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NOTE: The address was where she lived when she burned the kitty. She is now in protective custody of her mom.

What makes the internet rage more than a teenager throwing his cat around? When that cat happens to be a kitten and the teenager happens to be both a crazy cunt and a nigger. To make things worse, this time kitty had already used 8 lives. Remember, unlike Jews, cats don't belong in the oven.

The story goes that she broke into her former flatmate's house with an accomplice in order to to play an elaborate practical joke on them. This practical joke included, but was not limited to, throwing bleach on the wall, slashing furniture, and just being a general hood bitch around the place. Of course, it progressed to toasting Tiger Lilly into what she intended to be a light, crispy dinner.

I hate cats.


—The bitch bringing the wrath of /b/ upon herself.

It's dead, bitch!


—Taunting the internets

The Search for Dox

Researchers triangulate her possible lolcation

Cheyenne is looking for work.
NYC pass this out around her neighborhood for the lulz.

Ignoring accusations by many denizens of /b/ of moralfaggotry, the coldhearted citizens of /b/ come across this crazy cunt on June 5th 2009. Unlike previous examples of online animal abuse there was much confusion around trying to find her dox. All they had to go on was that she was black and lives in the Bronx. No wonder they were completely lost.

The original address given by was discredited almost immediately due to being in Brooklyn, not the Bronx. Though this didn't stop many nubs spamming this as the address in threads, a few more cunning /b/rothers went to work on a set of photographs taken from the top of a high-rise, in a set from her MySpace.

L 5ab930ec3fc4493c929ea77b27ccdae8.jpg

The picture showed a train line beside some sort of public school looking building with some courts outside it. By combing the Bronx in Google Maps, one legendary anon found the building, on the corner of Westchester and Tinton.


After some debate, it was decided the most likely building of the two candidates was the one beside the "720" number along Westchester Ave. However, as this was the building she was likely living in when the incident occurred, pizzas and mail packaging deliveries had to wait.

Court Date Documents & Assorted Bullshit

Defense information and arrest record.
Listing of charges involved in this one case.

When contacted via AIM her ex-husband/boyfriend left this "Away" message:

I like 2 know if there's a chemical imbalance in ur make up sum times I wonder if u plan half of this shit b4 I wake up calling my ex-girl or e-mailing my mama ur tha only 1 causing me this drama n then expect favors wen u come in town n I noe if I c u gararente its going down cuz 2 stay with this girl u couldent pay me I RESPECT a women but this bitch is crazy this bitch is ccrrraazzyy this bitch is cccrazzzzyyy.



It seems like they are willing to slide further down the evolutionary scale and claim she is mentally disturbed.

UPDATE - Under the agreement, Cherry pleaded guilty to two charges in a six-count indictment. She waived her right to appeal and agreed not to keep a pet for the next three years. Cherry, jailed on a probation violation, appeared for formal sentencing July 31, where the sentencing was further postponed to september 2nd. This is probably because new york law states "jew a cat, get jewwed", and the judge needs more time to figure out where to procure some zyklon /b/.


Because of the mass confusion surrounding her contact details, a few unintended victims were added to the trolling list:

In a cruel twist to the case, a Brooklyn retiree who shares a last name with Cherry is getting threats after someone mistakenly listed her number on a Web posting about the cat slaying.

"They're all saying, 'You'll burn in hell,' 'Who the hell do you think you are?'" Bernadette Cherry, 72, said of the 75 calls from cat lovers.


—NY Daily News



Through searching the depths of the internet, we can come up with a family tree of sorts for this cat murderer.

Contact Info and Assorted Dox ****Updated as of May 2012

AIMing it up wit her ex-boyfriend/husband

NOTE: Althought this EDiot broke rules 1 & 2 we should realize he was talking to a hood nigger, who is only able to use his computer with the assistance of a helper monkey, which is far more evolved than he is.

