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Ponyfag scum.jpg
The average brony in his natural habitat.
The target audience.
Their goal spelled out. (Art by Curt Sibling)

A brony is a self-titled obsessive fanboy of the television program My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, usually adult men who channel their latent homosexuality, pedophilia and/or daddy issues by wearing their Pinkie Pie underwear and watching a show which has an audience bracket that consists of little girls. These basement-dwelling sacks of neckbeard flesh latched their grubby hands onto everything pony as soon as they heard the whimsical theme-tune drift through their hairy ears. Bronies smothered themselves with all things related to the show, and spread their sick fetishism throughout The Internet, declaring themselves the new collective of asperger ridden no-lifes on the block. The female version of these tards are called Pegasisters, who surprisingly aren't as bad.

Essentially, bronies are a rehash of the 2007-era furry community. This is true not only in the sense that their fandom revolves around anthropomorphic cartoons, they also have conventions for "mascoting" (see: fursuit) and are notorious for exchanging sexually themed images of children's shows, but also have the same persecution complex that furries are so well known for. Thus, bronies quickly rose to prominence as some of the favorite victims of the trolling community, right up next to Freenode ops and anime bloggers.

Excess of the fandom

A fat neckbeard who wishes he was Rainbow Dash[1][2].

Before one looks deeper into the horrors of the pony genre, it is important to keep in mind just how large it actually is.

Take, for instance, one of the most irritating and prolific parts of the fandom: the "music scene". YouTube is flooded with literally thousands of poorly made remixes of every song to appear in the show, some with millions of views.

Bronies are no longer a mere 4chan trend, nor a schism in the furfaggot fandom as was once believed, but rather their own spin-off of *chan and furfag "culture". Basically large enough for any sane person to ask why???

Origins and explanations

We aren't furries!
How "Gatherings" tend to look.
Made just for bronies.

The Brony faggotry can be traced back to a trope found commonly in anime. Throughout the years the Japanese had this concept of "Moe," a character trait of cuteness exemplified by submission, humility, selflessness, self-sacrifice, dependence, a tendency to be messianic to the point of sacrificing herself for others, and most suitable for being tortured in many other ways than possible, and crying cutely while at it. This trait manifested itself in the show's character Fluttershy, and set the stage for weeaboos to look away from their tentacle porn long enough for their jizz to spatter on, and infect, the entirety of the Internet.

"Shame" is an interesting word. I think the cuteness and childishness appeals to our original innocence, and innocence knows no shame.

Ponies are not the beginning either; /b/tards have a history of embracing cute and innocent things. That was Boxxy’s appeal. Then there’s cats. Rozen Maiden. Robot Unicorn Attack. The list goes on. What’s interesting is this runs parallel with the /b/tard reputation for being the most vile, wretched goblins on the entire interbutts.

I think they're connected. I think in order to get a disgusting perverted adult, you have to start with a kid just oozing innocence, and beat the fuck out of them. Feed them lies, then laugh at them for believing you. Watch the disillusion sink in as their innocence is torn from them in childhood, seared out of them in school, and then are cast out into the world to be bachelor frogs.

So they fap and they struggle with major depression and they rage and they do all the things damaged people do. But somewhere deep down they remember what they were. Maybe part of them is still that way. They see ponies, and damn society’s gender roles, they like them. Then they fap to them, but then they continue to watch the show because it reminds them of something good and pure they had before the hardness of the world robbed them of it.


—Anonymous /co/, failing to justify horse fucking.

Hasbro completely missed their target audience and hit the Internet virgin 18-25 year old male instead.



So pony shows are for homosexuals, "fags" you say. Because it seems feminine, I suppose? I thought preferring males and masculinity is being a "fag". I suppose a mcdonalds/kmart/quickstop/etc white trash employee would be threatened by the show's such lack of "superior" cock would make a little "fag" scared/angry enough to spray paint what a 5 year old downs' syndome kid could do.

