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Manson dead at 83! 11/19/17 RIP ;~;
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Charlie Manson, shortly before murdering the shit out of Sharon Tate.
LOL Wut?
Charles Manson is the King man
Oh Charlie, you so crazy sometimes!

A man widely considered to be one of the greatest IRL trolls of all time. Way back in the sixties, Charles Manson aka C. Murder invented and popularized murder. Since then, murder has enjoyed consistent mainstream success and remains one of the most widely enjoyed pastimes today.

Man holds dominion over wimmins. It's been that way ever since, "GRUNTS". Since we grunted and came out of caves.


—Charles Manson

A long time ago being crazy really meant something. Nowadays, because of the internet and boring people wanting to sound interesting, everybody's crazy. Being crazy don't mean shit anymore.


—Charles Manson

The Manson Family

After a brief and unsuccessful musical career and gaining then losing all the money in the world three times, Manson decided to settle down and start a family with actress Marilyn Monroe's corpse. In this regard, the couple experienced difficulty from the beginning, as no church would agree to marry them, and it was shortly discovered that Marilyn was infertile. After much deliberation, and finding that he was unable to murder his spouse any further, Manson eventually decided that adoption would be the most practical solution.

However, on the very morning the couple had elected to murder their way on over to the local orphanage, and in what many consider to be miraculous circumstances, Marilyn spontaneously gave birth to a lively little baby menstrual clot. They named if after its mother and it went on to become a very openly gay industrial recording artist, under the pseudonym Boy George.

Ceiling Cat <3 Charles Manson

In the late 1960's Charles Manson convinced his adopted family to do his dirty job and gruesomely kill then pregnant actress Sharon Tate along with many other rich and pretty white people and frame the niggers by leaving traces of watermelon and KFC on the crime scene, so the social turmoil could escalate into a full blown Racial Holy War. However the family accidentally left enough NASCAR flyers and other white people stuff scattered around the crime scene for the police to build a profile and track them all the way down to Alabama (where all the White People live) and land them all in jail, followed by a series of legal trials where many wuts and lulz endured.

Years later, during a retrospective of his life and works, Charles Manson commented:

...[T]hat bitch Sharon Tits had it coming ever since she got involved with that Jew Roman Polanski, but in all honesty, I only did it for the lulz

Other trolling techniques used by Manson include, when asked if he felt remorse for his actions, claiming that:

Maybe I haven't done enough. I might be ashamed of that, for not doing enough. For not giving enough. For not being more perceptive, for not being aware enough. For not understanding. For uh...being stupid. Maybe I should have killed... four or five hundred people, then I would have felt better. Then I would have felt like i'd really offered society something, you know?

Greatest American hero? Greatest American hero.

Helter Skelter

Whitey > Blacky. Whitey has always been elite. Because of this, Blacky is jealous/mad/nigger-crazy. Blacky wants change, but is too stupid to do anything. So, like always, Whitey must show Blacky how it's done. The chosen people then trigger Helter Skelter by murdering a couple of rich drug addicts, and making it "look like niggers did it". Blacky will then finally stop "yes sah bossing" and take up the fight against Whitey, and they will win (theoretically). Enter Manson, the prophesied hero of Helter Skelter, Manson and his followers then jump in and finish off the remnants of Blacky. Manson's chosen people then inherit the earth, and everyone is happy, because death is love and acid is strong.

They (the Family) see the sense in this, after all, Manson is Jesus Christ! The Beatles are also well aware of all of this, as is evidenced by the White Album, a thinly veiled blueprint for Helter Skelter.

The interesting part about Helter Skelter is that John Lennon and Paul McCartney have said that the song is about riding a Roller Coaster and not the murder spree that Charles thought it was. If you want to listen to Chuck, that's only what the Beatles say in public.
If you're one of those Newsweek reading, intelluctually challanged, libtard Trump haters that do believe that the Beatles only say this in public, then you'll believe any unrefrenced source that claims that our great god emperor and saviour of man's current foreign policies are similiar to Manson's plans for Helter Skelter. Even more, you'll ignore it when people cite history and call it a conspiracy when people try to explain that Manson was the last gasp from a century of liberal, Democratic plans to keep the black man down with ideas like Jim Crow laws and standing against the landmark, Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board Of Education.

