What he doesn't know can't hurt him

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Dat feel she gets when she believes her own lies.
Like.. OMG! sure, I let Jay Stile throatfuck me at a party, and he may or may not have had the clap, but if my boyfriend doesn't know what happened; it can't hurt him!

What he doesn't know can't hurt him is an excuse used by self-righteous women to not take responsibility for getting their asses drunk and screwing 15 guys at a party. The idea is that if she lies about what really happened, it's absolutely A-OKAY!. You know, because if he doesn't know that she had her holes slammed full of cock snot, it can't hurt him at all! No sin whatsoever. Girls are usually taught this tactic in school by groups of 16 year old girls. With the advent of feminism girls can now cheat on men cost-free because "equality" is basically having it both ways:

  • If a man cheats on a woman: He's a horrible asshole who should be shot.
  • If a woman cheats on a man: It's HIS fault because he didn't love her enough!

This will continue to happen until girls use it basically to justify everything. She could get herself knocked up by some guy in a band, lie to her boyfriend that the baby is his and that he should marry her and support her child, and she would still believe that no harm has been done at all. Like they say "What he doesn't know can't hurt him" amirite?

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