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Fag? What gives you that impression?
Carlos Latuff masturbating to dead Lebanese civilians.
Carlos Latuff, the true story.

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian devianTARTlet, activist, and megalomaniac who is most renowned for his staunch pro-Arab propaganda. There's also the fact that he constantly bitches and whines about being unable to practice free speech on the internets, while at the same time he censors his critics, like the bastard that he is.

The Palestinians could not have been any closer to getting their land back from the Zionist pigs, when ol' buddy Latuff had to jump in and fuck it all up on the eve of the millennium. Now with this new hit-and-run propaganda artist, the Zionists are able to sway public opinion in their favor and steal all the lulz for themselves as they gawk at the poor Arabs who will never have a place to call "home". Another trait which differentiates Latuff from other fucktards is that he is notorious for hiding comments quicker than a ninja. Either that, or he just sits at his computer and pounds the F5 key all day and all night. Latuff has also made a series of cartoons that portray Israeli Prime Minister Jew, United States President George W. Bush, Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair among other politicians as monsters and Nazis.

Contributions to society


Latuff's automated comment deletion script in action! Truly, he is one who welcomes "free speech."
Subtle subliminal propaganda, by Carlos Latuff.

Other than constantly dumping turds into his porcelain throne (AKA: devianTART gallery) as often as some random, backwards-minded A-rab cocksucker is burning the flag of a civilized nation, Latuff contributes very little to the general public. The one thing Latuff openly distributed was the pseudocode he used to develope a devianTART automated comment deletion script:

IF (comment == empty one-liner that worships me) THEN



delete comment


That's not all, however! The U.S. government is after Latuff's ass for doodling cartoons! No, srsly! The government has nothing better to do:

"Okay, gentlemen. We've got a fuckload of money, billions of dollars at our disposal, our CIA agents are in place, and the President has just given us the green light. Time to commence Operation: Sit on Our Lazy Asses and Just Stare at Latuff's New Artwork Submissions All Fucking Day Long!"

Can you hear it? That's the sound of paranoia seeping through every pore of Latuff's body:

This site was "visited" by a server located at IP address, host name Interesting is that the Terrorist Screening Center has an email address on that same domain. TSC is an agency of U.S. Department of Homeland Security, created in 2003 to consolidate terrorist watchlists and provide 24/7 operational support for thousands of Federal screeners across the country and around the world. Well, Big Brother is not only watching us but also reading comics...


—Carlos Latuff, journal entry.

Oh noes! "Da fuck? Brotha' can't read teh funneh comix no mo'?" Racist.

Due to the lack of skill required to draw such half-assed wanabe comic strips, he is able to dish out new exaggerated comics on a speedy bi-weekly basis, such as with his ravings over Juba, the Baghdad Sniper. (Don't tell Latuff that "Juba" is a composite propaganda character, just like Santa Claus and the Toothfairy, used by Iraqi insurgents. It'll make him cry.) When you can't write for shit, talk for shit, paint for shit, or work for shit, you can always draw for shit! Sign up today at!

Carlos honors his fallen hero; Cho Seung-Hui.
He honors his hero, again!


On April 10, 2007, Latuff "allegedly" (obviously) tried to vandalize an article about himself on Wikipedia. The IP address was quickly banned from making any further edits, and the page was soon locked. Here is the section Latuff fought to have removed from the article in question:

Early childhood

Born into a family of 7 in Rio de Janeiro to a Brazilian father and an Argentinian mother, Carlos was the fourth child. His father was a middle class worker who was a electrician by trade, and his mother was a school teacher until she had children, which then she became a stay at home mother. Carlos excelled in art class as a young boy. At the age of 12, his parents separated after his mother moved back to Argentina to marry a Jewish man. This apparently is where Carlos started to change. He began to get into trouble at school, he was suspended several times, and he began to isolate himself by drawing.


At the age of 34, Carlos and his soon-to-be husband, Javier, traveled to Toronto, ON where they would undergo vows for marriage. They were married at the Trinity Church in front of over 200 guests from around the world. Carlos has stated that this, "was the happiest moment of my life."

