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Chan may refer to:

  1. A popular Chinese surname (traditional Chinese 陳; simplified Chinese 陈) in Cantonese transcription. The Mandarin transcription of the same name is Chen (surname).
    • Jackie Chan - Popular Kung Fu expert and actor.
  2. Ch'an (chi. 禪) (pinyin: chán), a sect of Buddhism cognate to Zen in Japanese Language.
  3. A Japanese honorific (like san) used to refer to children, girls, and young women. Often used in naming notable camwhores on chan imageboards (see below).
  4. Any number of channels (usually in the form of textboards and imageboards) for anonymous posting with a noted disregard for common decency. Often popular amongst Weeaboo (or in some cases, Elevens) basement-dweller on the Intarweb.

ED readers are most likely interested in #3 or #4:

#3: chans (AKA camwhores)

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Camwhore.

Camwhores need to learn this.
How sick fucks appreciate camwhores.

Since the dawn of the interwebs, there have been attention whores. With the easy availability of webcams/digicams/cellcams, these attention whores have more and more ways to seek attention and (d-)evolved into today's camwhores. Here are a few (semi-)notable ones.

#4: Websites

*chans: Futaba-style imageboards

Chans in a nutshell
Spinoff imageboards in a nutshell

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: List of *chan boards.

Once upon a time, some hikikomori Elevens got the brilliant idea to make the Internets equivalent of writing naughty messages and phone numbers on a greasy bathroom wall and made an enormous fucking website about it (completely unaware of Usenet). Some weeaboo basement-dweller went off to make an English version because he thought it was the hottest shit around. Since 4chan is the largest of the English-speaking chan sites, it has spawned millions of ugly, disgusting, retarded children that exist either to support furfags or to cater to some geniuses who wish to get away from 4chan's fascist rules or dumb moderators. Currently there is only one serious contender to 4chan, but it is super duper t0p 5ekrit.

Danbooru-style imageboards

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: booru.

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