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According to C-NOTE, this is a bazooka

One day in 2004 there was a Counter-Strike match that started like any other, only on this day the server had a kid in it that would soon become to be known as a Counter-Strike legend. The kid went by the username C-NOTE; a self proclaimed "real nigga" who talked smack to every one on the server, including his own teammates. The main thing that brought him to infamy was his famous references to his "Bazookas". To inform those who don't waste their time playing Counter-Strike and being called a "hacker" or a "fag" every 2 seconds: There is no bazooka in Counter-Strike. Despite this, C-NOTE continually made references to one:

Hey one of ya'll bitch-niggers fuckin' answer me! Is that a bazooka right there?


—C-NOTE demanding where be his bazooka

OHH, NIGGA MY BAZOOKA! Nigga thats my bazooka right there... Hey cover me I'ma get my bazooka.


—C-NOTE seconds before getting shot in the head

The alleged "Bazooka" was actually the Arctic Warfare Magnum or AWN, also called the AWP (by fucktards), "n00b cannon" or "OMG YOU CAMPING FAGGOT" gun (due to the gun's ability to do one-hit kills; a favorite for campers). Hearing the AWN being called a "Bazooka" was beyond hilarious to seasoned counterstrike players. C-NOTE is just another internet tough guy gamer who thinks he's bad ass, but he's only annoying, everyone was telling him to STFU, but he didn't want to... instead, he just showed us how stupid the kids are nowadays with the next....

C-NOTE about to BOOM HEADSHOT someone.

Nigga what the fuck? I'll ride my dick on your forehead



nigga shut your punk ass up! Don't ever talk to C-NOTE like that you little bitch


—C-NOTE threatening to use faggotry if he is disrespected

All right, heres da game plan... Everyone gather around fuckin' me at the beginning


—C-NOTE uses his cunning to start a terrorist orgy

Get the fuck off C-NOTE. Nigga I say drop that god damn gun! What the fuck did I just say, that C-NOTE gun!!


C-NOTE trying to steal a gun from a teammate.

Man shut your punk-ass up or I see you walkin down the street... and I see some shoes you got on that I like? No nigga, them's C-NOTE's shoes!


—C-NOTE enforcing negative stereotypes

Ya'll bitch niggas get off my radar..... And report back to C-NOTE!


—C-NOTE displaying fine leadership skills

Don't make me get Auntie Teresa, she's the ghettoest black ho I know


—C-NOTE whining like a nigger

His Brother:

C-NOTE and his brother fighting for Jenkem

What started out funny soon became extremely annoying to the other players in the server, prompting several calls for him to STFU. But when things couldn't get any more outrageous, the gamer has his secret weapon which is to be feared even more than his bazooka.... his brother:

shut your punk ass up I get my brother


—C-NOTE threatening to get his proxy internet tough guy nigger

He's 6'7" 250! You don't want to see him, so show some fuckin' respect to C-NOTE.


—C-NOTE talking in third person.

Lets stop and think about this for a second. This guy is threatening to get his brother to beat up people on the internet... and then he puts him on his mic:

Dealing with bullshit with one of these in mouth
Hey my brother tell me that y'all disrespecting him. Is this true?

Thats my little brother man, hes just trying to have a good time on this game. Ya'll ain't letting him.



Nigga, I been got done struck in through the bull with a 40 in my mouth. Nigga I been puttin up with some bullshit... especially from some punk-ass kid upon the internet. My li'l brother is just tryin to have a good time. Nigga you better get the fuck up outta here



You shut yo punk-ass up, do I gotta get my brother to punk your shit again?


—C-NOTE's response to been told to "STFU already"

The End?

His own teammates finally got so sick of his shit that they all gathered around and boxed him in, knifing him from all sides. When the final countdown pre-recorded voice sounded for the rounds end C-NOTE pulled yet another moronic response:

Nigga who doing that countin'? who doing that fuckin' countin'?



At the end C-NOTE finally gets his bazooka:

It's all over for ya'll niggas now I got my bazookas!


—C-NOTE finally having enough cash to buy his "bazooka"

Nigga I play Madden 2004. Don't think I don't know bout the juke. Nigga I will juke yo ass like 1 2 3. Nigga if I throw a juke on you, that shit will leave you shook and shell-shocked.


—C-NOTE informing his team of his superior juking skills after evading their enclosure

In the end of it all, however, they eventually began to open fire on his nigger ass.



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