spedwitmeds (9:45:45 PM): hey
spedwitmeds (9:45:57 PM): i heard u like crispy kittehs
spedwitmeds (9:48:16 PM): We are looking for you.
spedwitmeds (9:48:20 PM): We do not forgive.
spedwitmeds (9:48:23 PM): We do not forget.
donp0008 (9:51:53 PM): Naw not me
spedwitmeds (9:52:04 PM): Oh I'm sorry then.
spedwitmeds (9:52:08 PM): DO you have a girlfriend?
donp0008 (9:52:13 PM): I have nothin 2 do wit that kinda stuff
donp0008 (9:52:18 PM): I'm wit u guuy 
donp0008 (9:52:23 PM): Naw
spedwitmeds (9:52:41 PM): Do you know one CHeyenne Cherry?
donp0008 (9:52:56 PM): Yea
spedwitmeds (9:53:11 PM): Do you know where I get ahold of her for further contact?
donp0008 (9:53:13 PM): But I hate her 4 wat she did 2 that cat
donp0008 (9:53:21 PM): ..
spedwitmeds (9:53:25 PM): Yea
donp0008 (9:53:29 PM): No 
spedwitmeds (9:53:30 PM): I like kittys too.
donp0008 (9:53:46 PM): We haven't talked in year
donp0008 (9:53:51 PM): I have 2 n 1 kitten
spedwitmeds (9:53:54 PM): In a year?
donp0008 (9:53:56 PM): Ur a guy
donp0008 (9:54:01 PM): Or girl
donp0008 (9:54:10 PM): Years as in 2
spedwitmeds (9:54:10 PM): Dude
spedwitmeds (9:54:16 PM): 2?
donp0008 (9:54:21 PM): Oooo
spedwitmeds (9:54:26 PM): yea man
donp0008 (9:54:28 PM): 2years
spedwitmeds (9:54:38 PM): really
donp0008 (9:54:48 PM): Y every 1 keeps hittin me up 4 about this
donp0008 (9:55:03 PM): Yes we haven't talk in 2years
spedwitmeds (9:55:06 PM): Well, are you aware Anonymous is after you potentially?
donp0008 (9:55:29 PM): Wat u mean by that
spedwitmeds (9:55:44 PM): Ok, bear with me for a sec on this.
spedwitmeds (9:56:10 PM): I think I should be asking, are you aware your AIM sn is on a popular internet site?
donp0008 (9:56:37 PM): Wats tha site
spedwitmeds (9:56:40 PM): Here:
spedwitmeds (9:56:45 PM): A little down.
spedwitmeds (9:57:11 PM): And this is Anonymous:
donp0008 (9:57:13 PM): Hey I have nothin 2 do wit that crazy bitch
spedwitmeds (9:57:21 PM): It doesn't matter.
donp0008 (9:57:29 PM): Can u spread that word
spedwitmeds (9:57:31 PM): If I were you I would try and talk to them and reason.
spedwitmeds (9:57:37 PM): *with them.
donp0008 (9:57:52 PM): I have shit 2  do wit her @ all
donp0008 (9:58:01 PM): Fuck her 
spedwitmeds (9:58:06 PM): They don't care.
spedwitmeds (9:58:10 PM): Where do you live?
donp0008 (9:58:11 PM): Cuz I have cats 2 
spedwitmeds (9:58:33 PM): I want to help.
donp0008 (9:58:34 PM): Buffilo
spedwitmeds (9:58:39 PM): Buffalo?
donp0008 (9:58:41 PM): New york
spedwitmeds (9:58:44 PM): More specifically?
donp0008 (9:58:55 PM): Yea
spedwitmeds (9:59:00 PM): Actually, yea I have relatives up near there
spedwitmeds (9:59:04 PM): thats weird
spedwitmeds (9:59:11 PM): what part of buffalo?
spedwitmeds (9:59:56 PM): my grandpa lives near lakeview or w/e its called
spedwitmeds (10:00:45 PM): hello?
donp0008 (10:00:57 PM): Look I jus want my named cleared its been mad long since I talked 2 this girl nd dude ur like the 1000 person that hit me up with threats nd only 1 person look I understand u have nothing to do with ot ur cool I jus dnt want to be in dat shit
spedwitmeds (10:01:33 PM): If you really want your name cleared, I know where to reach them directly.
donp0008 (10:01:50 PM): Where
spedwitmeds (10:01:58 PM): its kind of a shady site, but its safe and secure and the only place where they hang out
donp0008 (10:02:00 PM): ??
donp0008 (10:02:08 PM): Ok
spedwitmeds (10:02:10 PM): hold up dude
spedwitmeds (10:02:13 PM): i want to help
donp0008 (10:02:15 PM): Iight
spedwitmeds (10:02:20 PM): they ruin too many lives
donp0008 (10:02:31 PM): Thanks I need all tha help I can get
donp0008 (10:02:43 PM): Word my moms sceard 4 my life n hers
spedwitmeds (10:03:00 PM): yea man they like to use fisticuffs and shit
spedwitmeds (10:03:20 PM): here is where a lot of them hang:
spedwitmeds (10:03:22 PM):
spedwitmeds (10:03:55 PM): make sure you put in your name for the sn, or else they wont be able to recognize you among all the shit they post
donp0008 (10:04:44 PM): Iight good looks
spedwitmeds (10:04:55 PM): oh man they even have your myspace i think
donp0008 (10:05:07 PM): But post sumthin 4 me 2 dude
donp0008 (10:05:12 PM): Pppppllleeaassseee!!!!!
spedwitmeds (10:05:14 PM): I will man
spedwitmeds (10:05:16 PM): I will
spedwitmeds (10:05:20 PM): I  wiiillll
spedwitmeds (10:05:23 PM): dude
spedwitmeds (10:05:38 PM): markymark and the funky bunch
donp0008 (10:05:41 PM): Iight thank ur bro
donp0008 (10:05:48 PM): Thank u so much
spedwitmeds (10:05:51 PM): hey dude no problem man
donp0008 (10:06:09 PM): Can u send me a specific web site not a link
spedwitmeds (10:06:16 PM): oh sry
donp0008 (10:06:55 PM): Its ok I'm jus thankful 4 the help
spedwitmeds (10:06:57 PM): ok go here:
spedwitmeds (10:07:00 PM):
spedwitmeds (10:07:09 PM): and look on the left and click the category random
spedwitmeds (10:07:15 PM): thats their breeding grounds
donp0008 (10:09:18 PM): Thanks
spedwitmeds (10:09:20 PM): did you find it alright?
donp0008 (10:09:30 PM): Yea
spedwitmeds (10:09:42 PM): yeap, thats where Anonymous likes to hang out so
spedwitmeds (10:09:46 PM): thats where youll find them
donp0008 (10:10:28 PM): What kind of organization iz that
spedwitmeds (10:11:05 PM): It's Anonymous of course.
spedwitmeds (10:12:05 PM): We are legion.
spedwitmeds (10:12:11 PM): We do not forgive.
spedwitmeds (10:12:13 PM): We do not forget.
donp0008 (10:12:32 PM): See look sum1 jus hit me up callin me nigger nd shit
spedwitmeds (10:12:40 PM): Send me the link
spedwitmeds (10:12:43 PM): to the message

