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CapnOAwesomeFedora icon.png (aka Kevin), is a YouTube user most famous for being a staunch Atheist, having the faggotiest, braying voice on YouTube, pwning Violetkitty411 and for being an all around annoying piece of shit. It is rumoured that he once got laid (once) over 9000 moons ago, but these allegations remain simple conjecture and CapnOAwesome has denied them on several occasions, ardently claiming that he remains a virgin. Unlike most vloggers, CapnOAwesome contains some measure of entertainment value and humor, even though his fanaticism borders on faggotry. In other news, this guy would be funny, but then you don't really know if he is a retard, so making fun of him maybe just isn't right.

CapnOAwesome, along with pwning VioletKitty, has pwned many people and religions on several occasions, and recently started the Pantless Revolution, which is the new style of vlogging, with no pants on. This makes him even more similar to Pee-Wee Herman, but with less redeeming social qualities.

CapnOAwesomes Subscribers


You would think that people subscribe to him because of his hate for religion, but wrong. It is a known fact that there are two types of subscribers to him. Section A = Pissed off religious people. Section B = People who want to fuck him. The problem with him is, after watching several of the videos where he is without weird facial hair, you fail in love with him. want to fuck him. Tragic, I know.

Capnoawesomes identity

After a long time of keeping his dox private, CapnOAwesome was retarded enough to use the same name for his secret Hotmail address and his non secret Photobucket album.

No Kevin!

This is delicious dox! you must deal with it! Kevin Mohler has stopped by a few times to try and delete his real name and email in the CapnOAwesome's Identity section. Blanking doesn't work Kevin. We have a history section.


Did you know...

Kevin doesn't know how to use ED
  • Most of this page was written by a butthurt Christian except for this sentence which was written by a butthurt atheist?
  • CapnOAwesome has a little girl fetish which borderlines on pedophilia?
  • CapnOAwesome challenged fakesagan to a boxing match? Being that he's half the size of fakesagan, and that fakesagan actually wants to beat the shit out of him, this is a retarded thing to do.
  • Capnoawesome's cousin begged Fakesagan not to beat up Kevin? Turns out this is why the fight was canceled.
  • CapnOAwesome is in his 20s yet still maintains absolutely no stubble?
  • CapnOAwesome tried to have his own cereal as a rival to Cap'n Crunch, but parents complained about the little crunchy swastikas?
  • CapnOAwesome worships himself, usually with a bottle of lotion and clips of furry hentai?
    Fap fap fap fap fap fap
  • CapnOAwesome has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?
  • CapnOAwesome beats off to photo-shopped images of Richard Dawkins and himself copulating? least he claims they're photo-shopped.
  • Time traveling agents from the future revealed that CapnOAwesome would one day murder a LOT of people in the name of his hatred for society? His weapon of choice will be a knife...
  • CapnOAwesome is a cutter?
  • CapnOAwesome may or may not be Michael J. Fox's evil twin?
  • CapnOAwesome's animal spirit totem is a chicken, or cock?
  • CapnOAwesome is incapable of intelligent debate but instead relies on streams of illogical straw-man arguments?
  • CapnOAwesome likes to polarize any and every issue in dealing with science and religion? He can't conceive a person being able to believe in BOTH evolution and creationism.
  • CapnOAwesome is the fundamentalist atheist's version of Bill O'Reilly?
  • CapnOAwesome's sole success on YouTube revolves around being an internet troll and making masturbatory videos for fellow psychotic fundamentalist atheists?
  • CapnOAwesome may or may not be a hermaphrodite?
  • One of CapnOAwesome's favorite pastimes is to sing karaoke? Srsly. Karaoke.
  • CapnOAwesome's drink of choice is a fuzzy navel?
  • CapnOAwesome keeps a dream journal? All of his dreams involve being video taped and raped by a major religious figure of some sort.
  • CapnOAwesome has three nipples?
  • CapnOAwsome claims to be an "equal opportunity offender" yet hypocritically refuses to speak against atheism?
  • CapnOAwsome has what is known as a "flaccid micro-penis", which partly explains why he's so angry at the world?
  • CapnOAwsome says he is a virgin because he stuck his pen0r in a sharpener and now it will nevar work the same? :(((((
  • CapnOAwsome has a new account called "KevinOAwsome"?
  • CapnOAwsome is too much of a pussy to give out his address?
  • CapnOAwsome is a rapist, he tried to get LGandBLOODS address when LGandBLOODS called him a pussy for hiding his info when purchasing his domain? This is what he had to say "Okay, you give me your address and I'll go find you." When LGandBLOODS never asked to have a skinny virgin rapist come knocking on his door.
  • Despite having so many "fans", none of them care to donate money to this poor angsty fuck, so he'll never be able to buy a TV.
  • CapnOAwsome was bullied a lot in school, thus making him an angry intrannynet drama fag.
  • CapnOAwsome claims that his cheap plastic sword which he made for an anime convention costs more than most of his guns (he means his collection of dildo's)? "Cheap? That sword is a museum replica made in original fashion, it's more expensive than most of my guns. "
  • CapnOAwsome claims to have a social life, "The same stuff I do without YouTube. I have a vibrate social life, believe it or not. I just keep it separate from YouTube." Yes folks, he has a vibrator and that is his life.
  • CapnOAwsome uses a vibrator on himself (see above).
  • CapnOAwsome uses the same vibrator on his cat.
  • CapnOAwsome has recently deleted his other account which he made 2 days before deleting it? This traumatized gay fuck couldn't make up his mind to keep CapnOAwsome or KevinOAwsome... What a fucking walking talking twat.
  • CapnOAwsome fucked his own father to prove evolution is a fact.
  • CapnOAwsome is a shape shifting kike in disguise.
  • Kevin fucked fakesagan's gf first.

