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A typical Charter school.

A charter school is where concerned mothers send their gifted children because public schools are, well, shit. Some argue that charter schools refuse to accept challenged students and lack diversity. Charter schools are designed small to create an excuse as to why they cannot accept that many students; therefore they can choose to accept no retards.

Things You Should Know About Charter Schools

Wait a minute...they were supposed to be shopped white to push for moar diversity!!
  1. Charter schools allow public money to fund privately owned, exclusive schools, taking away from the collective pool for every other student.
  2. They are often religion based.
  3. Unlike magnet schools, which actually focus on specialized education, charter schools are focused on external performance metrics and on generating gold for the owners/managers to skim off the top.
    • For parents, its just a place to send your kids if you live too close to the ghetto.
    • For students, its a place to learn discipline or risk being expelled for no reason.

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