donp0008 (10:13:30 PM): DEFNotMyRealSN: HEY NIGGER
donp0008: Look I have nothing to do with her 

spedwitmeds (10:13:43 PM): haha
donp0008 (10:15:03 PM): See this been all dai
donp0008 (10:15:27 PM): Day&
spedwitmeds (10:15:32 PM): And it will continue.
donp0008 (10:15:51 PM): Nd how will it stop
donp0008 (10:16:04 PM): Nd it has nothing to do with me 
spedwitmeds (10:16:11 PM): They will not stop.
spedwitmeds (10:16:18 PM): And you can do nothing about it.
spedwitmeds (10:16:31 PM): The harassment will continue as long as your SN remains on that site.,
donp0008 (10:16:47 PM): Like shit do I have 2 go public nd clear my name
spedwitmeds (10:16:57 PM): probably
donp0008 (10:17:16 PM): This shit crazzii
spedwitmeds (10:19:03 PM): Actually dude this is legitimate harassment.
spedwitmeds (10:19:12 PM): If you call a news agency like FOX
spedwitmeds (10:19:28 PM): they would definately cover this and you could sue the guys who posted your SN and stuff
spedwitmeds (10:19:39 PM): because its only a matter of time until they find out where you live
donp0008 (10:22:26 PM): Woww
spedwitmeds (10:23:46 PM): And I am not kidding either.
donp0008 (10:24:05 PM): They jus said I'm safe
spedwitmeds (10:24:39 PM): who did?
donp0008 (10:24:53 PM): They did
spedwitmeds (10:24:58 PM): Anonymous?
spedwitmeds (10:25:01 PM): where?
spedwitmeds (10:25:03 PM): 4chan?
donp0008 (10:25:10 PM): Yeah

