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Childlove is a pedophile movement dedicated to love little girls and boys tenderly.

Some argue that childlove is an legitimate social movement. This is dismissed by the fact that anyone who actually believes such bullshit is a sick fuck. "Love" in pedophilia is illogical for the simple fact that kids grow up, which means the attraction from fucking a kid will dissipate as the kid grows older. Needless to say, anyone who professes to be a member of this movement should be deported to a deserted island where they will bareknuckle brawl until one of them emerges as The One High Childlover. Most mundanes would think of this as being too easy on them, but add in that the island is infested with AIDS-infected wolverines (the animals, not the X-men) and you might get a few more approvals.


Like all sick fucks pretty cool guys on the internet, childlove supporters justify/discuss their want of child love rationally. Let's take a quick look, shall we?:

"A child that is 1-5 years old could most certainly give consent. The younger they are, the less they may understand, but its all in how the adult would explain it to them...I think that a child is able to give their consent if the adult explains everything in a way they would best understand. I would even go so far in as to say that even if a child is curious and sees their parent naked by accident, if that child goes on to somehow touch their parent's genitals..I would say it would be the parent's responsibility to explain the differences between boys and girls as best as they can (depending on the child's age, of course), as well as saying "Well, when you do this it makes me feel good, but you don't have to do it unless you want to. I will never make you do it." If the child continues touching, I would indicate that to mean they have given their consent." Unknown Person, Unknown Date
"Non-coerced sex is a misnomer because there is always an element of coercion involving a misuse of adult authority and psychological maturation, and a misuse of the child's need for affection and apprenticeship. If a researcher sees no harm, it maybe because their using the wrong glasses, not because there is nothing to see. Even adult-child sex which is mutually enjoyed, is always an intrinsic and risky act of injustice and abuse to the integrity of the child. They often use wrong philosophical, sociological and scientific assumptions in the same way religious people do, denouncing a form of cognitive dissonance in their faulty arguments and rationalizations. For example, the argument about physiological changes that support the early physical sexual maturation and that can lead to a form of Straw man argument fallacy or 'correlation is not causation'. The facts about early physical sexual maturation doesn't implies pressure to engage in sexual activity, hence the several cross-cultural researches that shows different time lines and psychosocial dynamics in across several different cultures. One could use the same logical argument to morally and scientifically approve murdering for revenge because at certain age one can develop the capacity to kill. It's very known that correlation doesn't imply causation. Several cultural backgrounds can condemn or civilize the will for vengeance through comprehension, for it's an urge based on fear and conditioning. The same can be said about sexual attraction for children, it depends on the cultural background. The egoistical cultural background that leads the sexual abuser to rationalize that children can consent to a mutual sexual relationship guided by the metaphysical non-existent being "childlover" who has absolute no power relation or psychotic interests over the children ongoing individuality development. Even if data shows a percentage of harmless events of sexual encounters that, again, is not causation, but simply correlation of an ongoing mechanism that commences a series of events after the sexual encounters in which results in a specific state of harmless memories. This fallacy comes along with another Straw man argument of sexual victimization of children who had sexual encounters with adults" Gerard van den Aardweg, Dutch neuroscientist and neuropsychologist, unknown date

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