What the hell?

Fake Sagan backed out of his offer of a BARE KNUCKLE fight with The Captain because he's a chickenshit pussy

In the video above CapnOAwesome does a horrible reenactment and throws bitch-fits as horrible as a 16-year-old girl after getting her cell phone taken away for talking to her BFF named Jill. He also proves that in this he is a racist because he makes fun of certain religions. He also talks about shanking your neighbor and claims that 'being atheist means you get logical skills' when everyone knows there are some crazy ass mother fuckers who are atheist, amirite? He also makes some whopping noises and talks as if anyone gives a fuck what he's talking about. Nobody rly cares.

A few minutes into the video, you find him comparing pen0rs, proving that he is a homosexual and what man in his right mind, gay or bi, would want that bastard on the video who looks cross eyed 50 % of the time? He is also living up to the stereotype that a lot of virgins become atheists because God was not kind enough to put someone on Earth who was desperate enough to fuck such an ugly piece of rotting shit.

On his YouTube page he claims "Perfect people are boring" but he has to parade around with this stupid ass camera boasting about his logic and how God can't be real. EVARRRRRRR.

Watch out Christians of America- we're Christ punchers and for that we must die.

In this video he compares "Faggot" to "Nigger" and he says "O MAI GOD, NIGGER IS A BAD WORD" but nobody rly cares, amirite? Nigger is a funny word unless you do as he did, sit on a horizontally placed stick so it launches itself up your ass. He proves he is a hypocrite because though he says the words are bad, he apparently said he called someone a faggot before, but that the word is still bad. SO NOBODEE USE IT, MMKAY?

In this video you may even mistake him for Tom Green, who also babbles endlessly about shit that nobody cares about.

In the video above about patcondell, you'll see CapnOringAwesome talking like a fag and saying unintelligible shit. He also laughs at his own pointless jokes. You will be left with the words, "WTF?" upon seeing it. A common thing that happens after watching a Captain Pussy video.

The Capn closes up shop

To the chagrin of Christians and Islamofascists everywhere, and following some srs drama he'd had with Fakesagan (formerly HardCaseOwnsYou) a couple days earlier, CapnOAwesome closed his YouTubes on February 10th, 2009. The reason why he'd choose to do close after causing massive butthurt to Fakesagan and the atheist community at large, is still unclear, but YouTube's most popular and most-subscribed atheist chose to surprise everyone just before he did it by revealing that he had fucked Fakesagan's current fiancée.

Closed YouTube Account.png

For moar info see Fakesagan


the Holocaust was biggest myth ever created by mankind



I declare an Atheist Jihad on VioletKitty411. This all started when she left a comment on my profile, and then blocked me immediately afterwords so I couldn't reply.

Until I get unblocked and/or an apology, I will continue my Jihad.


—CapnOAwesome, hating on VioletKitty411

Well, I'm all single and stuff, this is the first time I've been single since I've been on youtube, be ready for major taking advantage of it.


—CapnOAwesome, on his future plans to lure and rape 16-year old girls

The same stuff I do without youtube. I have a vibrate social life, believe it or not. I just keep it seperate from youtube.




Capn with Fakesagans girlfriend.jpg

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