donp0008 (10:25:35 PM): revengebanon: yo dog
revengebanon: i wanna find out about ur kitten killing bitch gf
donp0008: She's not my gf I dnt even speak to this bitch
revengebanon: do u know who im talkin about
donp0008: The bitch burning cats
revengebanon: we are anonymous, we do not forgive, we do not forget
revengebanon: yes
revengebanon: the bitch burning cats
revengebanon: have you met this women
revengebanon: and is she indeed, the cat killer?
donp0008: Look we use 2 date years ago that's it
donp0008: After that I don't fuckin talk 2 her nd I'm gettin threats
revengebanon: have you spoken to any more of my kind?
revengebanon: i am not here to threaten you
revengebanon: i am here to go against the common enemy
revengebanon: the bitch we call cheyenne cherry, the cat killing fuck
revengebanon: so its true...the shit is gonna hit the fan
revengebanon: not yours good sir, you are safe

donp0008: I've been talkin 2 u guys all daii trynna clear my name
spedwitmeds (10:26:32 PM): He's lying.
spedwitmeds (10:26:41 PM): They'll target you just for fun.
donp0008 (10:26:52 PM): But why??
spedwitmeds (10:27:00 PM): There is no reason.
spedwitmeds (10:27:04 PM): They just do it for fun
spedwitmeds (10:29:50 PM): I would be scared if I were you.
spedwitmeds (10:30:21 PM): The only way they would remotely leave you alone is to give informaton on where to find the girl we're looking for.
spedwitmeds (10:30:41 PM): Then, retroactively, they would go after her and forget about you, because it would be pointless.
spedwitmeds (10:30:51 PM): DOn't you have any information for them to go on?
donp0008 (10:32:57 PM): Ok
donp0008 (10:33:07 PM): Where can I leave this info @
spedwitmeds (10:33:32 PM): If you give to me, I can guarantee you it will get to where it needs to go.
spedwitmeds (10:33:47 PM): And the threats you are receiving now are more than likely to go down.
spedwitmeds (10:33:59 PM): Don't you see a pattern?
spedwitmeds (10:34:09 PM): They all ask if you know who see is first and then threaten you.
spedwitmeds (10:34:14 PM): she is8
spedwitmeds (10:36:10 PM): what info do u have?
donp0008 (10:36:35 PM): Wat eva u need
spedwitmeds (10:36:59 PM): Adresses, phone numbers(home or cell), relatives info, where she works, anything is helpful
donp0008 (10:37:13 PM): Ok hold on
donp0008 (10:37:36 PM): This is her moms job
donp0008 (10:37:45 PM): Number
donp0008 (10:37:51 PM): 1-718-585-2542
donp0008 (10:38:34 PM): 1865 stewert avenue bronx new york?
donp0008 (10:38:50 PM): Zip code 10473
donp0008 (10:38:57 PM): Wat else u wanna noe
spedwitmeds (10:39:51 PM): ANYMORE PHONE NUMBERS?
donp0008 (10:40:09 PM): Her brothers cell phone
spedwitmeds (10:40:19 PM): yes, her brothers cell phone number will do
donp0008 (10:40:43 PM): 1-646-544-9512
spedwitmeds (10:41:47 PM): anything else at all?
spedwitmeds (10:41:51 PM): anything will do
donp0008 (10:43:43 PM): Wat else
spedwitmeds (10:44:12 PM): any more adresses, phone numbers are helpful
donp0008 (10:44:56 PM): Hold on let me check
spedwitmeds (10:46:24 PM): now do u see the intensity of what will happen if they dont get what they want?
spedwitmeds (10:46:27 PM): they know everything
donp0008 (10:53:23 PM): Yes
Auto-response: spedwitmeds is away (10:53:23 PM)
I am away from my computer right now.
donp0008 (10:53:30 PM): Can u clear my name dude
donp0008 is offline (2:49:22 PM)
Dam lolly u make 4 me 2 get u but as long as it takes I'm b rite n imma make u my wife lolly babe u already noe..... all u otha bitchies fall back cuz imma trade it all 4 her...

Your IM will be delivered when the buddy goes online.

