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The original Cereal Guy.

Cereal Guy is a common reaction image that is posted by almost everyone, although it can seem a little out of place in certain threads. Here are a few examples of how to use Cereal Guy without coming across as a complete idiot:

  • Do people ignore your posts? Posting an image next to them always makes them more interesting.
  • Is your post important enough for the reader to stop eating their cereal? Post a Cereal Guy to indicate that to the reader!
  • Were you enjoying Reese's for breakfast, when you saw a thread, and your reply was important enough to interrupt you, mid-bite? Post a Cereal Guy to indicate this!
  • Write a little quote for Cereal Guy, and post him with it, to make people LOL hard.
  • Post it with things that are blatantly wrong. For instance, if someone on /s/ asks for the name of a whore, use Cereal Man to insist that it is Pussy Galore.
  • Do you think teh C3r341 Guy is funny? Post it with EVERY MOTHERFUCKING REPLY YOU MAKE, and lulz will ensue.

The Original Cereal Guy

The original Cereal Guy image -BALEETED is from an old MS Paint comic about a guy on the phone with his girlfriend, talking about their relationship problems. It's that one with the Reese's Puffs cereal. Sometime in 2009, someone took the first panel of the comic and edited it to form the current Cereal Guy image. Since it was generally agreed upon that this was a pretty amusing image, it thus quickly became a standard in Anon's reaction image arsenal. The comic in question is the first image in the gallery below.


Once the image started to catch on, it was only natural that variations would be made:

  • Now, the first two installments of Cereal Guy were great for people who enjoy making points and arguing, but fell short in the silent appreciation category. Which is why some fag decided it was time to take Cereal Guy and continue to make unfunny changes. The resulting Bubble Pipe Cereal Guy image depicts Cereal Guy, taking a break from eating his cereal to appreciate the thread.
  • Finally, in order to make a really cool mindfuck thread, someone evolved Cereal Guy to his final form. Cereal Guy Ninja involved posting the Cereal Guy 2.0 image, the phrase "nice flying kick," and the misnamed filename guy_holding_a_bowl_of_cereal_wearing_a_backpack_doing_a_roundhouse_kick.jpg. Several newfags remarked on the disconnected image and post. Thus, the OP would post "now do you see it?", and the Cereal Guy Ninja image. This variation hasn't really caught on, though.


As forced memes and poor taste go, Cereal Guy has been particularly stubborn in resisting death. He lives on in his very own low-quality MSPaint webcomic.

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Gallery of Cereal Guy's Evolution

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