a kid, and I had told the group that is what we should do... put the game together in less than a week. Needless to say, it failed in the competition, horribly, didn't even get an honorable mention.


—Sagal, needing to look in the mirror to spot the fail

I also have another issue which is undiagnosed (which is specifically why I was removed from the USMC) that causes me to blank out for a certain amount of time and start doing strange things (mostly just sitting around mumbling, walking to places, being odd)


Sagal self-diagnosing? In my marine corps?

I am a strong and independent woman


—Except he's a man begging for donations.

Indiegogo Drama

"Please help me get money for surgery to get the shards of shrapnel out of my heart." - Chloe

You're 5 years old again.

You see that toy you want in the store. It's the newest, the greatest, the fastest, and it doesn't matter you want- no you FUCKING NEED it.

Your small child body starts filling with tension, your hands begin to clench, you even feel some pain in your chest. What's happening to you? You see a toy you really, really want, but you don't have the money to pay for it? You feel that way because you are dying.

I was the one looking for donations back in April, because I am dying.


—Sagal, thinking getting his dick cut off is the path to world peace

Sagal started a funding project on Indiegogo for a life-saving operation. Sagal was allegedly ill because of a car accident a few years ago that left "Shrapnel in her {sic} body" and resulted in metal poisoning which, as some of you might notice, is essentially the plot to "Iron Man".

Sagal was also asking for $35,000 total, claiming that the cost of the surgery was around $29,000 but needed extra to live on while recovering. This is perhaps conveniently about the cost of sexual reassignment surgery. The Euroarticle notes that "Family won't help her, incidentally" and that he is seeking a second operation that "Is vital to myself being able to live a normal life".

At some point, Indiegogo pulled the project due to suspicious activity, probably because he refused to divulge the details of the surgery after people started suspecting that this was a scam.

there are reasons why private medical records are considered private. Id really not want my personal information floating all over the internet, as I'm very reclusive. The people that need to know have all the information.


—Sounds legit.

Absence of information is not evidence of abscence, and if you don't know something, you're statement has to end there. To suggest anything further is making an argument from ignorance, all skeptics need to know this.


—He is literally quoting Donald Rumsfeld

So logical, right? Shows it pays to trust in "Men in women's bodies"... But not everyone was willing to take this trustworthy individual at their word and IndieGoGo told him that they are deleting his charity and refunding everyone's money. So Chloe did the next logical thing and began threatening to kill himself.

As di prdicted they nightmaree

I'm not going to make it through the night. I'm sorry


Chloe tranny.jpg

Indiegogo deemed my page too high risk to resume funding, so they're refunding everything.

I was in a dark place, I was so close, I had a knife pushed to my stomach, but a very good person managed to talk me down. The feeling was intense. I can't even describe it, it was like I was drunk, like chemicals where whirring around in my head, it was surreal.

Things are not going to be the same. I need to do some serious thinking and think of what to do next. Everything will be alright.


Eventually he was "talked down" from this, but not for fucking long because soon after, in what must have been the inspiration for Toaster Steve, he "commits suicide" live on on Twitch TV.

Reports are coming out of a Reddit thread saying that viewers of the stream saw her take a bunch of pills and lay on her bed before the stream was taken down.


This naturally guarantees that he got tons of sympathy and outrage over LGBT suicide while surviving, but the campaign was not brought back and Sagal uploaded his suicide attempt from his YouTube account for more attention.

Chloe tranny2.png

Where is HE naos? Old news! More scams inbound!

Chloe sagal scam 2.png

Sagal currently still looks like a man with long hair and is working on the highly anticipated: HomeSick 2: Electric Boogaloo and, thanks to his totally stupid-cool hip-hop fly haX07ing skil1z, it is going to be released in his own words:
But you too, can still send money.

And after being banned from IndieGoGo for being a lying tranny kike- Sagal set up a new phishing charity drive where you can donate to him now that he's asking "Honestly" in exchange for making a game that he's supposed to be making anyway because it's his fucking job.

The campaign page is gone and it is unclear whether he ever actually raised the money. The only clue that can be found is an article about it saying that it is "Not going well".

Will do Sagal, will do. Also notice there isn't a link in the post.

Sagal and GamerGate: 3 Suicide attempt, 7 threats and counting

Since the spotlight was off of Chloe for about a month or two, Chloe decided to whine on twitter about what Chloe usually whines about: attempting suicide again. But this time there was a twist! Since GamerGate was going on at the time it was a perfect time for SJWs to get Sagal to kill herself so that they could say GG did it! This was done by one random anti-GG activist (and friend of obvious tranny Sarah Butts) who deleted all his old anti-GG tweets before starting to troll Sagal as he was crying about suicide again, and also by reporting someone who reported his suicide tweets to twitter so that someone could get help and pretending he was harassing Chloe. Surprisingly (or not), Chloe tried to kill himself again and ended up in the hospital thanks to his supportive SJW friends (and also the guy who reported him was later unbanned).

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Surprising absolutely nobody, Chloe "miraculously" survived the night and was ready to do it again on Xmas! He then spent Christmas day attention whoring and pretending that he was dying (his followers have the memory of a goldfish) and yelling at people that told him pix or it didn't happen or question if someone that previously used suicide to attention whore in the past was, in fact, using suicide to attention whore again. The icing on the cake was when Chloe tried to use this to shame Notch and pewdiepie into giving him sheckles for surgery. Surgery for... who cares? Stop asking. Why are you attacking him? We can only hope that the suspense is killing Chloe as much as it's killing us.

Recently Chloe has "clarified" his situation. It's not that urgent; even though two nights ago was his last night alive Chloe is only dying slowly. Yes, he has included Patreon Paypal advertising in the meantime, because dead people have such a need for private funds.