I have four people in my family with autism, and I can guarantee you NONE of these retards in chan-world know what autism or asperger's is. People with autism spectrum are SMARTER than most of you snot-nosed kids. They have 3 problems: (1) Mind-blindness, (2) Trouble with transitions, (3) Communication impairment. Funny how folks LIKE YOURSELF, lots of them in chan-world, fit this description quite well.

-Posted by ANONYMOUS.
-Anonymous MEANS ANYONE, NOT SOME CIRCLEJERK CLIQUE, get a dictionary.



—A hilariously assmangled brony decides to vent on 789chan. He was prompted banned for his faggotry.

"Bronies" began on 4chan's /co/ (arguably the worst board, next to /lit/) after the premier of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The original poor critical reception of the show drew their interest, and for God knows what reason, the "pony thread" was birthed.

As the series progressed, so did the cancer. Eventually spreading itself to /b/ and /v/, "bronies" were quickly becoming a staple of everyday life at 4chan. So much so, that the mods were able to have their last moment of glory.

Note that now a guaranteed way to troll these fuckers is to matter-of-factly declare that their fandom started on 4Chan. This will swiftly sound some alarms as it will simultaneously trigger mlp/'s unwarranted self importance, bellowing from the bronies who refuse to accept the "bullies" from 4Chan did anything good (for them), and fierce deepthroating from from the bronies who idolize 4Chan for some retarded reason.

Bronies vs. furries

Fucking hipsters
Bronies and Furries.png

It's hard to say what exactly the brony menace is. Are they a bunch of furfags or hipster fags? Both. My Little Pony is a show about neon girly animals, this gives the furfag community a boner. Now as for why hipsters love this show, it's clearly obvious. Hipsters hate what adults like, however, adults do not fully understand this brony thing and they don't understand why grown males would watch a show for little girls. Thus making My Little Pony perfect hipster bait for every possible hipster reason.

Despite obviously being a bunch of closet furfags, bronies claim they are not furries and will go to great lengths[4] to prove their point. Ironically, even though bronies claim to love and tolerate all the faces of the Internet, they constantly denounce and cast-out furries from any of their boards/discussions. They do this because they think it absolves them from being trolled. They think that by siding with trolls, they will avoid being trolled themselves. Of course the very notion that a troll wouldn't just start trolling the next juicy rape culture is absurd. The bronies just obliviously go on decrying the furfags, but what they don't realize is, once the furfags are all dried up, all that's left to troll is them. In addition, some bronies have been known to claim that all bronies who clop to the show are in reality furfags and not real bronies. This is an example of a No true Scotsman. While it is indeed undeniable that there is a significant overlap between both fandoms, to say that all ponyfags who fap to the show are in reality simply furfags is a pathetic attempt at resolving the brony fandom of blame for this sickness. It is also a proven fact that if you obsess over something enough you will invariably begin sexualizing it. Are Trekkies who find scantily clad Klingon women attractive furries now?

A parent's reaction to bronies

From Yahoo! Answers

I think my son is a pedophile?

To make a long story short, I am a god-fearing conservative raised in Oklahoma. My son’s been on the internet ever since he was born it seems like and he spends a lot of time on it.

Yesterday, when I was going in his room to get his laundry, I saw his desktop picture (he had left it on) and it looked oddly…feminine. Too feminine for boys like him.

I looked at the logo on the bottom corner and saw that it was from a “My Little Pony” show…and I laughed to myself thinking it was a joke because my little sisters used to watch that when they were growing up. It looks different now, though.

So I asked him what had made him want to joke like that cause I was scared that…maybe it wasn’t a joke, because he hadn’t said nothing to me about it.

And I was right.

He told me that he liked the show and that it was “Cool” for guys to do it. Roll Eyes He even showed me an episode. I watched it with him and I couldn’t beleive because it was OBVIOUSLY made for little girls. But he was really intent on watching it. And I tried to make sure that it wasn’t just some joke, but it wasn’t. My son was actually serious about liking My Little Pony. He’s 17 years old.

He likes a show where colorful candy ponies talk and laugh and giggle and have “cutie marks”. It almost embarresses me as a Christian. But I love my son. I don’t want him to think that he embarreses me.

