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Have you ever been on Cracked and thought to yourself, You know what would really make this place better? Having all the same bullshit articles, but instead of including that pesky text, why not just spam headers and gifs like a 9 year old learning a new swear word? No way, that would be fucking retarded, you say? Too bad; not only does this exist, but some people even seem to find it funny.

BuzzFeed (more like ButtFeed, amirite?) is a shitty, linkbait, EXTREME cultural marxist advertising corp masquerading as a "humor site", and one of the faggier things that has emerged out of the Web 2.0 era. It promotes an EXTREME amount of cultural conformism, transgender faggots and other SJWs, Not only is original content unheard of, but BuzzFeed actually takes it a step further by posting mainly "articles" that often consist solely of a few Tumblr-ripped pictures, or even just fucking emoticons, and they are the reason we have the word "listicle", a BuzzFeed invention consisting of only a list, with very brain-damaging Millenial writing to accompany it, a method inspired presumably by watching the autistic 'fundies' at Conservapedia shout bible passages at random visitors (which the 'fundies' do to support the good fight against the Worldwide Communist Fascists), or maybe it's the other way round.

Unsurprisingly, the site was created by a Jew named Jonah Fucking Peretti, like the similar clickbait network Gawker Media's Nick Denton. Peretti, whose sister is a "famous comedy person/thing", has managed to reach the pinnacle of Web 2.0 bullshit: the Demigod Of Shit Bloggery For The World.

The site is populated by, and aimed directly at, 16 year old girls, hipsters, liberals stuck working at Starbucks, Mexican factories or fast food chains for the rest of their lives, screaming vaggies, Communists, Socialists SJWs, and Islamophiles that claim that Jews did WTC. Just like another famous website, they rely solely on the dumbest clickbait articles any focus group could possibly think up.

BF (short for Buttfucker perhaps?) started in November 2006 (the oldest archive is from November 21st) and were bland and stupid. One thing they gave us at the time was the wonderful invention of the trigger term "fake news". Slow start but by 2010 they were rocketing up the Alexa rankings, with total asscream like "The Top 25 Best Pictures Of Zac Efron Shirtless" and "Kittens On A Slide". And you thought Idiocracy was a fairy tale and could never possibly ever happen in the "real world", did you not? Sucker. Even Denton never aimed this low.

This might be the most fail staff a site has ever had

Regrettably, a Buzzfeed article doesn't quite rise to the level of wp:rs


—WP user FactsAndHonesty

The BuzzFeed staff is filled with sottish/pitiful sodomites like Christian Zamora, who is a masculine, socialist, degenerate cultural Marxist with Acute Cultural Conformist Syndrome authored the list "The 21 Most Important Celebrity Bulges of All Time" and "writes" for, you guessed it, BuzzFeed LGBT. Another "writer" is Lauren Yapalater, a Jewish feminazi who shamelessly masturbates daily to photos of degenerate Atheist Zac Efron and is utterly obsessed with his cross-role sewing abilities.

But that's not surprise. BuzzFeed's ability to churn out "Top 10" or "Top 24" or "The Bestest Evar 17" lists that help facilitate peace, love and kindness defies anything the Internet, let alone homo sapiens have ever known before. The "writers" make completely meaningless and/or gratuitous nonsense lists all day like some sort of millennial degenerate housewife with retardation caused from Chinese nuclear waste. At times it's funny because some of them are vaguely racist. Most of the time it's as unfunny as any Uncyclopedia joke.

Peretti has treated BuzzFeces as his personal fiefdom, meddling and intimidating employees (and sacking them fairly often over SNCA). That may be about to change, as on 30 November 2016 Peretti found a letter from the National Union of Journalists in his in-tray. It informed him that BF staff were about to unionize. Not only that, but BF staff wrote a 'story' about it and posted it on the site, along with 's (supposedly internal-only) reply ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive).

Three paragraphs (and a statement) about the content of BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is slightly more content-free than Uncyclopedia and less intelligent than Fugly. It can be divided into lists, quizzes, and videos. It also promotes neo feminism and satanism for all wieners aged 0-102 from Indiana to Timbuktu! And the worldwide tech oligarchs LOVE BuzzFeces!