Proof her ex knows nothing (Probably)

spedwitmeds (4:56:41 PM): Hey dude.
spedwitmeds (4:56:43 PM): Your back.
donp0008 (4:56:57 PM): Yea
donp0008 (4:57:03 PM): Wats up
spedwitmeds (4:57:03 PM): Anymore threats?
donp0008 (4:57:16 PM): yea dude
donp0008 (4:57:36 PM): A lot I thought I was good
spedwitmeds (4:57:46 PM): That's because of me 
donp0008 (4:57:55 PM): Y
spedwitmeds (4:58:11 PM): I convinced them you don't know a whole lot.
spedwitmeds (4:58:15 PM): Because of the info you gave us.
donp0008 (4:58:44 PM): But I keep gettin a lot of threats
donp0008 (4:58:49 PM): Man
spedwitmeds (4:59:01 PM): Well, see a lot of them, like I said before, just don't care.
donp0008 (4:59:12 PM): Ooo ok
spedwitmeds (4:59:17 PM): Because your SN is on that site, they will continue to IM you.
donp0008 (4:59:19 PM): But y me
donp0008 (4:59:26 PM): Bro
spedwitmeds (4:59:33 PM): Because you have connections to the one we want.
spedwitmeds (4:59:51 PM): The moar info you give us on her, the mroe we will leave you alone.
donp0008 (4:59:53 PM): Take it off 4 me
spedwitmeds (5:00:00 PM): I can't.
donp0008 (5:00:03 PM): Don't u run tha site
spedwitmeds (5:00:12 PM): ...Obviously not.
spedwitmeds (5:00:19 PM): Can't you read?
spedwitmeds (5:00:22 PM): And think?
donp0008 (5:00:29 PM): Wat is that website
spedwitmeds (5:00:31 PM): I am but a lonely anon.
donp0008 (5:00:38 PM): That's all I no
spedwitmeds (5:00:40 PM): DO you want the link to where your number is?
donp0008 (5:00:45 PM): Ooooo
spedwitmeds (5:00:50 PM): You can try and take it down if you want.
spedwitmeds (5:00:55 PM): It will be futile tho.
spedwitmeds (5:01:11 PM):
donp0008 (5:01:20 PM): No link I need tha website
spedwitmeds (5:01:20 PM): They know everything.
spedwitmeds (5:01:28 PM): That is the website.
donp0008 (5:01:33 PM): I went there already
spedwitmeds (5:01:39 PM): ...and?
donp0008 (5:01:47 PM): I saw u put our lil convo up
spedwitmeds (5:01:58 PM): I did indeed.
spedwitmeds (5:02:07 PM): But only to let them have the information you gave me.
spedwitmeds (5:02:32 PM): Do you have cornrows?
donp0008 (5:02:35 PM): Ooo
spedwitmeds (5:02:36 PM):
spedwitmeds (5:02:39 PM): Is that you?
donp0008 (5:02:40 PM): I noe I saw
donp0008 (5:02:57 PM): I need ur help on evry website wit me on it
donp0008 (5:03:04 PM): No
donp0008 (5:03:15 PM): Wats that myspace link 4
spedwitmeds (5:03:22 PM): Nevermind.
spedwitmeds (5:03:32 PM): Have you tried to take it off?
donp0008 (5:03:40 PM): Ok
donp0008 (5:03:48 PM): No @ work now
spedwitmeds (5:03:51 PM): I need to shit I will try to be right back.
donp0008 (5:04:02 PM): On lunch
donp0008 (5:04:10 PM): Lolz ok dude
spedwitmeds (5:11:24 PM): Ok.
spedwitmeds (5:11:27 PM): Back.
spedwitmeds (5:11:37 PM): Let me ask you a question.
spedwitmeds (5:12:04 PM): Do you know anything else about Cheyenne Cherry other than the information you gave me last night?
spedwitmeds (5:24:20 PM): When you get back, you need to answer me.
donp0008 (6:03:53 PM): No
donp0008 (6:03:58 PM): Idk nothin
spedwitmeds (6:04:08 PM): Are you sure?
donp0008 (6:04:17 PM): We haven't talked in 2years already I have nothin else 2 do wit her
spedwitmeds (6:04:27 PM): Any more information would ne helpful...
donp0008 (6:04:32 PM): Possitive
donp0008 (6:04:41 PM): 100%shure
donp0008 (6:04:47 PM): That's all I noe I swear 2 ggggooddd
spedwitmeds (6:05:07 PM): I'm sure you have something else that could help us...
donp0008 (6:05:33 PM): Naw I gave u all tha info I noe man
spedwitmeds (6:06:51 PM): You had better hope they don't find you.
donp0008 (6:07:15 PM): Who finds me
spedwitmeds (6:07:55 PM): They've already found you're myspace.
spedwitmeds (6:08:19 PM): You last logged on yesterday.
donp0008 (6:08:29 PM): No1s gonna find me I live all tha way
donp0008 (6:08:38 PM): Yea how u noe
spedwitmeds (6:09:05 PM): Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
donp0008 (6:09:33 PM): In boston now
donp0008 (6:09:38 PM): On main road
donp0008 (6:09:43 PM): Idk wat they want wit me
spedwitmeds (6:09:57 PM): False.
spedwitmeds (6:10:07 PM): You reside in Brooklyn, or somewhere close to it.
spedwitmeds (6:10:14 PM): From our intel we have gathered.
spedwitmeds (6:11:19 PM): Now.
spedwitmeds (6:11:27 PM): Do you have anymore information for us?
donp0008 (6:11:30 PM): no I'm in boston now
donp0008 (6:11:35 PM): I'm on tha road
donp0008 (6:11:41 PM): No dude
spedwitmeds (6:11:50 PM): We know about your illegal activities.
donp0008 (6:11:56 PM): I gave u all I had no help me please
spedwitmeds (6:12:04 PM): We have inside connections with police authorities in your area.
spedwitmeds (6:12:20 PM): With the click of a button, an investigation could be executed.
donp0008 (6:12:48 PM): Ooo
donp0008 (6:12:56 PM): Please 
spedwitmeds (6:13:06 PM): I am not stating you will be arrested.
donp0008 (6:13:08 PM): Don't do that I'd need
spedwitmeds (6:13:18 PM): We exist only to harass.
spedwitmeds (6:13:27 PM): Your employer will not want an employee who is being investigated.
donp0008 (6:14:05 PM): Wat u mean
spedwitmeds (6:14:19 PM): I don't have time anymore for hoodrats like you.
donp0008 (6:14:43 PM): Come on man I have a 
donp0008 (6:14:53 PM): Job
donp0008 (6:15:02 PM): Don't ruin my life that it already is
spedwitmeds (6:15:26 PM): If you are being serious, we do not care about whatever life you already have.
donp0008 (6:15:50 PM): So help me help u
spedwitmeds (6:15:58 PM): I need no help.
spedwitmeds (6:16:05 PM): I am no one and everyone.
donp0008 is offline (6:16:33 PM)
Your IM will be delivered when the buddy goes online.
spedwitmeds (6:16:45 PM): Do not test us.