If none of yall know what I’m talking about just search “My little pony new series” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Look at the pictures.

I nearly cried that night I was so angry.

I did some research and found out that it was widespread…there are A LOT OF young men who like this show. And they’re not ashamed about it.

I think it’s downright creepy and nasty of them. Do they all want to be little girls? I raised a MALE not a female and it seems all of my hardwork is going to waste because of the liberal media marketing girl shows to boys.

If we don’t put an end to this soon, then the next generation will be a generation of girls and not many men. And pedophiles.

Yahoo automatically posted the question in the gay section because most pedophiles are homosexual.

Trolling bronies

Even the show's creator can't stand the smell of manchild.

The double-down

Most bronies respond to ridicule (like all NEETs do) with either a cwc-tier fit or by just bitching out. Occasionally, though, some of the more dedicated fedora-wearers amongst them who unironically defend their fandom tooth and nail will try and get creative with the claim that their pathetic fandom is actually an act of bravery and individuality.

TL;DR: They will claim, specifically, that Bronyism is just another expression of "The New Sincerity" (Protip: A brony snuck that edit into the TOW page) (Now, an EDiot removed it.)

Note that this is textbook, and merely trotting out (no pun intended) the same bullshit argument used for years and years by furries and hopeless weeaboos to justify their own cognitive dissonance and respective faggot obsessions when they get painted into a corner.

Because, hey, what else can you do when people think you're a faggot but give yourself a blank check for being a bigger one amirite?

How To Treat Bronies In Person

No more ponies.gif

Brony lingo

Justneckbeardthings -justgirlythings meme parody- mlp mylittle pony brony.gif

Brony memes/catchphrases

If you ever come across someone saying any of the following, please do your best to make their life a living hell.

  • Love and tolerate – Ponyfag version of you mad bro?
  • Dat Flank – Ponyfag version of Dat Ass
  • 20% cooler – Ponyfag version of over 9000
  • Ten seconds flat – Ponyfag version of at least 100
  • Fluttershy is a tree – Surprisingly in-depth observation for a brony. For people, this would be followed by: "No shit retard".
  • Pony should pony pony – The original ponyfag copypasta. You can see the intelligence we are dealing with here.
  • Nigga she an apple – Ponyfag nigger joke.
  • >no hooves – without a doubt will be the /mlp/ response to any non-horse pornographic image literally any post with humans in it will result in this response. (Note: Saying it is a meme on /mlp/ will result in denial and butthurt to astronomical levels.)
  • ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE – When something is said loudly and/or in all caps.
  • I watch it for the plot – Ponyfag's way of saying: "I fap to this show."
  • I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash – A forced meme on having sex with Rainbow Dash made by bronies from 4chan's /mlp/.

Even the furry "community" doesn't make up such asinine bullshit as this. These "memes" and "catchphrases" are really just a series of gore-esque failed abortions spewed out of the mouths of inane ponyfags desperate to make their sexual deviance look more like a "culture". A culture so loosely tied together that it looks as if its web of lies is about to fall apart at any moment? A culture so inconsistent that everybody has a vastly different opinion on everything from clopping to shitty fanfics? Ponyfags are often seen saying one thing retarded, saying something more retarded to their friends, and then doing the most fucktarded thing possible. For example, A ponyfag often says that they have nothing against cloppers. "To each his own" is the typical catchphrase. But then, they meet up with fellow ponyfags and start talking about how fapping to ponies is disgusting. But even after that, they go ahead and fap to ponies anyways. Reminds you of someone huh? So that's it? Ponyfags are just as bad as furfags right?

No. Let's find out why.

Fan works

How bronies see horses.

While reading this article, perhaps you felt that we were blowing it all out of proportion? Maybe these bronies we speak of aren't so bad? Boy do we wish that were true... What? Do you need proof? Sure. Not like we'd have to scour the Internet or anything. No, all you would have to do is go to Google for this shit. Here are just some of the many acts of pony faggotry. Because ED loves you.