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In January of 2015, the emo tears kept flowing. Just like his rival Brianna Wu, Sagal would not stop injecting himself into GamerGate and kept trying to become the next big professional victim (when in reality everyone just wants him to shut the fuck up and die already) to get easy white knight moniez without having to do any work, since otherwise Chloe's "disease" prevents the lad from getting food and jewgolds. You see, Chloe has an illness; quite a fatal, terminal illness and he has no hope of recovery unless he can scam enough money to undergo surgery. It literally takes only five minutes of looking at his feed to find out that, no, it's not chronic pussybitch syndrome. It turns out that this horrifying condition is... bearing an unmutilated penis. That's it. Not having a pseudo-vagina is quite literally killing him, or so he would have you believe, and he just won't fucking shut up about it. Proving that trannies are, in fact, deeply disturbed individuals, Chloe has begun turning on his friends when they deny him money and/or attention.

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Bitchfight with Pixelgoth

Having to constantly be the most oppressed is hard, so when Pixelgoth, notable for exposing the fact everyone in the industry knows Zoe Quinn has sex to advance her career and then trying to become an SJW again while still telling SJWs she hates them, tried to steal the spotlight from Chloe (or just didn't help him in his new scam) he got mad. It culminated in a bitch fight (or actually a cock fight as they both have dongs) on Twitter, until Chloe once again said he was going to kill himself. Just do it already, Chloe. In the aftermath Sagal, Pixelgoth and for some reason Randi Harper all blocked one another.

May the Best Atten-tran Whore Win About missing Pics
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Slapfight with Brianna Wu

Not satisfied, Sagal went to Brianna Wu. After Bri successfully managed to pressure Patreon into changing their ToS (without banning him despite his violation it), Sagal thought he could do the same for him and get his money back that PayPal and IndieGoGo stole. But unlike KickStarter and Patreon that are run by SJWs, Paypal and IndieGoGo are run by greedy jews who make most of their money from shutting down campaigns and keeping the donations. Therefore, they couldn't give less of a shit about Bri, and Zoe. And Wu knew it. Wu tried to calm Sagal down and get him to fuck off which resulted in them trying to out-shame one another with typical SJW jargon that doesn't work when they use it on each other. But, while Wu is a con artist, Sagal is just plain crazy and ended up publishing their chatlogs and threatening suicide yet again.

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Cock fight

This ended in Evers calling Wu a tranny-traitor and turning into a dick-girl threeway bitch fight.

Slapfight With Encyclopedia Dramatica!

Right around the same time this was going on, Chloe got into it with EDF2's resident tranny "Nonny" (seriously, we have a black, tranny porn-star with a giant dick on our forum) because she dared laugh at a comic making fun of fake rape allegations. Chloe spammed her with frantic claims of being a cripple, autistic, rape victim with PTSD and a terminal illness, and when he was unable to out-oppression her because they are both trannies but Nonny is also black while Sagal is only Romini, Sagal accused her of being an old, white man. Our tranny just laughed, screencapped it and posted it on our forum.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Chloe bitchfest.jpg

Chloe continued by inboxing her and then blocking Nonny, ranting about her on twitter while implying that ED doxed him and subsequently got him raped, and warning that the same will happen to her before blocking Nonny there too. Finally, Chloe tried to blank this article twice, replacing it with:

We are internet sheriffs No one loves us Screenshots are evidence We take people at face value We cannot think on our own

No one can be left alone Everyone must work for someone Money is more important than anything


—"I shouldn't have to work for money", Chloe Sagal

We're internet sheriffs. We don't have any actual detective skills, but we've seen them on TV.

IndieGoGo and Paypal ran off with ~$40k and we go after the scapegoat, because we're dumb as fuck and we think out of context screen shots of tweets is conclusive evidence.


—"IndieGoGo stole my stolen money", Chloe Sagal

Assorted related pictures About missing Pics
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This Girl is on FIRE

Death by social justice that fuels her to suicide.
I didn't think it would hurt this bad


Reportedly, these were his last words.

On June 20, 2018, Chloe committed his last act of attention whoring. Sagal decided to finally an hero for real by self-immolating in the middle of a public park in Portland, probably assuming he'd survive again and be able to milk it for money. The performance went as follows: Chloe limped into the park on a pair of crutches, again pretending to be disabled for sympathy, pulled out a pre-written statement he had prepared, half of which was immediately blown away by a gust of wind, then read out the remaining pages with nobody listening or caring (witnesses say it was something about poverty and mental illness but no one could actually remember any of it), then poured some gas on himself and lit a match.

The reason Chloe finally decided to off himself was that every tranny in Portland was finally sick of him and kicked him out of their houses, leaving him homeless. That's why, unlike you might expect with a story about a trans "Game developer" setting himself on fire to protest Trump or whatever, no one seemed to even care that Chloe died. Simply because all the trannies who would usually be screaming about this from the rooftops don't want anyone to know its their fault he did it.

Instead, everyone who ever got harasses by Chloe with his death threats and demands for money and subsequently told him to go kill himself, people like Brianna Wu, Devi Evers, Zinnia Jones and Ian Miles Cheong, all started throwing blame onto each other and occasionally pointing a finger at Kiwi Farms along with GamerGate, Encyclopedia Dramatica,and the Alt-right, saying that they harassed Sagal and reported his facebook posts about suicide, when in reality, KF hasn't talked about Chloe in over 6 months and never directly interacted with him, ED hasn't updated this article in ages and Chloe's FB account was private, so the only one who could have been reporting her were her friends.

The Blame Game About missing Pics
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In the end, Chloe dies the way he lived:
Being melodramatic for pity and attention.

We dedicate this song to you, you dumb cunt.

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