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Typical Child Abuse.

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The Love Hate Boat, Freewinds.
Home, sweet home.
Beautiful "Flag", Scientology HQ/Rape Palace.
Product must be checked before delivery to friends.
Scrape or be raped.
An Orphanage in Sandistan being playground for Jews.
Should be republished as apparently no-one read it in the '80s.
Jack is always on the lookout for a bigger boat...
Sacred Scifag ritual.
Dubai ruler giving tips to Children before they head to please his Mossad masters.

Child abuse is the most time-honored tradition in the cult of Scientology. Indeed, you might even say that it is what enables the adults in Scientology to ascend to their advanced OT levels, in that the adults are thus not bothered with cleaning, repairs, repetitive and boring tasks, or other activities that are not much fun. Making young children do these things is of tremendous benefit to Scientology's growth and expansion, which itself makes necessary even more child laborers. It is clearly a win-win situation. In addition, strict punishment for the smallest perceived violation of their billion-year contracts is definitely the best way to make children behave well.

Anonymous is surprised

In the second month of Project Chanology, Anonymous was rather surprised to read that the children at Scientology headquarters in Florida were being mistreated. A leading ex-Scientologist posted on Enturbulation an update from a sekrit SciFag friend, on the situation "inside" the "Flag Land Base", as it is called.

The abuse the kids that are on staff are enduring is incredible. They get counted getting onto the bus to go to the mess hall, they get counted when they get off the bus. They counted when they go to bed. The kids don't have any where to go, they are trapped...They are third world youngsters…who have NO WHERE TO GO. South American, Russian Kids, Albanian, Hungarians, Czech republic, Serbia. Yugoslavia. They bring them in on "religious workers visas" and then they TAKE their passports, so they can not leave! The kids can't leave, many are very frightened, you can see the desperation in their eyes, they are scared to death...

In other words, Scientology brings in hundreds of Scilons from all over the USA and lots of other moonspeak countries to join the "Sea Org", their leet team, to live at "Flag" and receive moar Scientology brainwashings. Usually, this involves going on a long Caribbean voyage on Scientology's luxurious cruise liner floating death trap, the Freewinds. What to do with the brats? Naturally, they stay at Flag to keep the place ship-shape, do repairs, clean toilets, and receive their own indoctrination into the Scientology lifestyle.

And soon

Later in the day came another post from an ex-Scientologist:

The first thing they do is they force the parents to sign a document making another Sea Org member that child's legal guardian. This document is prepared by legal. The parents are tricked and told that the child will be attending school. This is a lie. Children do all the shit work that is considered "non-hazardous." Hazardous work is given to the Rehabilitation Project Force (the rebellious kids who tell the Scilons to fuck off). Children are worked on an average 11 hours a day. Children are not given proper medical attention. Illnesses and injuries are allowed to fester and get worse. This is because they are considered "adults" and so as adults are expected to know how to take care of themselves in these situations as the other Sea Org members do, which basically means self-treatment unless you have broken a bone or are dying of cancer. Children are not fed properly, despite the fact that their bodies are still growing. They are fed the scraps and leftovers that are left in the mess hall once the rank and file Sea Org are done eating.

Anonymous was highly displeased to learn about this aspect of Scifaggotry, and began to assemble an arsenal.

But where do you start?

Anonymous soon realized that the old skool ex-Scilon anti-Scilons were not bullshitting. There turned out to be a fuck-ton of documentation on the internets about Scientology child abuse and child enslavement. There was so much that Anonymous' heads were spinning, hardly able to keep track of all the sites, which is not supposed to happen to hackers on steroids. Then Anonymous thought it might be best to provide just a few of the many examples of the ways the Scilons abuse children and try to fuck them up 4 lyf.

In the beginning, L. Ron said

In the early 1950s, the Greatest Friend to MankindTM, also known as "Commodore" El-Ron, wrote these immortal words:

But how many people think babies are just too, too beautiful, who at the same time, feel that sex is just too, too nasty? The second dynamic must include not only sex and the sex act, but also children.


