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Translation: Those clothes are really quite cool, my man

The word brother can refer to several things.

Brother in whitey speak, a brother is usually a term to denote a male in ones own family who shares one or moar of the same parents. This is the guy who steals all of your toys, gets money for making crap grades while you got nothing for making straight As because you were smarter, and is clearly the family favorite even though he contributed nothing at all. If anything he is in debt and has had to be bailed out of jail a few times. Saying you "love" your brother is code for "may he rot in hell".

Brother or Brotha in Ebonics usually denotes a fellow black person amongst politically correct Blacks who frown upon using the 'N' word. They claim that calling other blacks their brother is better as it fosters unity among others of their race. The truth is that most of them never met their own fathers. They are calling each other "brother" as a daily remainder not to murder each other as they might be killing their own half brother.

Brother is a shit electronics and electric machine company that nobody cares about. They apparently make things like printers and bread makers. You know stuff that your Grandma uses but you probably have never even thought of owning.


Young chavs on the downlow.
  • Bro - used by Whites and Blacks who are too lazy to form the other syllable of the word.
Expect those who use this word to never amount to more than flipping burgers and living off of welfare.
  • Brah - used by Bogans and surfers who are too stoned to make proper "o" sounds on top of being lazy.
On top of never amounting to anything, expect them to have a criminal record for drug use and/or selling drugs.
  • Bruv - used by Chavs. Usually preceded by "safe as fuck".
This means he has stolen your wallet. You should have called the cops before he also stole your cell phone. Oh well, this is what you get for being "friends" with a Chav. Live and learn.
Anyone who uses this term should be run over by the trademark car.
  • Bor - used by EDiots on ED IRC who are lazy, dyslexic and possibly retarded.
Why are you in IRC? Get a life.

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