Encyclopedia Dramatica is proud to have the only genuine and encyclopedic article about Carlos Latuff. He would be so delighted if he accidentally stumbled upon this page. Feel free to show him. Latuff was quick to respond to the Wikipedia incident, claiming that he was not born into a family of seven, that his father was not Jewish, and that he did not marry a gay man at the age of 34. For shame, you Wikipedos! (Wait, maybe they were right all along? We are talking about Carlos Latuff, after all...) Indeed, his shocking statement ironically affirmed an ideology that ED also fully agrees with:

Don't trust on Wikipedia


—Carloss Latuff, journal entry


Latuff is so demented that he makes Pallywood reporters and its army of pathetic actors look like a reputable source. Though he claims to support the Palestinian struggle against the "Israhell," Latuff does them more harm than good with his ridiculous drive-by artwork submissions. This in fact makes him a Jew who gives the Zionists a helping boost on the political battlefront. Oh, the irony of fate!

If you can figure out what the fuck he's saying, without the assistance of a translator, then you are TEH WINNAR!. All fourteen of his supporters would praise him on JewTube, but sorry guys, no comments allowed!

United States of America

"Remember, kids! ALWAYS carry a Koran in your front pocket. It makes Allah happy! KPOW!"
U.S. soldiers depicted as selfless heroes? WTF?

Parallel to the same reverse logic that has dealt a fierce blow to the Palestinians, Latuff indirectly supports the United States and cripples the Middle East. He is an advocate for gay rights. However, unknown to Latuff is the fact that homosexuals are granted more freedom in Western societies, such as America, than in the Arab and Muslim nations that he strongly supports. "So then Latuff supports America and the West, because they don't lynch gay people, right?" Wrong! Don't forget that Latuff is an idiot. Whichever side makes him the "underdog," he'll take. He loves gays, but not enough to voice his disgust against the very religions and cultures that persecute and execute gays.

Stance on free speech

Like any freedom-loving, Hannity-cheerleading, flag-waving cunt of an individual, Carlos Latuff strongly supports both free speech and dissent across all aisles and wakes of life. Of course, "freedom of speech" does not apply to those who disagree with his Nazi-inspired ideologies.

If you agree with my points of views and want to support me, please don't waste your precious time in useless discussions...


—Carloss Latuff, journal entry

He's right on the money! "Please don't waste time in useless discussions, which would lead both sides to agree on a reasonable conclusion. Let us instead resort to blind hatred and propaganda!" Dictator, anyone?

Latuff never ceases to surprise both his allies and enemies by silencing himself in a rage of ongoing censoring on his very own journal:

A commnon exchange of ideas on Latuff's devianTART page.

Hidden By Owner


—Carlos Latuff

He drives a good argument, no? There's no doubt that everyone can relate to his infinite words of wisdom.

So remember kids, the next time you scream at the top of your lungs that you have the God-given right to voice your opinions and ideas in a public arena, make sure that the other sonofabitch who disagrees with you is not given the chance to do the same! It's the Carlos Latuff way! Just as an advocate for Latuff states: "Latuff loves to invoke debates, but he'll never join debates." Carlos Latuff's constant hypocrisy and tasteless tactics make even this very website look like a beacon of good morals...


Izzi of Sileas: Your typical whiny Latuff worshipper


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Izzi (Sileas).

Yasmine, AKA: Izzi, whose blog, titled "Sileas" was recently deleted because she couldn't handle the Israeli rape, is one of Carlos Latuff's biggest supporters.

Norman G. Finkelstein

Finkelstein is a surefire way to ruin one's credibility.

Norman G. Finkelstein is a proud supporter of Carlos Latuff's silly Jewish antics. Over nine-thousand of his references and sources come directly from Latuff's witty comics, such as one depicting Alan M. Dershowitz masturbating to dead Lebanese civilians. You're right, Finkelstein, there is no difference. People would laugh if Israel dropped a bomb over a Palestinian town. How isn't that funny?

Srsly, if Finkelstein (good thing his name doesn't sound gay) offers to promote your cause or pitch in to support you, run. Run the fuck away and hide. If this guy says the world is round, better update all elementary school Geography textbooks to say "'s fuckin' flat."



Common sense: Latuff's greatest foe

Just about anyone with enough brains to know that you cannot locate Palestine on a map is smart enough to know Latuff is full of it. However, it is a hopeless cause to try and knock some sense into this poster child for AIDS. Trying to debunk Carlos Latuff is like trying to rape a masochistic streaker. Sure it's easy to do, but does he give a fuck?


Latuff has a personal vendetta against Superman for boning his mother at the exact same time she was giving birth. His very first memory was a huge golden cock getting closer and farther with every passing thrust of the superhero's pelvis. He has vowed to avenge his mother's humilation by taking out his frustration against everyone's favorite DC Comics character on canvas. (See image on the right.)


Latuff's journal entry was measured at 9,847 feet tall.


Name: Carlos Latuff
Residence: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 2699738


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