The vast majority of BuzzFeed "content" consists of lists of numbered headers with OMGWTFGIFs placed underneath them. Of course, freaky-as-fuck OMGWTFimages just by themselves obviously don't make any sense, nor do the headers. In vain attempts to look slightly more intelligent than a OMGWTFspambot, BuzzFeed lists entries sometimes try to describe their OMGWTFimages, because being forced to deal with more OMGWTFtext than a brain-rotting tweet is more than the poor average user's OMGWTFbrain can handle. Thanks to the OMGWTFdisjointed nature of the lists, reading them can be appropriately simulated by imagining an OMGWTFschizophrenic making a vaguely themed reaction OMGWTFimage thread all by himself. These lists can be about a wide variety of OMGWTFtopics that are all equally pointless. And whatever the fuck Japanese-style globalist Tumblr and its armies of OMGWTFfascists are shitting their OMGWTFpanties over. (probably over the fact that Japanese slave workers aren't making enough Japanese candies for the LGBT OMGWTFdegenerates, liberal fascists, and OMGWTFJapanese-speaking neckbeards on a daily basis.)

These lists often try to be funny or relatable by claiming to be about some number of deja vu problems or things, at least 100, that certain faggots can understand. Occasionally, there are lists about social justice. The only difference between these and other lists is that the usual faggots in the comment section are replaced by Japanese-speaking, Unit 731 lovin' Feminazis slinging enlightened words of unrecognized brilliance which they know will one day positively change the western imperialist world, and their white knight on a deceptively "pure" white horse thralls whose only notable feature is that they are so desperate for pussy that they're willing to suck up under their real names. Yes, that's right, thanks to Facebook comments being more rampant on BuzzFeed than pedophilia in the Vatican, the geniuses who comment are completely fine with dropping dox on themselves while displaying their faggotry.

The second type of gruel served up at BuzzFeed can only be described as the bastard child of those retarded OK Cupid quizzes that were everywhere last Thursday, and a crack-addicted blue-collar lemur who spends time on Tumblr and other Nazi globalist sites.

The typical quiz is like a list, only you can click on some of the items and at the end it tells you something meaningless and gives you a spray-painted gold star for not being distracted by any shiny objects for thirty seconds. The quizzes are better designed than one would think, given the fact that they work at all, instead of taxing user brainpower by forcing them to track and total up their answers to get their results. Quizzes are thoughtfully organized and designed up to the same exacting standards as the lists, and make about the same amount of sense. Many of them also have the miraculous ability to give the same results for wildly different answers.

The third variety of crap in this shithole is videos. Take the same stuff found in lists and force people to sit still while they get spoon fed their inane bullshit in clips ranging in quality from My Immortal to Nickelback. Given the attention span of the average user, it should be no surprise that videos are the least popular thing on the site. Surprisingly, though, the comment sections of videos sometimes contain lulz, as this section attracts the same sort of users as youtube, meaning that it's not uncommon to find retards having slap fights over serious business.

BuzzFeed journalistic practices


No OC ever

Double standards are the only standards BuzzFeed has ever had.

BuzzFeed is the 9gag of journalism, regurgitating thrice eaten, twice vomited and once shitted out garbage they found on other sites. Every single bit of content on BuzzFeed is something they found on tumblr, that was first found by someone on reddit, who took it from a link shared by his friend on Facebook to an actual content creator from their personal site. Not that you would ever know that because BuzzFeed thinks "Source" means "First place I saw something" even if the source is written directly on what they just stole (assuming they didn't take the extra effort actively remove the attribution).

Typical BuzzFeed applicant.

Publishing the same article fifty times

But it isn't enough for them to eat other people's shit and vomit it out, they also like to eat their own shit and purge it back onto the web. What do I mean by that? Simple, every article has 50 variations trying to clickbait people state-by-state with only the locations changed ("20 signs you're from Florida/New York/Nebraska").

Force feeding readers a taste of 3rd wave feminism

Sweet, let's just not take care of ourselves and call it body positivism. Gives one of our sysops something to fap to anyway, so it's good for SOMETHING.

For BuzzFeed readers, the right to show every part and secretion of a womans body all over the Internet is enshrined in the constitution. There are things that men can show from their bodies that no one wants to see, but the men and women of BuzzFeed want you to believe this shit is repulsive only because they are wimminz. The wannabee Chivalry you see from these authors is merely babying grown woman by having double standards of body positivism and objectification that they do not apply to men. This is ironic because it assumes men are tough and women are week, typical 3rd wave feminist behavior.

Take that Manternet, don't supress my red tide!
How dare you stare rape a model paid for that!
So Objectification suddenly isn't so bad?


Anything on BuzzFeed that isn't already stolen by them from random people or from themselves, is stolen from people who actually deserve to get paid.

