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i studied psychology at university.


chaosscizzors telling online Muslims that he can diagnose himself.

Chaosscizzors (AKA Cj Scizzors and CJ K, born March 31, 1989) is a lolicon-loving pedophile and DeviantArtist from Greenville, Michigan. He's the founder of the pedophile strongholds, the now-banned r/allthefallen and the co-founder of Chiisai[1]. Chaosscizzors is such a shameless pedo that he lists "neverland" as his location on Smogon.


In November 2007, Chaosscizzors joined DeviantArt and submitted old and new fan art of his onto it.

You might reconize him from "Sonic the Hedgehog". Oh yeh! As I'm writing this I'm remembering why I drew it. I got the idea from a dream where I got shot, it's a bit more complicated actualy but it really stuck with me through the years.


Chaosscizzors, DeviantArt

Something I made a few years back, I orginaly got the idea from Neopets.


Chaosscizzors, DeviantArt

glad u like it, i thought it'd do knucks some good to grow so balls lmao. after all he's supposed to be the bad ass and cause he's in a kids game, it's just not the same


Chaosscizzors, DeviantArt

Of the fan art he submitted, the most prominent among them were based on Ojamajo Doremi characters. Ojamajo Doremi features elementary school students, magical girls way younger than either Sailor Moon or Lyrical Nanoha in both appearance and their stated age.

A month later, Chaosscizzor discovered lolicon and joined the now-banned "LoliFansClubs", proving yet again that DeviantArt is the gateway drug into sickfuckery.

Weird 'ol Subject

Ya'll know my desktop pick, well somebody made a coment about lolicon and i was bored so i looked into it a bit (not to metion my pics seem to have that theme and i didn't even know it lmao). oddly enough i found out there's 2 definitions, loli and lolicon. here's what i found out, lolicon ( ロリコン ) means lolita complex, which is a sexual attraction to young girls around 8yrs or so. but loli is just the young girls part. i'm not even going it to anymore detail cause the icon for the lolifansclub at the bottom does a much beter job of explaining and i'm sry u wasted yur time reading this lmao. i just found it interesting that my ojamajo pics fall into a category i've never herd of.

皆の本命おじゃ魔女、 ケーオッスキーザルス君
Peace out

chaosscizzors, DeviantArt, Dec 8, 2007, 4:12:01 PM

Andon-Mie: Wow, look who came back from the dead with soft porn. :lmao: Just kidding man. Nice drawing.
chaosscizzors: lol oh hell, you don't know know the half of it. i got a few pics i haven't posted, and this one i kinda cropped down a lil bit.

Andon-Mie and chaosscizzors, DeviantArt, Sep 24–26, 2008

Andon-Mie: Bring Porn Back to dA!
chaosscizzors: lol who me? well i suppose considering what i've been drawing lately it wouldn't be all that hard really but i dunno.
Andon-Mie: Do it homes!
chaosscizzors: well i'm not even gonna lie, i doubt people would like my stuff anyway.
Andon-Mie: Let me be the judge of that. :unimpressed:
chaosscizzors: it's loli

Andon-Mie and chaosscizzors, DeviantArt, Oct 14–Nov 2, 2008

oh look it's fotomama...

so anyway i thought it was a pretty nice read. it's something that everyone coming into this situation could stand to look at. do we have a sticky like that on atf? we should. i wouldn't mind putting this up there.

chaosscizzors, DeviantArt, Oct 31, 2013

Also, among the images Chaosscizzors favorite'd are images by Teruchan: [2].

Chess and "jail at the age of 19"

i've been playing chess off and on since i was a very young child. i probably played my first game when i was about 4 years old. of course back then i barely understood the rules and my teacher at the time understood them no better than i, but since then i've loved the game endlessly. i remained an incredibly terrible player until i went to jail at the age of 19 where i learned some basics from a really strong player. unfortunately i can't find hardly any players to practice against, and even less so players that are at my level of play. i'm not trying to say i'm actually GOOD at chess, but my friends are WORSE. i'm hoping that i can find some other people to play against here on this site and i'm EXTREMELY hopeful i can find someone that will actually teach me how to be a better player. that guy in jail taught me some basics but he never did bother to explain anything outside of "always defend your pieces". disappointing... if you read this then please send me a message (this site allows that kind of thing right?)

peace be with you, child of earth and star.


LoliconRUs / Lolicit and other lolicon sites

Chaosscizzors was once a moderator and a sysop for pedophile forum LoliconRUs, removing spam from it for free. He was even one of its top posters, but he eventually became disillusioned with the site, which later turned into Lolicit after changing hands.

In late December 2008, Chaosscizzors later wondering into Flatchan and into Little Angels Hentai forum in search of "good discussions" instead of "lolicon pix dumping" sites:

i'm a moderator over at loliconrus and i've been looking around for another loli site with some good discution. i went and registered at flatchan earlier today and i found exactly the opposite of what i was trying to find, so i'm hoping this place will have some REAL topics for discusion and not be "just another porn site", or however you wanna phrase it.

honestly i didn't look very hard to find the rules but i'm gonna go do a little searching while i wait for a (hopefully) warm welcome and i'll probably be back with a dozen or so questions lol. as long as i'm here typing though i'm gonna ask, is there certian topics i should avoid? i know at loliconrus it's pretty lax and all sorts of crazy topics come up, one of the most prevelent would be pedophillia (just an example).

edit : wow, you guys got one heck of an faq there. that's allot to take in all at once but i'll try not to break any rules lol.

chaosscizzors, Little Angels Hentai forum

Despite this, in the following December, chaosscizzors dumped a bunch of Touhou-themed lolicon porn on

In June 2015, Chaosscizzors was permabanned from Lolicit:

Type User/Banned By Banned On Reason Lift Date
Permaban chaosscizzors
Banned by Anonym Lolichan
2015-06-06 Don't expect to treat members of the site that rudely and get away with it. Come see us if you have a change of heart. Never
Temp. Ban chaosscizzors
Banned by Twilight
(14 Days)
Misc rule #9 - offsite advertising is prohibited. This isn't something that should surprise you, but if your overall sentiments are as you stated then you shouldn't come back at all. If this comes up again it will be permanent. 2012-09-28 at 01:00 PM


Chaosscizzors operated Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg until he failed to renew the registration. In late March 2015, Thomas Atkinson (AKA "Dark_Matter") took over, but by June 2015, Atkinson ended up v&.


After a gallery mod got permabanned by admins on ATF for no valid reason, Chaosscizzors made a new lolicon forum called Chiisai[3] together with him.


On Facebook, Chaosscizzors used "Cj Scizzors" as his pseudonym. In December 2013, Cj Scizzors submitted six lolicon images to the "Lolibook" Facebook page:

In June 2013, Cj Scizzors had a very odd conversation on the "PomfPomfWeiWeiWei" Facebook page, and in November 2014, Cj Scizzors talked about founding AllTheFallen.


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