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Are you a newfag? Then you might have been looking for this.

Are you ready to hang with the wrong crowd?
Guess who's coming out of the closet?
The actual size of Charlie's dick
The cover for his latest album "I'm Gay".

Charlie Check'm is an internationally known homosexual atheist nigger rapper. He is best known for his views on queers and his theory that they have a "brain malfunction." He has been researching all about gays and "gay teen quotes" because he's afraid that a gay guy is going to come and make him a faggot, and he is very, very insecure about his manliness, as evidenced by his hulking biceps and really small dick. He has an inflated ego that is big enough to inflate a wacky inflatable wailing arm tube man, as evidenced by the fact that he thinks that his songs are the best, when in actuality he is as shitty as every other rapper out there. He had to rely on Obamamania to sell his shitty song, which sold over 10,000 copies. His latest song "No Gay Marriage", which has anti-semitic lyrics about gays, did not sell any copies whatsoever, due to him being a fucktard.

Rapping Career

Charlie started his rapeing career a long, long time ago. Back then, he was actually gay, embracing it with every bit of his soul. That is until he found out his music wasn't selling, and decided to become straight, become an atheist (and a poor atheist at that) and blast gays and christans for improbable reasons. Even after he closeted himself, he still made shit music, such as "Single And Free", "I Look Good" and "Heterosexual"; you don't want to listen to "Christian and a homo" unless you're hitler himself.

Personal Views

In his rap "songs," he expresses his profound views on gays and Christans in an calm and intelligent matter. He believes, in accordance with a professional source whom he won't name nor can anybody find, that gays suffer from a brain defect that makes men think like women and women think like men, and also believes that they are madly and uncontrollably attracted to "straight" people like pedobear is attracted to lolis. He also believes that gay people are in the same camp as drug users and gangs, in that they try to force people to be gay through the use of peer pressure, and that they "target" teens by telling them to accept who they are. In the world of Charlie Check'm, a person doesn't think he's gay because he has different feelings, but because gay people forced him to be gay.

Much like a fundie faced with proof of evolution, he will ignore all evidence of homosexuality existing back in the olden days, even in the caveman ages. He thinks that it is part of a faggot-conspiracy against him, because all gays hate him for telling the truth. He also compares interactions with gay people to interactions with a fat black chick, saying that he feels awkward around them because it threatens his image as a man flexing his pecs and lowers his chances of attracting hot sexy women. He says that he's not afraid of faggots of dykes, but the fact is that whenever he sees one, he instantly pees his pants and goes home to change. Some argue that this has forced him to become a secret adult baby, wearing a diaper around so he can safely shit himself in public. He also says that "pro-homos" hate him for saying that they have a brain malfunction. In actuality, it's probably because he is a closeted gay man who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.


At least that's what everybody thinks, only reason why anybody hates him and not just christans and homos is because of the shocking, unfounded posts he makes. He's actively trying to spread the truth to every atheist, homosexual and christan blog there is, regardless of whether or not anybody cares but he spends a lot of time responding to every comment made about his views, therefore showing how inflated his ego really is. He says that everybody who's pro-homo and pro-cristian are against him, actively conspiring against him for some reason which he knows and we can never understand and probably ruin his rise to fame and possibly the hundreds of dollars he'll make from selling his shit music. He may think that they're out to get him, that he's the arbiter and that he knows everything. But everybody knows that he's just a fucktard troll who just loves to see a rise out of anybody replying to him. They all know not to feed the trolls but they do it anyway because of how shocking inaccurate and bigot they are.

At least Atheist Nexus had the smarts to ban him from the network and spread the word about Charlie Check'm, now the whole world knows about Charlie and it's all thanks to Charlie's fucked up brain.

Charlie has made multiple calls to a TV show in Texas called "The Atheist Experience" in which he tries to promote non-religious reasons for anti-gay attitudes. In every call, he accuses the hosts of committed a "fallacy" over 9000 times despite not knowing what the hell that word means. He is almost universally hated in the atheist community.

His YouTube & music

He says gay 5-year-olds will molest your kids, because everyone knows they're gay by the age of 2.
Charlie tells you it's wrong to be racist! Oh, the fucking irony.
A song about how gay men persecute Charlie by hitting on him.
A lame song about Ted Haggard.
No Gay Marriage.
Unlike most straight men who watch lesbian pr0n, Charlie hates dykes.

Now here's a man who's telling the truth


He's going to hell, he needs to seek the help of Jesus Christ. He's been closeting himself for too long, hell if he closets himself too long like Tom Cruise then he'll end up a fucking Scientologist and god knows we don't need another one of those. Send the nearest Mormon to him right nao


Here are some choice quotes from the genius himself.

