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Here, the beautiful woman is wishing she had a chin. Or at least a mole that looked like a chin. This should have been eradicated from the gene pool swiftly. AKA: Last surviving Neanderthal
No, that doesn't make you look better. Stop it. Lololol, she attended Willeton Senior High School, and the blonde next to her is a fatty lovely girl backstabbing bitch by the name of Natalie Farmer. Age is probably closer to 19, despite what her Deviantart-favicon.png Her devianTART says

Chin-chan, also known as lack-of-chin chan, Droopy-chan, or Chinny, is an extremely unattractive girl with severe micrognathia whose pictures were posted on 7chan and later 4chan. Most of Chin-chan's problems probably could have been solved by a simple chin augmentation and dying her eyebrows a natural color. In Latin America she is known by the name of "MiRtA La GlAm". According to her friend's comments on her MySpace page, Chin-chan's real name is Joey (in b4 "Bishop"). Somehow the name Jick is also derived from this. She looks like Marilyn Manson with a smaller larger penis. But the fucked up thing is, she'd be uglier then Chris-chan's feces if it wasn't for her tits.


Why the long face?


Rocco Botte, 1776-2011

Fun Messages from the chinless wonder herself; Chin-chan

Lame Brains

I know I'm not the "greatest" looking person in the world,
But don't treat me like a piece of shit.
Treat people how you wish to be treated.
Don't tell me to kill myself, because that's just pathetic, Cause you're wasting your time.
So grow up and accept me for who I am Lame Brains -.-"

Empathy Retort

Chins are a mechanism which typically get in the way of serious deep throat action. It is long known that the ability of a woman to perform "proper deep fellatio" is hindered by the size of her chin. Men worldwide lust for Chin-chan because she possibly has the ability to engulf man's tool beyond her voice box.


Who cares about deep-throating when you can get free ice cream in her cheeks?

Furthermore, I sold my chin.

To Jay Leno.

Popularity in Latin America

Many of them.
Trying to act dope when you don't have a chin is really hard.
Chan-Chin and his cronies.
Getting ready to have anal intercourse with his father.

Some /b/tard created a MySpace under the name /IIAMGLAMM and started uploading pictures of Chin-chan under the nickname "MiRtA La GlaMM". Her lack of chin was considered very exotic down there and millions of fans rushed to Facebook and created over 9000 useless groups. See also a Google search for "mirta la glam".


Filled with the worst emo poems ever conceived on this planet. It was spammed until /b/ was promptly told to GTFO. She He It Chin-chan must now read the messages before they can be published.

Chan-Chin, Chin-Chan's brother

Chin-Chan haz a brother. Let's call him Chan-Chin. Fortunately for him, he bears the same chinless face as his sister. Link to his space: Netlog. Chan-Chin is a famous Chinstar back in rural Kirzigistan. After numerous attempts at mounting custom chinstraps to its chinless appearance, Chan-Chin made a public statement on Blog for chinless bloggers that he'll withdraw its chinless features from the Kirzigistanial scene.

Chin-chan Dedication/Erotica/Fanfic

Chin-chan dreams of something she will never have. Jesus fucking Christ.
It's one of those days; when it’s a minute away from snowing, and there was this electricity in the air, you can almost feel it, right? And this chinless chick was just...dancing with me. Like a little kid, begging me to play with it, for 15 minutes. That’s the day I realized that there are this entire life behind things and this incredible benevolent force reminding me not to be afraid of anything...ever. A photo is a poor excuse, I know, but it helps me remember, I need to remember. Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it and my heart just going to cave in.

I feel her eyes on me, they're staring beams right through me, she's watching me. I feel a strong infatuation with her. Her looks, her scent, her hair, everything. She always lowers her head when we speak, she doesn't like her looks. Her eyes are droopy, but I see myself in them, and I can stay forever. He long face depicts someone with a soft heart. I want to be in her heart, I want to be inside her, apart of her, forever inside her arms. I want to wake up beside her, under layers of sheets with her breasts inside my palms, my throbbing member resting between her soft bottom.

