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Charlie Bit Me - Again! will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Before we get any further into the article, let’s just get this out of the way:

Charlie Bit Me - Again!
Charlie Bit Me - 1.jpg
Type Supermeme
Description Insanely over-linked YouTube video of two boys.
Location Great Britain
Claim to lulz 105 million fucking hits? You got to be kidding me!
Website HDCYT's YouTube channel

What has the internet staying power to take on Avril Lavigne in all of her Girlfriend Glory and claim ownership of over (as of this writing) 146,908,187 YouTube pageviews?

Dramatic pause...

That's right, Charlie and his chompers. The meme video Charlie bit my finger – again! is one of the most viral videos the world has ever known and for some reason, this idiotic blend of cute kids, torturous pain, and broken childish English has the internet longevity to still claim 3rd place on YouTube's most viewed videos of all time, despite the fact that it has been around for over two years.



Charlie: Gowww.

Harry: Haha, Charlie, Charlie bit me.

unknown: wooooooooowwwwwww

Harry: Hahah, ohohoh. Ouch. Ouch! Ouch Charlie! OUUUUUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHH! Char-lee, that really hurts!

Charlie: Hehehe, hahahaha.

Harry: Hmmm Charlie bit me.

Charlie: heeeehhhh.

Harry: And that really hurt, and it's still hurting.


Like you need to see this one more time.
Harry's finger soon after the cameras were turned off.

what a why the fuck is this even on more than one website?


—Some bastard on Fazed.

Since May 22, 2007 people have been viewing this video and giggling their idiotic heads off. The video is quite funny the first time around, but anytime something gets over 100 million hits on YouTube, that means that several thousand morons are viewing the video over and over again, and then sending the link out to all of their AOL chat buddies, IRC channels, Email lists, and forums. Then, shockingly, those morons do the same thing over and over again. We get it! It was funny the first time. Thanks for sharing! Look, if this video pops up in my inbox folder one more time, I am gonna stab some people in the fucking windpipe and then watch them as they slowly fade out of existence…

0:36 finished biting his finger. Then at 0:39 Charlie gives such an evil laugh like he knows what he's doing!


—This comment post is from somebody 2 years after the fact. Like we need a play-by-play.

While it is sometimes possible to miss a meme and then laugh at it sometime later, the Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Video is so interwoven into the tapestry of the internet, only a complete retard, your noob grandmother, or your dad, who just bought a PC for the first time and is now linking it, could possibly have missed it the first sixteen thousand times it was linked. About the only way a person could have missed this video is if they were in a coma in a hospital at the bottom of the ocean on Saturn.


The precious tots today.
lol, the kid sorta sounds like a young Forrest Gump.


—Agreed, but why are you commenting on it 2 years later?

The YouTube page says that the video it was made on March 19, 2007, and uploaded on May 22. The Buckinghamshire, England family put the video on YouTube so that relatives in Colorado and California could see just how retarded the boys were. The video then sunk into obscurity and remained undiscovered until November 22nd, 2007 when it was featured on Collegehumor. According to Howard, the boys father, the video had reached 1 million views by the end of 2007. As of July 2009, it is the 3rd most watched video on YouTube and tops all other videos in the UK.

Charlie, who was one and Harry, who was three at the time of the video have made several other videos since their initial fame, but none of these clips have come close to the page views and commentary of the original. They have a blog and facebook account, both managed by their father Howard. CollegeHumor inducted Charlie Bit Me - Again! into their Web Celeb Hall of Fame in November 2007.



—An actual comment on the video, posted by some fag called Ryan89099.

HDCYT's Warning

This sort of thing is considered abusive and will not be tolerated.
Parody photos are not allow...daaaaaaaaw
I now operate zero tolerance on abusive/threatening behaviour. Any and all such comments are reported to YouTube


—HDCYT, laying down the law.

As with most popular memes, you are going to get a lot of negative feedback from the angst-ridden basement dwelling crowd. Sure, the video is overplayed and over-hyped to the point of making most normal human beings want to commit suicide with a farm implement, but that is absolutely no reason to post racist or abusive comments on the YouTube comment section...or is it?

HDCYT also has this little tidbit for those who wish to mock the rest of the internet:

To those who leave lovely comments thanks. To those who don't please get over it. If you don't like it fine but don't tell the rest of the world they are wrong for enjoying it.



This Has Got to be a Setup

And that really hurt, and it's still hurting.
I don’t think any number of words will convince the conspiracy theorists that the clip was totally natural…However I am working on ‘Charlie Bit Me – again ! ’The prequel’ which I think will have enough in it to put these questions to rest. Unfortunately I do not have the editing skills yet to finish the clip as I would like it.


—Howard fends off the naysayers.

If your video is popular on Youtube, you just know that there are going to be people screaming that it is fake, staged, or somehow manipulated into being something other than true. Things are no different with the Charlie Bit My Finger - Again! video. Howard, the boys father often finds himself having to defend the honor of the video and has even made a FAQ video to explain how this video has become so popular.


Just like other hugely popular memes, the Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! Video has spawned its fair share of mock ups and reproductions by an assorted cast of misfits, faggots, dipshits, and hipsters all aiming to cash in on the obsessive craze.

Imitation is the Worst form of Flattery
<video type="youtube" id="_rkhbvm5YOo" width="300" height="200" desc="Hey look! We’re being fucking funny!" frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="youtube" id="9Ou379Mls3k" width="300" height="200" desc="Listen to the orangutan laughing in the background…wtf?" frame="true" position="center"/>
<video type="youtube" id=" xMD9_uq2xXw" width="300" height="200" desc="These two whores can bite something else." frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="youtube" id="lCuhTppsCXM" width="300" height="200" desc="These two faggots can’t even bite a real finger…as if they can catch AIDs again." frame="true" position="center"/>
<video type="youtube" id="3v0zS0GMBzk" width="300" height="200" desc="Jesus Christ, you guys are old...have some fucking dignity." frame="true" position="center"/> <video type="youtube" id="d8KDX3mfA1A" width="300" height="200" desc="Holy crap this is just plain disturbing." frame="true" position="center"/>

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