What you call “generalizing” is simply telling the TRUTH about gay people. Why is this even an issue? There’s EVIDENCE that female’s and male’s brains’ development differs by the Sequence in which they develop among other things such as developmental pathways. There’s also evidence that gay people’s brains have functional similarities to the opposite gender.


—Charlie being a moron

Don’t forget about the gay fundamentalist Christians who agree with you pro-gay atheists. So don’t have the delusion that ONLY Atheists support gay marriage. A Christian told me yesterday that I’m going to hell for making the rap song “No Gay Marriage”


—Charlie cowering in fear after hearing the truth

First of all, the term “homophobia” is ALWAYS misused by you pro-gays because it’s the only weapon you have. Second of all, I’m not connecting atheism to “homophobia’. I’m connecting atheism to homosexuality.


—Charlie hiding his homosexuality.

You don’t realize how many people think Atheists are fucked up in the head because they ARE supporting gay marriage. They’re saying “it makes sense for atheists to support gay marriage because atheists don’t know the difference between right and wrong because they don’t have god”


—Charlie blindsided as always

I'm against anal sex because it is the number cause of the spread of hiv, it causes taring of bodily tissue, it causes bowel movement problems and last but not least, IT'S SOME NASTY ASS SHIT.


—Charlie getting raped.

Being the fact that there’s evidence that homosexuality can be caused by environmental influences and the brain development of genders differ by sequence, it wouldn’t be wrong to tell a girl that she has a proper functioning brain. Being the fact that a girl is suppose to think like a girl, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to convince a girl to think like a girl. If she is still comes out gay, at least the parent tried.



A male's brain is suppose to function like a male's brain because he is a male. A particular gender's sexual attraction is suppose to work as a team with that gender's body. That's why dykes are more likely to use fake dicks.


—At least Charlie knows something gay

So gay people are attracted to the the [sic] same sex regardless of their prey’s sexual orientation. Therefore, gay people will be sexually attracted to straight people and in some cases, they will act on their sexual attraction KNOWING the person is straight and I have the quotes to prove it.


—Charlie having nothing

If you were a scientist and you discovered that homosexuality is a mental disorder, would you report it to the media or would you pretend you never discovered it? YOU WOULD DENY IT AND DESTROY ALL THE EVIDENCE BECAUSE YOU ARE BIGOTED TOWARDS ANYONE WHO DOESN'T SHARE YOUR GAY VIEWS.”


—Charlie assuming scientists are gay

My point was, admitting that schizophrenic people having mental disorders ISN’T AN INDICATION OF HATE, I was trying to get you so-called “rational” pro-gay atheists to see that admitting that gay people have brain malfunctions (rather you agree or not) ISN’T AN INDICATION OF HATE.


—Charlie confused on the term of hate

This is getting old. All you're doing is ad hominids and sarcasm. WHERE'S YOUR ARGUMENT?


—Charlie not understanding sarcasm

Any time a woman walks. talks, eats, smells, crosses her legs, dresses, gets hair cuts, has facial expressions and mannerism LIKE MEN. That dyke bitch is suffering from GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER. ON top of all of that, some of those crazy dyke bitches walk around wearing STRAPPED ON FAKE DICKS. To make that even more fucked up, some of them even BEAT their feminine lovers like a violent man would.


—Charlie confusing transsexuals with homosexuals

WHO’S NEXT? What’s wrong? are you scared?


—Charlie being stupid, really really stupid



—Charlie thinking a verb is a weapon



—Charlie admitting he's gay

First of all, I’m not afraid of faggots and dykes. I laugh at them. I think they’re comical. I always get a good laugh when I see a feminine lesbian bitch walking with male looking dyke playing the male role.


—Charlie being a shit-ass pussy

There have also been gay psychologists masquering gay activism as science. Several psychologists are gay. That's something to keep in mind.


—Charlie assuming physcoligists are gay, Really?

There you go again, another damn straw man. Is that all you faggots have? You just have to cheat don’t you? I never said that.


—Charlie denying something he said earlier

TRULY RATIONAL people wouldn’t just make an assertion with no evidence to support it. looks like a squashed ANOTHER ONE


—Charlie realizing he doesn't have evidence

You just had to go back to your homo faith. Straw man arguments to homos is like faith to Christians. Did I say I was better? NO


—Charlie saying he's the best


He has provided no evidence since he could not get the link to show and couldn't get his precious genetics degree from the University of Phoenix, I thought someone like you would notice the RED TEXT THAT STATES SOMETHING IMPORTANT!




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