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Retard protection from self injury.
Build a rael Dragons.

A CD is a type of old media made of polycarbonate and shiny that was synonymous with the retarded 90's buzzword "MULTI-MEDIA" for its ability to store pictures AND sounds. People would go to stores to purchase music until the invention of the P2P, which freed everyone from the tyranny of high prices. With the invention of the mp3 format (see also apple formats) the CD fell into obsolesce, only to be used by old people, completists, nigras and other people who have no grasp on how to use a computer.

Current Uses of CDs

  • Installing Music (CP)
  • Frisbee
  • Ninja Star
  • Microwave Tray
  • Coaster
  • Jewelry for retards
  • Makeshift scarecrow alternative
  • Nigger distraction (they love dem some shiny shiz)

As a side note, they can also be broken in half and used as shanks.

If you happen to have one, remember that you can put it in a computer and inscribe it with 700MB of lulz. Who knew?

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