In such a deep thought, I forget that our eyes are finally meeting, and she's ready for me to take her. In a feverish pace, I'm undoing the buttons on my jeans, and making a nervous wreck of myself. She watches on, and giggles with a melted smile. She asks me to undo her bra. I'm sweating now, and my fingers are slipping. She laughs, and helps me with it. I watch her take off her panties. The scent of her sweet pussy fills my nostrils with a sensation I've never had before. I become stiff...

She holds my shoulders, and tells me not to be afraid. Her eyes look as if they're melting down her cheeks, I savor this moment for what it's worth, and ease between her thighs. I began sucking her tits. I couldn't believe it, The girl of my dreams was letting me have her. Her hanging face looks down at me, I go to nuzzle her chin, and I accidentally hit her neck, I forgot her disorder. "Go inside me," she whispers. I began to stroke my stiff cock, and for good measure I spit on her pussy to get her nice, and wet.

I slowly push my cock inside, and she moans a little. All the feelings I'd had for this droopy faced girl came together in my head in an instant. I couldn't control my speed, and kept going faster, and faster. My eyes were closed, I could only hear her cheeks smacking her forehead, and her eyes peeking into her own nostrils.

Her moaning got louder and louder. I brush away the extra skin from her mouth so she could be a little louder. I wanted to hear her. I wanted this moment to be mine, and I wanted her to remember it.

"I'm going to cum," I speak feverishly. She immediately pushes me off, and began letting her lips wrap on my cock. It looked as if her face was melting on my cock. Like if I was fucking a melted cheese pizza. It made me hornier.

The feelings I had had all came to a close with a rhythm in my mind. It got faster and faster, and I felt it. The feeling I'd shared with her only in my imagination. I had come on my drippy faced lover.

I watched my own semen seep down inside her eyelids and flood out the bottom of her nose. I had made it with the girl of my dreams, what was there to say? She gave me a gentle kiss, and I felt my cum on my cheek. "What becomes of this?" she says in my ear. I tell her to whistle for a cab. And when it comes near, make sure the plate says "fresh" and there's dice in the mirror.

Chin-chan's MySpace Fanfic "Story"

Darkness consumes the surroundings, filling the room. Then a glimps of light glows, getting brighter, then the girl opens her eyes, light filling the mind. She lifts her head off her arms from the bed, her hair is messed up, half sticking in the air from lying against her arms, the other half flat and combed over. She lifts her body from against the bed, leaning back against the chair and streching. She yawns loudly, rubbing her eyes to wake up, smearing the night before's make-up across her eyes and cheeks. She leans hardly against the chair, closing her eyes, she places her hands over her face, spreading her fingers appart, opening her eyes and looking at the boy asleep on the hospital bed.

A soft sigh escapses from her mouth as her hands move from her face to her knees. She pulls her chair close to the bedside, placing her arms back onto the bed by the boys legs. She lays her head upon her arms, then a slight touch of fingers rush through her hair as words are spoken;

"Hey there Pineapple." He says, sitting up on the bed. She opened her eyes, sitting up and smiling politly, fixing the messed up hairstyle and smudged make-up. He shakes his head, placing his hand firm and warmly on her cheek; "Leave it. You look fine." He smiles. She turns a deep red, blushing as his hand touches her cheek. "Sleeping beauty is finally awake." She squeaks shyly. He smiles in reply, a soft laugh slips from his mouth. A giggle escapes her mouth in a return for the laugh.

She stands to her feet then pushes the chair back into the corner. He smiles as she walks back to the bed, then climbs her way next to him. She places her body down upon the bed, placing her head on his shoulder as she places an arm on top of his stomach.

His body flinches as her body is pressed against him. She looks at him sadly, tears filling her eyes. "I hurt you?" She whispers. He shakes his head, placing his arms around her gently, ignoring the pain. She snuggles closely to the warm body, feeling his breath on top of her head. She closes her eyes, resting them gently when he begins to cough. She sits up as he leans forward. She pats him gently on the back, then he stops.

