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For those who cannot see why we would call such a sweet kitty ‘ugly’ – it’s because she’s missing her face.

Not to be outdone by hideous dogs, a very special Persian cat – a breed whose faces already resemble that of mongoloid – has taken a step further and may well be the ugliest animal which has ever lived.

The Fuck . . . ?

Showin some Chase love

Chase ‘No Face’ was hit by a car when she was only a kitten. As well as having her left hind leg amputated, the vets thought it would be hilarious to see what the cat equivalent of Juliana Wetmore would look like.

Refusing to release her into the sweet embrace of death, Chase was adopted by Melissa Smith (presumed to be the mother of Kenny Glenn) who now parades this flayed feline to children and the disabled.

Her motivation for this is unclear. Some argue she is trying to show that even the disabled and disfigured of the world still deserve love. Others suggest she simply enjoys terrifying people who are already on the brink of death. The true answer probably lies somewhere in between – although they may be as vile and unloved as an AIDS-infected abortion, they are still far, far better off than this fluffy lump of despair.

The accident also resulted in Chase losing her eyelids, which means this fleshy abomination is always staring at you. Always. And it never sleeps.

The horror of the situation was not lost on most of the internet. However, as this is the internet we're talking about, a small almost cult-like community has grown to love this horribly deformed feline. It is possible to find thousands of fan-made goods featuring the cat without a face's trademark lack of a face. Some of them are even for sale and actually sell.


Chase, who requires daily drops to keep her eyes moist, now works at a “therapy cat” touring schools and hospitals, helping boost the confidence of people with disfigurements.


—Just what patients need to brighten up their day …

OMS..Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :vomit:


From SatanicWorshipper. Yes, it even freaks out Satanists.

go back in time 5 minutes and erase this image from my brain. That poor thing is really fucked up. Holy shit.

I will have to do some serious avoidance thinking when I shut my eyeballs tonight and try to sleep. Where is a nice documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer when you need one???


Here’s the link.

Looks like a real life character from Nightmare Before Christmas


—I am the clown with the tear-away face …

i want to see that cat in person just so i can go "OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK" right in its face.


—See next comment.

But it doesn't have one.


—Ah . . .


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