BronyCon: The Documentary

Like a beast of the wild, this much reviled horsefucking manimal must be documented, and presented to the general for entertainment, ridicule, and eventually, overlooking. Luckily, there is already a ten minute documentary on these sad autists. However, one enterprising agent of the lulz has decided to scam these pathetic basement dwelling freaks out of their disability checks. Yes indeed. You see, it is a most intelligent plan. As the wretched ponyfag feels alienated by family, wimmins, and really, anyone outside their repugnant cult. And, due to Internet's deep immersion in the ponyfag virus, these thoughts can be easily accessed by just going to that faggot's livejournal and reading some of its emo "poetry". Well, clearly these subhumans do not deserve the validation they so desperately desire. But, by manipulating this desire, one can squeeze quite a bit of profit out of these "people". Michael Brockhoff has done exactly this, and it has seen unprecedented success. The initial goal for the project was $60,000 in 28 days; it raised over $322,000 from around 2,000 people. That's about $161 per person. See what we mean? Hell, six people donated $10,000, which alone is enough to reach the goal. Everything after that was just gravy.

But, lets say, for a minute, that this Michael Brockhoff genius turns out to be... Less of an intellect. That he does not in fact, abscond with the funds in an incredibly lulzy fashion. That this man turns out to actually be one of these perverse abominations. Well then. We would be talking about an entirely different story here. Yes, there would be a documentary. No, it would not be a very good one. Yes, Faust would probably have to draw 13 shitty pony fursonas. No, It would not be impartial in the least. Oh no, far from it. Perhaps you have been to /mlp/ recently? Seen some bronies? Seen them perpetuate that rape culture of theirs? Funny in a sickening way. Too bad that stuff won't be in the documentary. Nope, it will definitely be a gigantic act of masturbation by the brony fandom. Just a long video of celebrities being paid to praise bronies for their mantra of love and tolerance, unwavering patience, impressively high level of maturity, and what good clean fun the whole fandom is. Certainly not any of that unflattering pornography! Or all those bronies jerking it to rule 34! Or the fact that according to a survey, about one fifth of all bronies masturbate to horses, and probably more! Or that there are whole sites advancing their sick agenda and disgusting rape culture! Oh no! None of that! That would make it detailed, impartial, and remotely important! Cant have that!

What your average brony looks like when he spots some pony ass.

The Island of Equestria

Another scam, but less skilled. It's by some dumbasses named Colton C and Cliff. These idiots are failing at scamming. So far, the fund has only raised $130. The reason the first shitpeice and the second shitpeice are so drastically different in terms of success, is because the first one aims for the feeling of alienation. Not that ponyfags don't deserve to be hated and avoided, But it's the promise of validation that makes them want to give up say... $10,000 to a fucking scam just to feel better about themselves. What this crap does is tell people, hey, were going to build a statue of ponies on an island. You will never get to see it unless you pitch in thousands of dollars, but don't you want to just give us money because ponies?

The PPPProject

AKA The Pony Plot Perfection Project. Let uncle ED tell you a story. One day, a bunch of greasy nerdsacks were dicking around on deviant art, and, due to their enormous girth, developed their own wretched gravitational field. Soon, the sickfuckery congealed into a mass of writhing, squirming, fat. And this gigantic lump of filthy basement dweller said: "You know whats weird about characters in a little girl's show? They don't have genitalia we can masturbate to!" So the people trapped within its folds set to work on this abomination. And they called themselves, pony plot perfection participants. But you'll never guess what happened next. The horsefuckers actually thought that this was terrible! Drawing vaginas on talking horses from a little girl's show? Never! Why they would think such a thing baffles zoologists to this very day. But, the project goes on. Currently, it is unknown if the vaginas are currently being drawn, or if they are being masturbated to, But one thing is for sure. These faggots are absolutely the sickest of fucks.


The original confessions.