He smiles happily as she moves away from his back. "Thank you Jo." He says, laying back against the pillow. "No problem Matty." She smiles, lying back against his body. "I love you." He whispers, kissing the top of her head, then closing his eyes, never to be waking up. She sheds a tear, feeling it fall down her cheek and upon his robe on his chest. She looks at him with tears flowing down her cheeks. "I love you too." She whispers, knowing he wouldn't hear her say it again.

The end..

Visiting Joey- A winter of Dis contempt

Joey Bishop

(A story I found on the bathroom walls of my schools male toilet. RL TS)

It was a cold winters day- not long since I had come to the realization that that woman, that beautiful chinless angel had been at my school all along. I knew it was wrong, these feelings I kept having.. But in spite of my self I began to watch her. Not creepily, but from afar- I watched as she ate marshmallows and missed her mouth, I laughed with her as she drew blood from her own wrists- we were connected but so apart. It was a Tuesday, the first time she noticed me sitting out the front of her house. Her mom occasionally talks to me down town, where I always make sure to mention how beautiful her daughter has been looking lately. Her mother has a beard, a beautiful subtle mustachio- but ill save that story for another time ;) Joey smiled at me, she beckoned me inside, I just couldn't believe my luck. All my dreams, since I first noticed her beautiful TCS face, begging to be fapped over all through Junior high- now was my chance.

Winchester street

She was a chinless wonder, and I stared at her from afar. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like to have that lovely, greasy mouth wrapped around mine. I yearn to touch that wonderful sweet face, to run my fingers through her rolls under her mouth. It was a cold day in Australia, so I wore my favorite scarf--a was a wonderful combination of purple, green, and orange. Such wonderfully matching colors to start my wonderful day, and it did not go unnoticed. My mom greeted me downstairs before school, telling me I looked great. I walked to school in the blistering coldness of what was Wednesday. On my way passed, I saw my chinless-Barbie, fapping to her mother. I waved at them while I walked to school. Seeing her face makes me ooze with warmth. Every day I watched her walk down the hallway, her cheeks flapping against her neck, her beautiful eyes drawing me in closer. I walked down my hallway, going to my locker. I did the combination, 24 left, 33 right, 19 right. A letter slid out when I opened it up, and my heart started to beat faster. "To: Raul From: Joey" My breath caught in my throat. Could it be the girl of my dreams, my droopy faced lover could have mutual feelings for me? I opened the letter, it said the following "Dear Raul, I was wondering if you could come over to my house after school to help me with my history. My parents will be gone, only my brother will be home. I live on 3932 Winchester street. Thanks" Winchester Street! I already knew where my droopy faced lover lived but I had never been invited over before. Could it be? Maybe she wanted a relationship with me! I figured I should write her one of my famous dark emotional love poems for her to woo her. I decided to write it in class, Chemistry was boring anyways. It seemed like time flew by, because it was already 4 PM. I got to her house by 4:20, and as she stated, she was alone with her brother. I hesitated on her front porch, nervous to knock on the door. Suddenly the door opened. Oh the love of my high school years! Her chin looked especially like melted wax today, dripping slowly down her lack of neck. It took all my willpower not to get a hard on from that drippy goodness. We made small talk as I stepped inside. Her house smelt like freshly clipped toe nails and tuna sandwiches. She led me to her room, where I started to bring out my poem, to confess my love to her. As I was beginning to read, Her brother stepped in the room. He looked magical, his eyes were as red as an apple. I was lost in them. But I would not give up my chance with Joey, the drippy wax candle babe of my dreams.I tore my eyes off of his, to look at the beauty of his sister. I began to read. "Sometimes in the black abyss of my heart I see photographs of a girl, a girl who has caught my attention with her disturbingly sexy lack of chin, and flabby butt, so sexy it makes me want to cut myself to bleed out all my love for her, but that is not possible, because every time I breathe, I breathe for I finished the sentence, her brother became extremely more annoying, but his eyes, and his pale white hair told me to forgive him, I soon dropped the poem and complimented her brother on his eyes, I just can't pass this moment up. He smiled, making my heart melt like his sister's chin. But then he just left. I was upset but realized this was my opportunity to take a chance with the one girl I've liked for so many years, but suddenly, when I looked at her, I saw the disappointment in her face, but also at that moment, I had an epiphany: I'm gay.


