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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
The kid himself suffers from AIDS.

The Brownsquirrel is quite possibly in line for being one of the most retarded furries online, inline with Dragonfan. He likes stirring up drama in the forums of FA, his escapades are limited to calling people out as well as suicide due to people blocking him. Since Brownsquirrel is new to the furry fandom it essentially makes him definitely in line for epic fail and possibly definitely AIDS.

Srsly gaiz

Recently Brownsquirrel was in some serious drama on FA, he had posted over 9,000 messages to two furries named stoelbank and Danza after learning he got blocked from them, he eventually was threatening suicide because of it.

I got angry at the fact that the people who blocked were making fun of me through page shouts which i do not like and get extremely defensive about people.



The above example is a case of extreme butthurt.

He loves the butthurt.

Anger Issues

With everyone making it true that Brownsquirrel's argument being invalid here, he was in complete denial...

this is not an argument. please stop posting these images because it is harassment to me


After Arshes Nei tried setting him straight telling him it wasn't important for Brownsquirrel to make a thread about people blocking him he decided to respond by saying.

im just venting out here. that is why there is rants and rave forum. and it is your decision to view threads anyway, doesn't have to be this one.



He also tried to delete this article, LOL GTFO FURFAG.


Like most new artists they feel watches, views, favorites and comments are of high importance, however Brownsquirrel doesn't see things this way.

Most particularly watches.

i do think they are random and come without a page shout or anything, it leads me to think other reasons to why they did it, leaving me to think im alone. I hate that feeling, anyone else?



He expects new watchers to be fans of his work.

He is also easily offended, making for a quick and easy lolcow, much like a 2 dollar Whore.

Beware should you criticize the Brownsquirrel, it will fly into a rage of furfaggotry and demand a threadlock, as every comment (including those that do not target the little bitch) is a personal insult to the Brownsquirrel.

Threats of leaving

As more and more butthurt was starting to weigh down as he feels that the only friend which was the internet was stabbing him right in the back he decided to write a rant about himself leaving FurAffinity.

Well, first of all, i hate furries cause there's not one of them who could stand up for me or even just like me!



Loss of Lulz

Unfortunately, most of the lulzworthy content was lost after he started crying and threatening to become an hero, the so-called admins swooped down and removed all evidence.

So Ronery

On 14 February, The Brownsquirrel expressed how ronery he was to his fellow furfags. Like a true emofag, he expressed his lack of buttsecks and yiff on the forum <here, garnering the desired attention whore power levels.

It was not depressing when I was young, sure. But now, since im a teenager, it is just that. I mean it is just so hard to approach someone with a gift or anything. I've seen other people do it, looked easy, but I and probably others just do not have the time for it. Leading us to search the "internets" for some friends to talk to. Most of them are offline or some people just don't care. so v-day candies and crap? Bah, humbug!


—Brownsquirrel on how he's dieing alone.

Reaction to this Page

We need to bring this website down, cause this info is not true anymore



The whole website are lulz supporters, so watch out



I just hope those lulzs will pay one day. With all that inaccurate information


—In a reply to someone's post.

watch out, you might be next, so shh.



if you knew ED, you would know that they r the harrasers on the internet. All they are here for is to find someone on the internet to harass after that person (i.e. me and anothers) have done something "stupid" to their opinion, post factual quotes and then make fun of the quotes. They are also referenced to Scientology..

that's our quick history lesson today


—Brownsquirrel on ED.

Translation: BAWWW. See thread here.

Ohes Noes! DC Protest!

Seeing that his ways have been exposed, the Brownsquirrel is taking the defensive measure of trying to act mature and asserting he will not get angry, but resulting in moar fail and faggotry.

Currently, Brownsquirrel has admitted to purposely starting drama because...

I like starting threads like this, i like hearing others opinions. Except that dang Rose ruined it


—Brownsquirrel on this entire episode of Days of our Lives.

He claims some furfag named Rose ruined his thread but unfortunately, it was already ruined.

Still Ranting

Though the times have changed Brownsquirrel still rants at this time

I thought furries are accepting, They're not



The reasons for this are that of all his actions he does on the FA forums, everyone makes fun of him because of it.

Other Furs Comments

I'm not a 16 year old who thinks he gets to decide whats right and wrong for people to see and hear? Were you born a pussy or did you have to work at it?

wof wof. etc etc.
There is no getting used to you.




Grown a spine. Nao. Immediately. Learn to take a joke, even when it's directed at your HEAD. I don't care if you don't like it, LEARN TO LIKE IT, because as long as you are on this board it will be forcefed to you round the clock, do you get me?




Brownsquirrel, like most furfags is known for his artwork, which mostly consists of him tracing over photographs of himself exposing his ass. He claims he is straight which leads to moar lulz. He also seems very proud of the fact he uses photoshop so why not drop by his page and offer some friendly advice?

This, like pretty much all articles on ass pies, raises the question; Why are all aspies fur fags and shit MS Paint artists?


Do it faggot

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