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Sick Fuck.png This person is a sick fuck!

They should never be trusted by anyone!

Possible side-effects will include at least one of these:
2. Bestiality
3. Cuckoldry

Sick Fuck.png
Tor Gustafsson Brookes (CatboyKami)
Born July 5th, 1998
Nationality Fockin' 'Strayan Cunt  MiniflagAustralia.png
Residence Brisbane, 'Straya  MiniflagAustralia.png
Ethnicity 'Strayan
Gender Male
Political Preference Nigger-Hatin' Conservative
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Streamer

CatboyKami (Powerword: Tor Gustafsson Brookes) also known as lolisocks is a 23-year-old far right, White Nationalist streamer and edgy retard cunt from 'Straya who is known for his live streams of going on Omegle and screaming racial slurs at random kids to save the white race and defeat the ZOG. Kami`s knowledge of his politics and da joos purely consists of overused talking points anyone can find on a typical /pol/ thread.

"Savior of the white race"
Kami IRONICALLY defending lolis

Though Kami would like you to believe that he is trying to awaken and save his fellow white people, hes actually just an attention seeking freak. Kami loves to scream about how the joos are trying to spread degeneracy and pollute and corrupt the white race when in reality, Kami himself is a huge degenerate freak who cross dresses, proudly admits to jerking off to hentai and loli porn, and fucks transgenders.

Whats even worse is that Kami isn't ashamed to openly admit to doing any of those things. We should also add that Kami is currently dating a literal trap. His bedroom wall is also (ironically) completely flooded with posters of lolis and transgender anime waifus. But of course Kami is ONLY PRETENDING and does all of this IRONICALLY, right?

Personal Life

While streaming on omegle, Kami seems like a perfectly normal lad who just wants to "redpill" and "educate" people on the evils of ZOG and to make fun of minorities. This couldn't be further from the truth as Kami is an absolute freak behind closed doors and is the complete opposite of what he preaches once that webcam goes off. His many pastimes include cosplaying as women, hitting on 15 year olds, watching loli porn, and hooking up with transgenders and femboys. The fact that this kid's username is "Catboy" should have really been a red light for his fanbase.

CatboyKami: the beginning

Kami had his humble beginnings as a typical lets play gaming commentary youtuber starting back in 2016. This was until one day in 2019, Kami met his soulmate, Nick Fuentes, a typical white nationalist who unsurprisingly is also a complete homosexual degenerate that fucks men. Kami and Fuentes naturally started hitting it off and they IRONICALLY went on a romantic date for a whole day while Kami was rocking his cat ears and a maid dress. From there on, Kami just like his sexual partner Fuentes figured he could follow Nicholas`s same path and become a white nationalist streamer purely for attention whoring purposes.

Kami's omegle fuckery

During the peak of the worldwide George Floyd chimpout, transnigga Kami decided to go stream himself on omegle wearing blackface, rocking nigger clothing while speaking in a thick gorilla accent as part of his act as a stereotypical nigger. This act solicited a lot of lulzy reactions of all kinds and Kami quickly became a folk hero in the white nationalist community and 4chan and went viral around the internet.

Along with this, butthurt petitions and constant kvetching from the Anti Defamation League and from niggers rapidly circulated on the internet begging to deplatform Kami and ban him from the internet. This of course did nothing but inspire Kami to do more for the lulz. Kami went on to play more offensive and stereotypical characters such as a orthodox rabbi, Derek Chauvin, and a stereotypical gook wearing yellow face while eating bat soup.

Kami's Rape Allegation

After the viewers of America first were upset about bringing this pedophile on the show, Kami went on the Weekly sweat podcast to get street cred. He ended up staying at Princehubris/Sean Mcaffrey's house, where he raped a passed out girl at a house party. This resulted in Hubris leaving the internet for good after it came out he had gay sex with Kami in front of his girlfriend, who is also Baked Alaska's former manager.

Tor's Omegle Adventures About missing Pics
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