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Cheeky Nando's is yet another attempt in a long line of failures for cultureless, ignorant Americucks to try and grasp the subtle intricacies of superior British culture. As all true Britfags know, a cheeky Nando's (particularly when one is accompanied by 'the lads') is a cornerstone of British culture, a source of tremendous national pride and a cause of much high quality banter that will never be known to their overweight, gun-toting cousins from across the pond. This does not stop Amerilards trying vainly to understand, however.

Things are about to get cheeky.
A rare glimpse of a genuine Britfag using the phrase 'cheeky Nandos' in the wild.
The Cheeky Girls. Who are in no way affiliated to Cheeky Nando's. But u still well wud, wudn't u, m8?

It all started last Thursday on Tumblr, when this happened...

Cheeky Nandos post on Tumblr.jpg

In the ensuing confusion, all the rainbow-haired, legbearded Tumblrinas completely forgot about their busy day ahead, filled sweaty schlick sessions over pictures of Benetton Crinklecrack and worrying about what personal pronouns they were going to use that week, to desperately attempt to figure out exactly what the fuck a 'Cheeky Nando's' is.

Cheeky Gallery

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Cheeky Vids

Posh boy, Example and ginger hobbit, Ed Sheeran, singing about their love for a cheeky Nando's

Look at this pair of dopey fuckin' Yanks desperately trying to understand it. Not a fucking clue.

Cheeky Nando's wiv ur top lads, Dick and Dom.

This fag tries to suss it out.

The Führer takes his cheeky Nando's very seriously.

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