— L. Ron Hubbard, Child Dianetics

In the Navy

Starting with a blast from the past, a few nice anecdotes from when the Great Man was still around, pooting about in his official boat as Scientology sailed the seas.

from "L. Ron Hubbard's Secret Lives"

He put this 4½ year old little boy - Derek Greene - into the chain locker for two days and two nights. It's a closed metal container, it's wet, it's full of water and seaweed, it smells bad. But Derek was sitting up, on the chain, in this place, on his own, in the dark, for two days and two nights...people heard him crying. That is sheer, total brutality. That is child abuse.

from "Messiah or Madman"

Hubbard had ordered a little girl who was a deaf-mute down into the chain locker sometime in 1968. Hubbard was going to cure her deaf-ness by shoving her down there! This came to my attention after she'd been there for about a week because the Master at Arms at the time, a beautiful girl, came to me and said, "John, I've got to have you come and see what's going on."

Confirmed in another book

He pulled up the wedge from the chain-locker, a dank and unhealthy part of the ship into which offenders were flung without food as a punishment. Out crawled a little girl who turned out to be a deaf-mute who had been unable to write her name and had incurred the Commodore's wrath.

Another ex-Scilon remembers

Just looking at it now, those children were so under-nourished, just not whole, complete children, because L. Ron Hubbard figures barley water is better than milk... I've seen those children, 15 to 20 of them in a filthy room, filthy carpet, food everywhere, and playing. If one of them got out of line, they'd just lock them in a room and let them scream itself to death, or scream itself to sleep... They make them do what's called rocks and shows, where if they do something that they weren't told to do, they have to do sit-ups, push-ups. From the cradle they are punished. From the cradle the children are punished.


The sheer brutality of the brilliant El Ron and his deplorable treatment of children shocked even the most loyal of his fake-Navy butt buddies into realizing that shit was fucked up on the high seas. Unfortunately none of these pussies had the balls to turn Ron over to the authorities; and worse hid all the evidence of the mistreatment- thus condemning future generations of Scientologist kids to abuse at the hands of their brainwashed scilon parents.

Malnutrition? In my Scientology? It's moar likely than you think!

From the "Scientology Volunteer Ministers' Handbook": the exact opposite of what all non-SciFag doctors recommend for infant feeding:

Breast feeding babies may have a nostalgic background, particularly to a Freudian oriented medico, but real breast milk again is usually a poor ration. Modern mothers smoke and sometimes drink. Smoking makes the milk very musty. Anyway, a nervous modern mother just can't deliver the right ration. Maybe it's the pace of the times or the breed, but there are few modern Guernsey-type mothers. So even without drinking or smoking, one should forget breast feeding. The foremost reason a baby doesn't do well is poor rations. And to remedy that, here is a formula one can use:

  • 15 ounces of barley water
  • 10 ounces of homogenized milk
  • 3 ounces of corn syrup

As the Romans had honey, 2 ounces of honey may be used instead of corn syrup, if desired. Do not use lactose [a sugar found in milk, used in infant foods] as a substitute. The amount of syrup should be varied - depending on the baby - some like it weak - some take it stronger.

Malnutrition Part Deux: Scurvy Strikes Back!

From an American Journal of Clinical Dermatology Case Study on Infantile Scurvy:

We present a case of an otherwise healthy 2-year-old Caucasian girl who presented with refusal to walk secondary to pain in her lower extremities, generalized irritability, sleep disturbance, and malaise. The girl's parents described feeding the patient an organic diet recommended by the Church of Scientology that included a boiled mixture of organic whole milk, barley, and corn syrup devoid of fruits and vegetables. Physical examination revealed pale, bloated skin with edematous, violaceous gums and loosening of a few of her teeth. Dermatologic findings included xerosis, multiple scattered ecchymoses of the extremities, and perifoilicular hemorrage. Laboratory and radiographic evaluation confirmed the diagnosis of scurvy. The patient showed dramatic improvement after only 3 days of treatment with oral ascorbic acid and significant dietary modification.

After much discussion with a team of physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists, the patient's parents reluctantly agreed (?!) to transition her diet from the barley water mixture to Pediasure®, fruit, vegetables, meat, and whole grains.

Scurvy is a disease that was thought not to exist anymore, in our modern days. It is a disease that sailors and explorers used to get when they sailed from Europe to the Philippines, or another such trip that lasted many months, and they became malnourished through the lack of delicious fruits and Vitamin C.

In case it isn't clear, this sort of recipe is why little African babies can't have nice things.

Additional Info

You can also find a wealth of information here on "Child Processing" and other information relating to the suspiciously over-codified methods of supposed child-rearing and/or sanctioned educational methods used by the Scifags on children. There are also some other pertinent Scifag docs as well dating back many years.

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