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"You enjoy fucking. I enjoy fucking. Fucking is not harmful."

Bus Uncle is an old YouTube meme that took the internets by storm in mid-2006, in Hong Kong, and still remains somewhat popular today. The video depicts two men from Hong Kong on a bus arguing; or more accurately, one man relentlessly ridiculing another for 6 minutes straight.

The story starts with two men, one old man dubbed "Bus Uncle" seated in front of another younger man, both talking on cell phones. The man in the back taps Bus Uncle on the shoulder, and asks him if he could keep his voice down. Bus Uncle then ends his phone call and proceeds to open a can of verbal whoopass on the unassuming passenger, thoroughly pwning him like the noob he is. The helpless passenger tries to reason with Bus Uncle during the verbal assault, and eventually tells Bus Uncle to leave him alone. However, this only worsens the situation, and Bus Uncle continues trolling the fuck out of him, even throwing insults at the passenger's mother. In the end, the passenger had his day thoroughly ruined, and a new internet meme was born.

The Video

The original Bus Uncle video with English subtitles


Bus Uncle: Get off the bus, right now! Don't...don't stay on the bus!
Other Guy: No need.
Bus Uncle: Why did you pat on my shoulder? I'm talking on the phone, you...
Other Guy: Boss
Bus Uncle: Hey! Don't call me boss.
Other Guy: Fair! We don't know each other.
Bus Uncle: Why should you do that? Why should you do that? Hey! Everyone has pressure.  
           You're now doing something unfair. Should I have some words for you?
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: Did I touch you?
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: What? I want you to apologize.
Other Guy: Sorry.
Bus Uncle: Why? Am I correct?
Other Guy: You say...
Bus Uncle: What?
Other Guy: You wanna save face. Sorry, boss.
Bus Uncle: I don't wanna save face. Hey! I didn't disturb your conversation.  
           Why did you...blame me for talking too loudly? It's simply... 
           I didn't disturb you. Am I correct? Then?
Other Guy: Nothing has happened simply.
Bus Uncle: What happen to you? What do you want?
Other Guy: Um...
Bus Uncle: I wanna settle with you.
Other Guy: It's simply settled.
Bus Uncle: Not yet!
Other Guy: Settled
Bus Uncle: Not yet! Not yet! We have to deal with it seriously. Simply that...
           Did I disturb your conversation? So, why did you disturb me?
Other Guy: Too loudly.
Bus Uncle: Hey! You were also on the phone. Did I blame you? Both of us were only on the phone.
           There must be noise. But...our voices are the same. Yes. Did I blame you?
           How about you? Aren't you good at fight? Fuck! Aren't you really good at fight?
           I've pressure. You've pressure. Why did you aggress me?
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: What? Apologize!
Other Guy: Sorry!
Bus Uncle: Louder!
Other Guy: Sorry!
Bus Uncle: Be warned. Don't do that again. Give me your hand.
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: Why? You don't agree?
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: Should shake hands after apology. Useless without shaking hands!
Other Guy: No need.
Bus Uncle: Why there is no need? It's not dealt without shaking.
Other Guy: (laughing)
Bus Uncle: Useless without shaking hands. We still have to settle it! Right? You disturbed my conversation.
           Did I do that in return? Fuck! I am already furious! What the hell patting on me? Fuck your mom!
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: You are also talking while I am talking! What the hell you know about me?
           I am fucking your mom! Hey! We haven't shaken hands! What? Not settled.
Other Guy: Okay! I give...give way to you.
Bus Uncle: Fine! Don't do that again. For others, you'll be punched.
Other Guy: We may meet again.
Bus Uncle: By destiny. Don't do that again. Don't disturb me, and so do I. Okay? Okay? We both have pressure.
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: What? I welcome fight anytime.
Other Guy: No need.
Bus Uncle: Fine!
Other Guy: Gentlemen say, not fight.
Bus Uncle: Talking with you is a damn trouble. You patted on my shoulder!
Other Guy: Maybe I should pat on your head!
Bus Uncle: You've just apologized. It's fine! But...you're disturbing me. But I didn't.
           So I fuck your mom! Right? It was dealt.
Other Guy: Nevertheless, don't fuck the mom!
Bus Uncle: Then, who should I fuck? Fuck you mom! Is my penis attached on your mom? (Chinese swear words)
Other Guy: (inaudible mumbling)
Bus Uncle: I enjoy fucking! My penis isn't your mom.
Other Guy: I warn you.
Bus Uncle: You warn me for what? Buddy, why are you warning me? We've shaken hands. What do you mean?
Other Guy: It's been dealt.
Bus Uncle: So why did you warn me? I have great pressure. I wanna shake hands. It was dealt.
           Why did you warn me? Why do that, buddy? Right? It's simply meaningless, right?
           We've shaken hands.
Other Guy: I tell you, this is our deal only. Don't involve the others.
Bus Uncle: It's not a matter. You enjoy fucking. I enjoy fucking. Fucking is not harmful.
           Fuck! Ought to punch you twice? Right? Don't warn me as settled. You warned me?
           I am not scared. I have damn pressure, you know? Understand? Don't warn me!
           Settled! Understand? It was not settled if you warn me. Dealt. We've shaken hands. Okay?
Other Guy: Fine! No more words with you!
Bus Uncle: What the hell you warn me? Wanna be fucked again? Damn!
           (Bus Uncle's phone rings)
Other Guy: Answer the phone!
Bus Uncle: (to the caller) Yes, yes, yes...


Note: The above translation comes directly from the video. For a more accurate translation of the exchange, conjugate the verbs correctly, replace "pressure" with stress, fix any other "Engrish" mistakes, etc.

The Players

The Man, The Myth, The Regend
This shirt apparently says some funny Bus Uncle quote in Chinese.
Bus Uncle seen here with a few hawt azn bitches.

Bus Uncle's real name turns out to be Roger Chan, a 50-something year old guy that was apparently under a great deal of stress - so much so that it would later be revealed that Bus-chan had suicidal tendencies. It just goes to show that you should never mess with a middle-aged, stressed out Asian man.

The other passenger (aka the bitch) is reportedly some young guy named Ho. Not much else is known about him aside from the fact that he publicly forgave Bus Uncle a few months later in an interview he gave to some Chinese magazine.

Lastly, the cameraman's name is Jon Fong Wing Hang. There was really no reason to mention him, but doesn't he have the most stereotypical Azn name evar? It's like the result you'd get from mixing some obscure form of martial arts, a calculator, and a statue of Buddha, and then serving it over rice with duck sauce.


The video taken on the bus soon hit YouTube and exploded onto the web. Lulz were shared by many netizens, and people delighted in the new meme. Video remixes and photoshops of the crazed azn spread across the net like a bad STD.

However, soon after, unexpected events brought word that the Bus Uncle had been arrested for the incident by Hong Kong police. The internets mourned the arrest and were furious at the mistreatment of such an awesome figure by the hands of The Man.

Bus Uncle gets arrested

Soon after, Roger was released, only to become something of a national media star in Hong Kong. Bus Uncle would soon give a two-part televised interview, where he revealed more about himself and his reasoning for going batshit insane on another passenger. This is also the interview where Roger reveals that he was very angsty and had once contemplated suicide. The Bus Uncle would then go on to have his 15 minutes of fame and be featured on t-shirts, magazine covers, and other such symbols of media whoredom. Basically, he was like the Chinese version of Tay Zonday.

Bus Uncle interview part 1

Bus Uncle interview part 2

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