Conspiracy Theory: Manson working for clients?

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Dumb Americunts!

Conventional Jew regard the Manson murders as a Satanic ritual killing, the work of a madman. Fact is, Manson is not your ordinary madman. He is confirmed Illuminati Superjew. Unlike Americunts, Jews don't kill for the lulz. While Manson may have duped his brainswashed cult followers to do the killings for Whitey vs. Blackey, it is also noticeable that the people targeted were not just random folk. Sharon Tate's husband Jew may have wanted her dead. She may have known too much. But skeptics argue that Polanski is too nice, and that there is a fine line between drugging and anally raping a kid and getting your own wife killed. The LaBiancas were running a successful supermarket chain, making a lot of powerful people angry. Maybe Manson offered his "services" to such clients in exchange for Jewgold.

Manson Helped Sell The White Album

If it weren't for Charles Manson and his unintentional advertising of the Beatles White Album they might have broken up 3 years earlier in 1968 and dissapeared into obscurity mostly because this album is seen as the beginning of the end for the Beatles. Lennon had recently marrued Yoko Ono and she had begun her attempt to take over the Beatles by disrupting recording sessions and being an all around Evil Bitch.
Originally, the White Album was not one of the best selling Beatles albums and this can be seen in that it took the police weeks to realize that Charles Manson was referencing one of the, so called, biggest bands to ever exist in the known universe's album the White Album by drawing in his victims blood phrases like Helter Skelter.
For a Beatles album, the White Album wasn't selling well in comparrison to other Beatles albums as most people found the White Album too experimental with songs like Revolution number 9, along with people having grown tired of the Beatles and other fans feeling that the White Album didn't fit the popular Beatles mold that they had become used to.
Much like the movie Valley of The Dolls, when the White Album was connected to the murder of Sharon Tate, it became an instant hit with Trendy Fuckers because of all the publicity it was getting being tied to the Tate murder.
Every year, since 1969, Charles Manson has received Christmas cards in prison and commissary money put on his books from the Beatles and their managment along with a note reading, Thanks for saving our ass with the White Album. because if it weren't for Manson, people would only remember The White Album as the second to last album released from the Beatles preceding the contractually obligated movie album Yellow Submarine that most critics and Beatles' fans view as a disaster.


Manson's typical fan.

Much like Hitler in that he was secretly an angry self hating Jew, Charles Manson has unsurprisingly accumulated a massive following on the Internets, mostly among angsty teenagers who think looking up to a serial killer mass murderer makes them seem deep, misunderstood and/or hardcore. Sadly his fandom thinking Manson is "cool" usually is full of lame and fail.

Charles' totally batshit girlfriend.

On Scientology

Charles Manson took at least 100 hours of Scientology courses, rejected it as being too crazy, then went on to murder a bunch of people.

We're just saying.

Trolling Technique

  • Insisting on representing himself in court, then trolling the shit out of everyone, the judge later had him b&.
  • Responding to the ban by hiring the most notorious troll lawyer, and two other sock puppet lawyers.
  • Spouting tl;dr nonsense.
  • Authorizing an abortion to be performed by an amateur.
  • Pretending to be Jesus.
  • Using Swastikas to troll the media.
  • Framing Niggers.
  • Screaming vulgarities.
  • Staring people down.
  • Using a blind eighty year old man for his land.
  • Pimping his women out to manipulate people (like the 80 year old man).
  • Giving everyone acid, taking a smaller dose and then making insinuations about being Jesus.
  • Getting brain-dead girls to do his dirty work, then calling them "dogs" in court.
  • Breaking into random people's houses, killing them with their own household items.
  • Calling these random people pigs, and using their own blood for vulgar graffiti.
  • Claiming the hippie band "The Beatles" had prophesied the whole thing.

WHY SO Serious??

It came to light last Thursday that manson was in fact the joker IRL. As seen in this video.



Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob Roth vantage? Gefrannis booj pooch boo jujube; bear-ramage. Jigiji geeji geeja geeble Google. Begep flagaggle vaggle veditch-waggle bagga?


—lol wut

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