TL;DW - Kill the Bitch

<video type="youtube" id="drD_lAo2Eo4" width="758" height="450" frame="true" position="center"/>

And half a million comments describing what they would like to do to her.
I will pull her ovaries through her nose.



She has been cursed as a nigger, half the damage is done to her.



Well, as much as I hate cats, i hate niggers even more. Must kill her.



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I hope a kitten crawls up her vagina, claws through her soft tissue and latches onto her spine with it's little feline teeth. dragging it out of the hole of death which it previously entered. Bonus points if the skull is still attatched.



The reason that so many niggers abuse animals is that animals are the only thing beneath them in the evolutionary scale.



<video type="youtube" id="dEbE3fGfF-o" width="300" Height="300 frame="true" position="center"/>



—/b/'s reaction to first class faggotry.


Judge Byrne gave Cherry only two years in jail under a plea bargain, which of course left moralfags frothing with hate and with vows to kill Cheyenne. Although the sentence was pretty light for burning a cat in an oven like one would do to a Jew, it should be taken into consideration that everyone was spreading her address and phone number all over the internet for everyone to see. Although her family changed numbers, they were'nt able to move out of their ghetto home on 680 Tinton Ave. because they're niggers, so be prepared to hear of revenge from radical moralfags. Update: Cheyenne was paroled on 6/7/2011 and eventually took up residence in the housing projects at 871 Westchester Ave in the Bronx. She may be using the name Cheyenne Clerny in effort to escape her internet past and get a job, though any rumor that involves a nigger getting a job is surely unfounded. (Unless maybe she's running for pres amirite?)

When Trolls Collide

Just before she was locked away Cheyenne Cherry mocked animal rights groups by taking full credit for burning the cat, causing PETAfags and vegans everywhere to collectively shit themselves in horror. They say two fails do not make a win - but we will let you decide.


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