BuzzFeed has been on the receiving of multiple copyright lawsuits and has been known to steal shit from (aside from funnyjunk) other online and print publications, as well as Wikipedia and YahooAnswers like a drunk college student. One particular writer was caught stealing over 40 pictures, and those are just the ones he was caught stealing. All of which might explain why it seems they aren't only neglecting to source their content, but actively try to obscure its origin with misdirected links and making the attribution information as small and as matching in shade to the background color as possible.

Shilling for advertisers

But it doesn't end there. There is also BuzzFeed's shameless shilling for advertisers. If you post a comment critical of a product that has ads on BuzzFeed, get ready for it to get deleted faster than you can say "Violation of FTC regulations". On two occasions a staffer was caught deleting comments criticizing Hasbro and Dove soap. After he apologized, three more posts were found to have been deleted about Microsoft, Pepsi, and Unilever. And, again, these are only the ones we know of and there are probably countless more.

The true irony was that this was exposed by Gawker. And when even shitty journalist sites like Gawker and VICE start calling you out on fucking up journalistic integrity, that really means something.

CEO bans all gamers over GamerGate

Few people in positions of power within the gaming press actually did anything about GamerGate. One of them was the owner of The Escapist who returned from his long absence of running 12 other websites he owns to inform everyone that gaming is not dead and to make all his retarded columnists apologize and later fire them anyway, a few other sites were eventually cohered into adopting an ethics policy, but mostly people just wrote angry articles on both sides of the debate while the rest of us sat back and laughed.

But Jonah Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, took it a step further by announced that he will be firing everyone in his company that listed "Gamer" in their hobbies and convincing other CEO's to do the same.


BuzzFeed's idea of an interview.

This is akin to swatting a fly with a bazooka, and to date he insists that this is not a prank and he is 100% serious. Even though it isn't exactly clear if this was supposed to be pro or anti GamerGate... In fact, no one has any fucking idea what BuzzFeed thinks of GG because every moron can use BuzzFeed to air out his own opinions to the public and the actual management doesn't give a shit. In fact, you can't even be sure if it's really a feminazi site or if it's just a site that will publish any feminazi rant without even reading it. That's why, at the moment, looking up "GamerGate" on BuzzFeed will bring back a few positive articles, a couple of neutral ones, and a shitload of insane and conspiratorial articles all written by some guy called Joseph Bernstein. Bernstein is one of the guys who wrote the original "Gamer Are Dead" articles that helped cause GamerGate, and now seems to be trying to atone for his sins by publishing utterly insane shit on the only "news" platform that will have him. So far his articles have included psychotic rants, an interview he baited Zoe Quinn's ex into and then rearranged every word in it like they were written on fridge magnets to the point the guy's replies to the questions were written by Joseph himself, and recently wrote an article about GamerGate trying to brainwash a children's author.

All this really proves is that BuzzFeed has no unified opinion on anything because anything can be (and is) published there. Probably because all of its articles are vetted by Indian immigrants who's understanding of English words is only slightly better than that of the company's CEO, who's so detached from reality no one understands what he's talking about anyway. Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped the rabid GamerGate retards to attack the site like everything else ever with their whiny cries of "ETHICS! ETHICS!".

BuzzFeed on YouTube


Buzzfeed has quite a bit of Channels. Despite their thumbnails, it's not surprising that even their videos are clickbait, they're adding a new video daily on their channels, which consist of the following:

Buzzfeed: No shit Sherlock, this is their main channel, majority of their videos are stupid reaction videos, As that hasn't been done before. Other videos include stupid sex tips, getting out of the friendzone, and eating shit from other countries. Typical people reacting are feminazis, hipsters, and lesbians. Also known for their endless praise of shit-tier animes like Naruto, Sword Art Online, and Attack on Titan.

BuzzFeed Yellow: Take BuzzFeed and make it about "improving your life." Most the videos does with shit nobody cares about. Populated by basement dwellers trying to make themselves better around women. Considering all the most popular videos are related to sex with suggestive thumbnails, it's safe to say no one is coming here to learn.

BuzzFeed Blue: Typical "OMG SCIENCE IS SOOOO KEWL" YouTube channel, watch as clueless losers who dropped out of High School react to lab projects they missed in High School.

BuzzFeed Violet: Dating tips central, full of videos such as "Top 6 things only lesbians will understand" or "top 5 reasons why it's better to be gay". By far, this is their clickbait central moneycow.

