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Lose an iPod?

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Budd Dwyer's last moments captured by Encyclopedia Dramatica's photographer.
Even legends commit human accidents.

Budd Dwyer was a Pennsylvanian politician best known for being the greatest man to ever live.

What Happened

Budd Dwyer is pictured here wasting useful B+ plasmas.
Actually, bitches probably know about this one.

Back then, Dwyer was the Treasurer of Pennsylvania when he was convicted of receiving kickbacks and losing the state's official iPod. Budd was asked to leave, and faced at least 100 years in jail and multiple kicks to the testicles, but did he puss out and let the man tell him what to do? HELL NO! Instead, he did quite possibly the most awesome thing the world has ever seen.

Our Hero arranged a press conference with as many people and news cameras as possible, and did so on a day when school was closed, so that every child could see him. That day, he made a TL;DR speech to the press, handed some papers out to people, and then pulled a .357 Magnum out of an envelope and SHOT HIMSELF ON LIVE TELEVISION!!! FUCKING WIN!!!1!

Some of the last words muttered from the excessively nosebleeding man were "I told you I was hardcore." Everyone freaked the fuck out and turned off their cameras. However, one brave cameraman kept filming with a raging hardon. A doctor was called to the scene, but it was too late. Our hero had already died of lead poisoning.

On the Internets

Betamax videotape copies of the incident spread across '80s America faster than the growing AIDS epidemic. These tapes were favorites among goths and other assholes, such as those douchebags who think that laughing out loud at death scenes in a movie theater is hardcore. These tapes evolved into that lame Faces of Death video series, which is basically crappy/fake footage of IRL deaths cut to really shitty music. Eventually, some retard found the Dwyer tape and showed it to then-famous website that was popular in the early days of the web, Stile. After watching the video as an aphrodisiac and 3 hours of hot fudgepacking, he had an idea. If he put the video on his site as a crappy 10X10 pixel, 56k mpeg (back in 2001 this was epic broadband for internets), he could make massive profit. After spreading the footage to a new generation of basement dwelling losers, he netted $20,000,000 in Internet money. Later, after blowing all of his Jew golds on tranny hookers and cocaine, he sold the rights of the suicide to Mattel so they could make Budd Dwyer action figures (complete with press conference playset and "mystery" envelope!).

Pop Culture References

If you've got a problem, suicide will solve it

Check out the hook; Budd Dwyer with a revolver...


—You Did It ~ Necro

  • Filter wrote a song about Dwyer called Hey Man, Nice Shot. Filter was one of the first of many crappy bands to pay tribute to Dwyer's great accomplishment. Most slacker Gen-X faggots think that the song is about their own an hero Kurt Cobain, but this is only because they are stupid.
  • Another shit band, Marilyn Manson, used the clip of Mr. Dwyer saying "No! This will hurt someone!" in one of their lame songs.
  • Liberal blubbertub Michael Moore saw the video on the net while searching the site for Japanese scat porn. He loved it so much that he included it into his movie Bowling For Columbine.
  • Former IRL troll Steve Albini's band, Rapeman, recorded an EP dedicated to him titled Budd.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Often known as the "Budd Dwyer" effect, many people have tried their own attempts at epic IRL suicide. However, with the advent of emo music, MySpace, and LiveJournal, 100% of these would-be failures were assured to be complete failures. Many have tried, but Budd was the first, and last, person to accomplish life's equivalence of a flawless victory.

Argentinian Budd Dwyer

A former police chief in Argentina, wanted for committing extremely lulzy acts of torture during the 1970s, finished the game during a live interview with a local news organization.

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