Again? Someone go out and break her hands please

The poor girl, I almost feel sorry for her but she has no chin, So I laugh!

Possible Reasons for Chin-chan's Micrognathia

Photoshop tries to improve Chin-Chan. Photoshop fails. Valiant effort, though.
Nahc nihc
  • Uppercutted by Sub Zero and never recovered.
  • Deez Nuts were just too heavy and her chin collapsed.
  • Is the only living person to survive a Falcon Punch by Captain Falcon himself.
  • Fell down a ladder and hit every rung on the way down.
  • Jay Leno stole it.
  • She got hit in the chin by a HUEG XBOX.
  • She divided by 0. OH CHI--
  • Her chin was donated to a young Bruce Campbell.
  • She is the daughter of Cockmongler and Brian Peppers.
  • Shawn Michaels gave her a little Sweet Chin Music.
  • She was turkey-slapped with a hammer.
  • God just wanted to create something so hideous that the mind would recoil in fear.
  • Thor banhammered her in the jaw because she burnt the toast.
  • The Big Bad Wolf called her bluff, she said "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" so he ate that chin.
  • Candlejack kidnapp
  • She had a chin, but she eated it.
  • She may have been born with fetal alcohol syndrome, trisomy, or Marfan syndrome.

Vote For Chin-Chan

Help Chin-Chan become Internet's Next Top Model: Vote here then:


  • Even though she was #1 at the deadline, the mods fucking disqualified Chinny and promptly removed her from the contest. All was lost.

(Not so) Current News

  • In the mid-march of '07, her MSN was posted in /b/.
  • There are rumors on the /b/tubes that Chin-chan has become an hero and posted a comment on her unfortunately private MySpace to the effect of "blah blah blah I'm fugly, going to permaban self from life now k bye" but this is unconfirmed. It was also rumored she had hanged herself, but this is false because a noose would not be able to defeat her lack of a chin.
  • "I Got 99 Body Parts, But a Chin Ain't One" - Chin-chan's forthcoming collaboration with a nigger which drops in the new year.


  • "My wrists. This is the "emo" moment. Okay so we're both cutters. So what?"
  • "My mother with a penis (Yes that IS possible), a best friend and a brother I've ALWAYS wanted but never had." (Probably because your mother has a penis).
  • "I'm sick of this shit happening to me because I fuckin look different! BE FUCKING GREATFULL YOU GUYS HAVE FUCKING CHINS! AND A PERFECT FUCKING BODY!!! -.-" I've had enough.. I'm better off dead than living with shit on my shoulders" (Well, put it this way. At least... um... wait... give me a second... nope, I got nothing. Kill yourself)
  • "I love what I lost years ago." (What, your chin?)
  • "And you’ll forget me, Like they all do. But I’ll be here, Longing for you." (It's not a lost dog, your chin isn't going to appear out of nothing) [1]

Fun Facts

Chin-chan's pet dog?
  • She is bifugly
  • She is a cutter
  • Also known as Bernadette
  • She added a whole new meaning to the name The Nega-Chin
  • Despite the fact that she's fugly, she seems to have a camera permanently poised in front of her face. While this camera seems to be able to move to various angles around her, it always manages to capture the disturbing structure (or lack thereof amirite?) of her face.
  • Some part of you goes Errrrr when you see her face. It cannot be helped. Just. Errrr.
  • Her mom has an STD referred to as Chin-chan.
  • She is the founder of the band Chin-acious D.
Bonus Fact:
  • Her mother was too greedy to donate one of her many chins to her chin starved daughter - Call child services!

Her mother is the sleeping beauty down front. Daawww....


Due to privacy restrictions, Internal Affairs will be logging all IP's on edit standards in order to prevent further butthurt. If this person is harassed on this site again, they will likely cry themselves to death, effectively becoming An hero. This is great for lulz, but strong legal actions will probably take place.



Chin-chan gallery About missing Pics
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MySpace Screencaps

Her myspace is here. It's private, but you can still send her nice messages. The following caps were taken courtesy of one of her friends.

  • Chin is no longer accepting friends requests and does not accept messages from anyone who is not her friend. Damn.

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