Bronies are well known for being autistic no-lives who couldn't get near a girl if they were the last assperger riddled men-children on the planet, so it is only natural that one of them decided to get a little womanly action by applying force. The brony in question is one Tumblricon.png maxveers real name Vanya Holt who confessed on his tumblr to slyly face-fucking a 16 year-old girl in a parking lot, probably mistaking her for a horse. When news of this wen't public, Vanya and many of his brony followers adamantly claimed that the tween was clearly asking for it, because she told him to get out of his truck in a "sing-song voice". They went on to claim that the girl was a slut and that maxveers was somewhat aroused, and therefore had absolutely no control over his actions whatsoever. So there you have it folks, by brony logic even if a girl is telling you to get the fuck out of their sight, if they say it with a can-do attitude it is totally cool to shove your pen0r in their wet sobbing mouth.

You’re a hollow shell of a girl who never deserved the love that was wasted on you.


— Vanya the brony flexing his romantic muscles.

Fighting is Magic

Because what better way of spreading happiness, tolerance and friendship than through physical violence?
Hasbro has betrayed the Bronies. I'm saying it as it is. This week, they shut down Fighting is Magic after nearly two years. In addition, I've come to find out that they've been doing the same to other major Brony projects as of this new year. This pisses me off on SO MANY LEVELS. First of all, you should be well–aware of my stances on copyright and that it should not apply universally. Hasbro, and any other company that does something similar, has no right to impede on the efforts of their devoted fans who aren't seeking a profit. Just because they "own" My Little Pony does NOT mean they are the only ones who can do anything with it. It only means they are the only ones who can profit from it. Also, my general stance is that copyright law does not apply universally to the entire Internet. Only specific sites, such as DeviantArt, can CHOOSE to abide by them. And obviously, Mane6 was an independent entity.

In addition, the game had been in development for nearly two years. Meaning: Hasbro could have technically stopped them at any time, yet they chose to crush all their hopes NOW, when the game was almost done. That means that all of Mane6's hard work over all that time was wasted.

Guys, we have no choice... we have to kill Hasbro.



In the spirit of a show about love, and continuing the proud traditions of autists on the Internets being unable to into copyright, a group of losers calling themselves the Mane Six decided to make a fighting game, entitled "My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic", centering around their favorite pastel colored equine creatures.

After displaying it at the fighting game tournament Evo, they of course, received attention and support from their fellow horse-fucking neckbeards, but also claimed that they'd received a lot of interest from people who were not bronies as well. However, an ordinary person could easily point out that just because those individuals weren't bronies, doesn't mean that they weren't just as sad, because they evidently think that fighting games are serious business.

On February 8th, 2013, Hasbro sent a cease and desist order to the Mane Six team to stop their bullshit, forcing them to shut down production of the game they had been making and that Hasbro had apparently been aware of for two years, crushing the dreams of millions of button-mashing ponyfuckers the world over.

Eventually, to soothe the vast amounts of brony butthurt that had broken out all across Ponyland, MLP:FiM creator Saint Lauren Faust, herself, who had been eagerly anticipating utterly indiffierent to the game's release, decided to throw a bone to the whining neckbeards that make up her fanbase and tentatively made an offer on her Twitter to help the Mane Six rebuild the project with new characters. Obviously, the desperate horse molestors of the Mane Six team leapt on her offer like a sex-starved Mr. Hands on a newborn foal and on March 2nd, 2013, announced that the project was continuing despite Hasbro's objection.

Needless to say, the horsefuckers all rejoiced at this, claiming that the finished product can be modified with their precious candy-colored horses to return the game to what it was originally supposed to be before the almighty C&D notice, hoping that they can slip under Hasbro's legal radar this way.

Double Rainboom

I've been mastrubating to horses for long enough shit out my own quality production that no one would be able to tell apart the actual program from my masterpiece.


—Zachary Rich

Ladies and gentlemen, don't ever try fucking making a "fan episode" of your favorite horsefucker cartoon for virgin 5-year-old girls. To make top some shit-flavored syrup on it, don't ever fucking cross it over with ANOTHER cartoon with virgin 5-year-olds.

Just a few months later, Hasbro came across this atrocity and gave it what it deserved: yet another cease and desist order. Even though most of the autistic neckbeards bitched about how terrible it was, they cried in their mother's basement sending Hasbro more death threats just as they always did.