BuzzFeed Pop: More shit nobody cares about, watch as drunk adults sing like a baby to crappy pop songs or try to remember who the fuck Darth Vader is.

BuzzFeed News: I'm sorry, BuzzFeed, but "I'm A Dominatrix Who Teaches Black Feminist Theory To Clients" is not news.

BuzzFeed Nifty: BuzzFeed got desperate and split off their projects/DIY tutorials into yet another channel.

Tasty: This channel noticeably drops the "BuzzFeed" title, as anyone who would actually use the recipe videos presented here is not apart of Buzzfeed's target demographic. The typical BuzzFeed user was pampered by their parents their whole life, and as an adult is obsessed with Postmates. They might occasionally repost these videos/tag their less retarded friends in them so they can mooch a free meal, but there's no way they're going to actually make them.

Pero Like: BuzzFeed dropped all the subtlety and made a channel exclusively for illegal immigrants.

Ladylike: BuzzFeed split their most annoying women off into their own channel to avoid mass unsubscription. These women are getting paid to act like twelve-year-olds, recording videos of themselves playing Truth or Dare or trying on bras from different companies.

Sam Hyde inconveniences BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed's cooperation in the Jewish plot to control the Internet and the world (by foreclosing any possibility of OC and consequently disfiguring the Internet and the world into safespaces only safe for the most docile and weak of the goyim, which they will then use as slaves) hit a road bump in the figure of second-rate comedian Sam Hyde.

Sam was interviewed by BuzzFeed "reporter" (((Joseph Bernstein))). The lamp shade, Bernstein, who talks like a faggot and so is obviously a faggot, was directed by the faggot Jews in charge of BuzzFeed to take Sam down. Berstein failed and Sam posted a recoding of the schnozzle's epic failure, asking him: "How am I supposed to take you seriously when you're being such a pussy right now?" Sam continued, knowing full well that it's the pipe dream of every lamp shade working for BuzzFeed to move up in the ranks to the Jewish paper of record, the failing New York Times, "I want to be totally straight forward with you, Joe. You will never, in a million years get a job at publication as prestigious as the New York Times. You will be blogging, and Tweeting until you are dead, and nobody will care. Nobody will ever read anything you wrote and say to themselves, 'This is important.' Nobody is ever going to read a page that you wrote and say to themselves, 'I'm glad I read that.' You write the mental equivalent of popcorn.'"

Sam's comments were obviously sand in the pussybitch Bernstein's vagina. The butthurt crybaby cried on his crybaby BuzzFeed blog about the "horrific online abuse", the "ferociously personal harassment", and the "anonymous death threats, ad hominem screeds, and gas chamber memes" that followed his failure to take Sam down.

The take down attempt resulting from the faggot-face's interview with Sam may have failed, but faggot-face and Buzzfeed did have the last laugh. In a move that foreshadowed the despicable and cowardly tactics of Golden Shower Gate--fake news and Jewish lies--the blown-out-pussy clowns of Buzzfeed finally succeeded in helping the cancelation of Sam's new television show Million Dollar Extreme, despite the fact that the new show had been a ratings success.

9 Most Common BuzzFeed Headlines That You Have To See

BuzzFeed's well researched entries.

Note: BuzzFeed is still more credible than most video game journalism.

The following is an incomplete list of praeternaturally stupid BuzzFeed lists:

  • "239 Pictures Of Very Different Clouds Behind The Same Image Of Arnold From Hey Arnold!"
  • "985 Disney Princesses With A Serious Case of Bitch Face"
  • "712 Adorable Puppies That Have No Clue That One Day They Will Die"
  • "320 Things Worse Than Learning Beyoncé Lip-Synched At The Inauguration"
  • "489 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs"
  • "Top 543 Things You Can Do With a Carrot"
  • "224 Reasons A Panda Should Never Be Your BFF"
  • "850 Happiest Puppies Of All Time"
  • "270 Signs You Were Raised By Asian Immigrant Parents"
  • "282 foods that have been found to contain chemicals"
  • "642 signs that your pimple is going to give you cancer"

The Top Fifteen Words Overused at BuzzFeed

Even VICE knows it's shit
  • Glorious
  • Divine
  • Majestic
  • Heavenly
  • Flawless
  • Spectacular
  • Adorable
  • Insanely
  • Desperately
  • Epic
  • Frittata
  • GIFS
  • Sexy
  • Hot
  • Cute

Hard hitting shit as usual.

Eleven Articles You NEED To Read Before You Die

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