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The official cellular telephone of Chirpnet

Chirpnet, a now defunct IRC drama network made up mostly of displaced Hurricane Katrina refugees now living in the Houston area, was hosted illegally on public access computers in various libraries throughout the city. Chirpnet boasted a wide range of accomplishments, including a conference system made from a stolen pay phone and a boom box with a competitive 5% uptime. Any notable Chirpnet calls could be attributed to a single hardworking Hispanic male from Florida under the various self-hating handles of el_vez, SPICLOVE, taconazi, TaKKKo, WATERSPIC, etc.

Hal Turner Troll

Chirpnet, along with other unaffiliated people, have been involved in prank calling Hal Turner's show for well over a year, including time before Chirpnet's inception.

Chirpnet members have been involved in the creation and distribution of soundboards that have been used by other Chirpnet members as well as 4chan, 7chan, YTMND, and many others.

Because we agree that Hal Turner is moronic and screamo, we have at many times informed other people about his show and encouraged them to share in the lulz of trolling him. We gladly stand up for these actions.

In regards to the most recent lolsuit-inducing fun had at Hal's expense, Chirpnet members do claim to have been involved in calling Hal various times. However, the recent attempts by amat to link us to illegal activity such as mail fraud and DDoSing are nothing but a smear campaign. All the illegal activity can be proven to have originated from 7Chan, as clearly documented from previous threads and logs from their IRC channel.

The Death of Chirp

After years of crusading against the evils of horses and Hal Turner, Chirp IRC ceased to exist. Some say it was because it simply was a redundant channel, others say it was because penisbird was too busy getting fucked in the ass by a horse, an evil double-agent of the horse cause. Nonetheless, penisbird stopped whipping the nigger in charge of paying the chirp server bills, and the nigger became too busy smoking crack to remember to pay the bill of his own will. Finally, the bill became due, the cord was cut and chirp was no more.

Researchers, scientists, and theologists have concluded that the demise of Chirpnet was due to the angsty banning of Iconoclast, a prime member that didn't suffer from muscular dystrophy, unlike others there.

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