The Special Snowflake in all of her glory.

On March 21, 2013, a fan animation titled Snowdrop was published to Silly Filly Studios' YouTube channel. The story revolves around a blind filly who is on the autism spectrum in which Special Snowflakes push for representation by making a short film about... a special snowflake. Who makes special snowflakes. Don't get the wrong idea though - the only thing "special" about this one are the people who thought it'd be a good idea in the first place.

Journey of the Spark

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: The Eclectic Espeon.

Down with Molestia

Brony comu.png

Bronies, and the volumes of porn they churn out, have been surviving on Hasbro turning a blind eye to their existence; which has had nothing to do with the piles of money it makes them. Well, Hasbro finally came to its senses and reacted towards this sticky swarm of odiferous man-children the way any self-respecting corporation should, sending a big fat C&D letter to any Brony who creates glorious pony fanart.

This is the real problem. Hasbro has no clear policy on what they are and aren’t okay with. IF I’d known that they weren’t okay with this stuff, we would never have made it in the first place, demand be damned.


FDaki, Maker and seller of fine, fuckable My Little Pony pillows, and other shit furry products.

What were the Bronies to do now that they'd finally drawn the ire of the only entity capable of shutting the entire shit-show they call a fandom down?

Their answer to that question was created on March 23, 2014, in the form of The goal was to remind Hasbro who wore the pants in their awkward, non-consensual relationship via a letter writing campaign. Their passive agressive ransom note for Brony jew-gold has been preserved here for future generations to laugh at.

To whom it may concern:

I am contacting you today as a proud fan of the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Recently, I have started to see a growing trend of fan-created projects being forced to shut down due to Cease & Desist letters sent by Hasbro's legal department.

This concerns me greatly, because the fan community depends on this creative content being created to thrive and expand. These pieces of art are nothing more than free advertisement for the show. They bring countless new people to the fan base, where they watch the show and buy the toys, DVDs, clothing, and more. This creativity and expression should be encouraged, not stifled.

Our creative fans aren't nefarious or criminal. They're hard-working young people who put countless hours into projects that they're passionate about, but some of these projects never even see the light of day. This has a chilling effect on the fan base, and almost every artist wonders whether they'll be next to receive a "C&D", because Hasbro has no clearly stated rules for what is acceptable and unacceptable in the fandom.

As a fan, I love the show, and I want to see it succeed. I encourage the Hasbro team to reconsider its approach to sending legal threats to creators of fan content, and to establish clear boundaries for acceptable content that foster creativity and help the fanbase grow.

Thank you for your time.

The website existed for exactly one day before vanishing just as quickly as it appeared; likely due to a C&D letter from Hasbro.

The irony of this is delicious.

Bronies: The Musical

The cast looks exactly how you would expect it to.
These puppets devour the soul of anyone who goes to see the show.

Proving that they can, in fact, shove their heads even further up their own asses, a group of them have managed to cobble together a stage production which glorifies being a Brony. We wish this were a joke, they managed to raise over $18,000 to produce this piece of shit. Of course, according to them it's received nothing but positive reviews. Dedicated Ediots attempted to find reviews which spoke to how shit it really was, but couldn't because nobody with dignity paid to watch this circle-jerk take place.

Though, unfortunately, more shows are planned you can sleep soundly knowing that Hasbro will soon be sending them a C&D letter to shut this shit down.

The Great Howard Stern Butthurt

After Howard Stern exposed their faggotry to the mainstream media, another fine purveyor of the best of humanity has expressed an interest in the brony subculture.

Ever since Faux News pointed out the faggotry of this new fascination with a children's show, others have been observing these basement dwellers. One of these said observers was Howard Stern, the radio host. After having his servants go to BronyCon and ask some questions, he was ready to truly give the ponyfags what they had coming for so long. Public humiliation. Not that he intended to. Indeed, he was just pointing out some facts about horsefucker "fandom". Like that firstly, they watch a show for little girls. That makes the perverse to begin with. But they took it much farther. Drawing porn, writing pathetic fanfics, making "Original Character" ponies, which were actually pony fursonas, everything furries ever did and more. Everyone knows bronies do this, and all Stern did was point out these things. With a few jokes, but what kind of radio host would he be if he didn't try to make it entertaining? Really, it was just a little humor. A normal broadcast.

