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Butterfly Kisses was a website dedicated to pedophile dyke mothers fucking their loli daughters. It contained tips about how to convert your girl into a rug-muncher, perverted games to play with them, and it comes with its very own hate mail page.

The Corruption

There are many articles about turning your child into a pussy craving incest whore, they actually quote shit like the bible and professors: "Tomorrow I’ll get her a cat. That will be easy because she’s always wanted one (that’s a good sign) and hasn’t because of my allergies. But I can live with ventolin life support and blinding eyeball itchiness for the sake of exercising my prerogative. The cat will be female, of course, and we’ll call her Muffy."

I lol'd

Sexy Games

This part of the site is dedicated to playing twisted games with your loli ;) All of which sound tons of fun and very normal indeed:

Hide the Honey

This game requires a blindfold and a small amount of honey, or whipped cream, or chocolate syrup... and no clothes. Blindfold yourself, then let your little girl hide a drop of honey somewhere on her body. Without using your or her hands you have to find that drop of honey... with your mouth. :)

60 Seconds in Heaven

Pick an area of little girl's body and spend 60 seconds lavishing that spot with sensual attention: kisses, licking, nibbling, caressing. One benefit of this game is that you will learn what areas she is dying to have you pay more attention to.

Sexy Dice

Get a pair of dice. On one die, use white-out to fill in the little black circles. Letter each side of the die from "a" to "f". Write a chart on paper that associates each letter with a body part and each number (on the other die) with an action. For example:

"#suck.................a. stomach "#lick.................b. chest "#caress...............c. neck "#kiss.................d. ears "#nibble...............e. legs "#variety..............f. ________

Take turns rolling the dice (both at once) and performing the action that you get on the body part that you get.

Strip Crazy-8's

Similar to strip-poker, you play a hand and the loser has to take off an item of clothing. This game conforms to any card game that can be played in a small amount of time.

What am I Touching you With?

Blindfold your love and have her lie on her tummy without any clothes on (or with only her top removed, if you prefer). Sensuously trace over her bare skin with various objects and have her guess what you are touching her with, and tell you if she likes it. Try: a pearl necklace, marbles, your hair, silk, a feather, ice, a flower, a part of your body.

My Mother's Penis

by Carissa Neff

My mother's penis is hot pink.
I found it in her drawer when I was six,
underneath her nightgowns,
turned it on and watched it hum
through the orange shag, leaving a trail
like a small aimless torpedo.
After a series of after-school afternoons,
it would die in a fading whir at my feet,
only to be refreshed for play a few days later.
My young single mother:
How many nights — lonely and wanting —
did you go to your penis and find it dead?
How many emergency flashlights, how many
babydolls' backs did you rip open in the fucking dark
searching for just two goddamn batteries with one
orgasm's worth of voltage left?
Let me apologize. While roaring jetplanes
took off around you all day at work,
I was home checking your penis
for power. It was my electric sword,
my magic pen, my microphone,
a neon rocketship, and once, I confess, I even used it
to mix chocolate Quik into my milk.
On the day it was missing, I stripped
your dresser, your closet, the bed,
refolded every panty, nightgown and camisole
to cover my trail. For a good two months,
I'd roll my hand through your underthings.
But your penis was gone.
Now that I'm grown, tell me. I wonder:
Did you take it from me on purpose?
Because, you should understand:

I know I loved it more than you did.

Hate Mail

This stuff is delicious, most of it is pure gold:

"You disgusting, assmunching whores


—Mike Donnelly

You sicken me beyond words. Any sick fuck that wants to fuck a child deserves the death penalty. I have known lesbians and gays as friends, and I guarantee you most of them would be the first ones holding the rope to bind you and lead you to the scaffold, you dirty old witches.


As an agnostic, I have no qualms about wasting people like you. You can't be converted or saved only CONTAINED.


Our society tolerates a lot of sick shit - bondage, water sports, torture, BDSM, deviance, etc. - but you butterfly crotch sniffers take the cake on sheer kinkyness. Keep it on the closet, if you value your rotten lives.


I have a feeling most of you are sick porno dyke whores, who are just procuring little girls for your "man." Maybe if you'd lose some weight and stop drinking and using so many drugs, you could afford some dentures and a wig. There's plenty of undernourished adults out there to choose from, if impotence is what you're after.

You people suck ass."


I lol'd.

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, Disregard the above article, the website has been down for weeks now. Victoly? It has now been replaced by a typesetter. What ever, it's still win. Fucking dykes. Pure fail.

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