First blood

Butthurt brony edition

Howard Stern returns to Bronycon

So obviously, the ponyfags lost their shit like never before.

YouTube was flooded with butthurt ponyfags screaming about what a "hater" Howard Stern is. Even Tara Strong, one of the voice actors from My Little Pony got into this anti-Howard Stern hype with some nonsensical comment about the movie Private Parts. YouTube videos were whining about him, Funnyjunk, Reddit and 4chan horsefuckers were screaming about him, and his mailbox was flooded with lotion encrusted letters sealed with cheeto dust paste and filled with the butthurt of a thousand closet furfags. And all through this great shitstorm, The Internet has been laughing. Because at this point, everyone already hates bronies.

You're greedy, and you are selfish. All you Pony Fags are.

You are angry cause he talked bad about Bronies.

This is the most outrage caused by a Howard Stern show, even though he denounces Christians, he publicly makes fun of Islam, and he makes fun of everything, but because he said a few harsh words towards the bronies community "I'TS NOT ACCEPTABLE."

You filthy fucking animals. Howard has always been like this. Maybe listen to one of his God damn shows, fucking morons.


—Commander Shephard on YouTube speaks the truth.

bronies are just upset that adults that actually have jobs are now aware of their fuckery


YouTube Favicon.png exploda996

So they choose the biggest faggots to interview at BronyCon, smooth move.


—kooldog218 implies there is absolutely no faggots at BronyCon.

Howard Stern is a moron. I'm speaking for most of my friends, not all of us are cloppers, not all even masturbate for Christ shakes. AND! My parents are bronies and pegasisters! Stupid man needs to stop.


—bronyrae has something to prove over the Internet.

i wanna fuck a pony in its plot thumbs up if ur a faggot brony horse fucker


—Thumb up this shit!

As an autistic, this is possibly the most faggoty show on the planet.


—Even people with autism find this shit to be annoying.

I'm an aspie and I think MLP is the worst show ever made. All you bronies deserve to get stepped on by a Big Daddy.


—Hell, even aspie roblofags hate bronies!

The idea is, lots of bronies say how special and wonderfully unique the fandom is, but when you accuse them of anything, they say how 'Every fanbase is like that! We’re not unique!' They want to be different and superior, but they contradict themselves when you call them out upon anything negative about the fanbase. But if it’s a positive thing, they say 'WE’RE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL BROHOOF!'


Tumblr has the bronies pegged.

Thomas Minis

Lord protector of all things good and holy, deliver me from bronys and Thomas fans.

In 2015 the toy company Mattel released a line of Thomas the Tank Engine toys called 'Minis'. The toys were small train models that were sold in blind bags aimed at 6-year-old children (Keep this in mind as you read), in this range a set of engines repainted as characters from DC Comics were made. When Sodor Island Fagsite's blog heard about this they made suggestions that the line would make a range of trains repainted as characters from 'My Little Pony'. When the blog post was released the Thomas Fan Base went APE-SHIT there beloved Thomas characters would be butchered into shitty repaints! The only people who supported the idea were autistic cloppers. What most people failed to see is that Mattel and Hasbro are FUCKING RIVALS.

Suicide list

Please fill out this form.
  • Adam Smith, a 19-year-old teen who threw himself in front of a train after being bullied by people who do not like bronies. The train is okay though. Source
  • Michael Morones, an 11-year-old who hung himself after being picked on in school for bringing pony toys to school. (Seriously, just leave them at home.) Source

UPDATE 08/04/14: We are home from BronyCon in Baltimore, where we had an AMAZING time. Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcomed and loved! We'll be posting more pictures from the event in the coming days. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


Michael's parents - taking a dead kid to BronyCon


10 minutes full of pure, uncondensed ponyfag autism.

Brony manchild gets owned by his dad.

Don't make fun of him. He has autism.

Brony arrested for sex with animals

You can smell the virginity.

This guy has the right idea.

Now you know why they are furries.

Britfag brony meetup.

Some extra information on their intense faggotry


Subhuman Gayness About missing Pics
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Crimes against nature About missing Pics
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Justified hatred to horse-fuckers About missing Pics
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you know what, I had a low tolerance for bullshit before a became a brony and becoming one didn't change that. and i know we are supposed to "Love & Tolerate" but there is a limit to how much i can do that. so i think we need to have a media crusade to stop all these bullshit lies about us from spreading before it gets out of hand.


YouTube Favicon.png Lyoko012345, sounding like something very familiar.

YAY!... my lovely MLP Futa for sizes cocky sexy!:horny::sexy:


—A horny retarded retard name Deviantart-favicon.png Walter Deviantart-favicon.png Ratley from deviantart, commenting on Deviantart-favicon.png Odium Eternis' picture of a Rainbow Dash futa.

Ok so i'm a brony and i see this comment a lot that all bronies are autistic followed by other rude stuff. But heres the thing i really am autistic so it cuts deep when i see that kind of comment I mean my IQ is 69 and i know that's low but I'm happy to say i have a Job and a life so when i see a comment like "Bronies are all autistic fags" i get mad and upset I mean I can't even stand up for myself because They are right i am autistic and i hate that fact. Because i know being autistic has nothing to do with liking the show but it's not like i can say "your wrong about the fag part but right about the autistic part." that just reinforces the idea that they are right when they are not. So what should i say to them?


—Actual question posted by a typical brony retard on Yahoo! Answers

I would swallow Rarity's horse semen.


YouTube Favicon.png RaritySwallower

First time I've fapped to a story in quite a while. Good show.


Nostalgia Schmaltz

I've clopped to rainbow dash. I have a plushie pilow of her on my bed (Perfect body size) with a silicon slit on the underside. Yeah i admit its that bad. I'm not afraid to admit it but i'm not going to abandon my Dashie. Even if she's not real. I hope one day i get to marry rainbow dash and love her for real. Maybe in another life perhaps.


YouTube Favicon.png dummynaruto

Anyways, here I am at 4 in the morning fapping to pony porn on my 3DS. I wonder what kids at my school would say if they found out about this. Well, they couldn't call me gay since the ponies are girls, so that pretty much rules out every insult they could come up with.

Ah, kids these days.



Fluttershy is my favorite.... first the futa story... now this!? Who in the hell would rape fluttershy!? She too dam adorabe, oh wait yeah I figured it out Oc is Anon. Must not read this... clop rating 4.... must resist. Noooo....



Interesting fic by what I read so far I haven't had time to read the final chapter yet. It seams to be fairly well written, not a masterpiece to be sure though.

I know rape is wrong and all I would never do it my self, but it is one of my weird kinks that gets me off. It's not so bad when it is created via literature or a drawing though because no one is hurt.
Although I do have to say Pinkie Pie's situation made me sick, having her raped on her birthday was just to much even for a work of fiction.



Demi Freak

I think I prefer it when the inside of the vagina is just pink rather than matching the pony's color. Just my preference... Not that I wouldn't bury parts of my anatomy there even if its purple. LOL


Several comments on e621 by user Vixxxine69

Bronies are the shit stain on the pants of the Internet.


—Some random SPUF guy

Your dad took out a second mortgage to buy you a horse

You loved and took better care of it than yourself
You combed it, cleaned it, and fed it apples everyday
I was broke, drunk, and hungry, so I killed your horse and ate it

I ate your horse [x4]

When you came to the stable the next morning
You found a pile of hair, teeth, and hooves
I hid around the back to listen to you cry
Then I beat an old lady to death with the leg bone




"I Ate Your Horse" by Anal Cunt

ether the hater have a sick sents of humer or thay are just (i appolijus for the language) FUCKING insane !!!

(all i will say is BRONY HOLOCOST)


Some faggot on Steam.

See also

Use this pic to troll bronies.

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