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Info non-talk.png This article was developed by former EDiots Amber, Hope, and of course Jebbi3. All of which are huge whores, and noodz are available for Broadcast
old_geek: "I'd like to sell you some antique lamps and also TITS OR GTFO!"
Some of the smooth talkin' that goes on at Broadcaster
Typical Broadcaster member.

Broadcaster [1] was another camwhore community, which polluted the internets with its faggotry. It differed slightly to other cam sites, in the way that only absolute winnars flocked to it. Majority of the men were well over 40, and fapped on cam for hours, to the point where their cocks resembled raw sausage. The women, on the other hand, were of varying ages, and engaged in various innovative non-sexy activities on cam. This isn’t all that surprising, seeing as Broadcaster used to run pron sites before changing their name from Access Media to Broadcaster Inc. in June 2006. TL;DR

You will witness the following on Broadcaster fo sho:

How To Pick Up Women On Teh Internets


What can be said about the men on Broadcaster? Well not much. You will soon find out that 1 in 4 men are choking their chicken on cam. You will find men ranging from the age 40 to 75 on there. Please try not to stumble upon a naked old mans room. It makes you second guess life and growing old. And chances are you will choose to walk out in front of a speeding bus after seeing where a 60 year old mans balls hang.

Most of the men on Broadcaster know how to talk to a woman. Which is why they spend anywhere from 12 to 20 hours sitting behind their computers and stroking their egos. Most of these men are 40 year old virgins who’ve never been within four feet of a woman. They are poor excuses for human beings. Tits, pussy, and ass are the first things they ask for. And when told no, they will get highly upset, usually calling the women a bitch, a cunt or a whore. Even though five seconds ago they just asked to see ass. It really is never enough for these men. Let me cum on you is the most popular thing said on Broadcaster. CAPS LOCK IS A MUST FOR Broadcaster.

Once they do find a woman willing to show, it turns into a three ring circus; the men demanding the woman to do everything but stand on her head and say her ABC’s backwards. But the portion of women on BC couldn’t say their ABC’s backwards, the lot of them being methheads, white trash, and mentally retarded.

Notable CamWhores

If you can afford McDonalds, you can tap it.
Man the Harpoons Once
Man the Harpoons Again
Hotmamilive the next star of Clown Porn
DianaChance doing what she does best.

There are some people that are notable. Not because they are doing great things on Broadcaster, but because they are simply themselves. Here are a few:


Lover_of_me, AKA Anna Lauren , is a wigger bitch who thinks she has the best looking body ever . Like most white girls that act black, she loves the nigra cock, thus making her a size queen. She continuously talks trash about people, such as calling them ignorant, because of the way they talk, but yet she uses the same black lingo. You can find her on websites such as Myspace , Xanga, Youtube and so on. On a night of trolling , someone dropped her IP in her room, and she proceeded to go batshit insane making claims of how her close relationship with 420chan was going to fuck them up.


Click here to watch a video of JuJu fucking her small dick, AZN boyfriend

Jujubomb aka Theresa is a 20 year old manish woman who is a psychotic -Bipolar- schizophrenic cam whore. Most times on, she will be doing any of the following: Singing, crying, screaming, taking her clothes off, dancing, throwing things, shoving a cell phone into her vagina, pissing in a cup, or all of the above at the same time.


Justanotherwoman is actually two festively plump broads, one being a self-proclaimed crackhead and the other being a "Man the fucking harpoons" broad. Typical responses include threats of "no more titties" and that "you wish you could fuck us both". They do not enjoy that Tom Brady is in fact pissed at them for being fat and would totally kill the motherfucker given the chance. She claims she is a sweet person as long as someone doesn't cross her motherfuckin path (and tell her she is an obese whore). Also, if you don't have a webcam you're a pussy that needs to STEP UP because she will totally roll you.

UPDATE: While being too drunk to realize that their pancake nipples are displayed all over ED despite numerous subtle hints to look at the website that night, we can expect a wambulance and internet police to be called once they sober up.


MISS_TIGRESS is a 35 year old white woman from Cookvegas, Tennessee who thinks she is black. Tigress is very white trash and has the tattoos to prove it, her favorite being in the middle of her back. She also has a collection of NY Yankees hats which she refers to as her babies. Can someone explain to her that she isn’t black? It doesn’t take long after being in Tigress’ room to figure out that she is nothing but a cock tease. You will find her most times dancing in her underwear or moving the camera in a weird angle where you can tell she is fapping but rarely can see any of the “goodies” if you want to call it that. Tigress has the face of a man and the body of a teenage boy. Also you will notice after 10 seconds of being in her room that she has a hard on for leopard pattern furniture and clothes. Most nights you can find her on Broadcaster, so if you are ever bored hop on and see if she’s there and pls troll the hell out of her. She’s a stuck up little whore who needs her ego brought down a couple of notches.


Hossler is another white bitch that thinks she’s a nigger. She has the spelling of a 3rd grade special ED student. Why does Hossler stand out from the rest of the whores and bitches on Broadcaster? Well, she likes taking her clothes off, which is normal for Broadcaster, but you will usually find her 3 year old kid in the bed behind her asleep while she’s taking it all off and fapping for the sick fucks on Broadcaster. That is not so normal. You will also wonder why she is always wearing a stupid NY Yankees baseball cap. It's to cover the hole on top of her head where her brain fell out.

Update: She now uses the profile MRS_PORTUGUESEFINEST

Update 2: New profile Trickgivemeurtreat, on November 19th 2007 she admitted to being a married woman and that her husband is from St. Louis.


DWNCUDDLES is the grandma you’re glad you don’t have. She has a “show” on Broadcaster. In some sick way she is like a high school sex education teacher. Explaining how a woman’s body works and so forth. One epic night, DWN went out to the bar and brought a man home. They both got high on coke and proceeded to the bedroom, which happened to be right next to her computer desk. Why God Why did she log into Broadcaster that night and why was I there? She told the internets that she’s playing “Dom” and with that, got him undressed and shoved two dildos up his ass. This went on for 4 hours or more but I couldn’t take much more after two. Not once did the poor guy get a hard on . So after 4 hours she gave up and let the guy go home. She claimed the next day that he loved it and it was what he wanted, And why not do it anyway I had nothing better to do. And then she went on to talk about how usually guys on coke are hard and can fuck for hours. She couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get it up. Uh maybe because you had TWO count them ONE , TWO, TWO DILDOS UP HIS ASS!!?!?!?11111111234 Media:Dwncuddles.mp3


SWEETEVA is a 44 year old woman from Orlando,Florida, whose favorite band of all time is Creed. She uses a ventilator to help with her breathing, and also looks at pictures of Keira Knightley for thinspiration. Her specialty is spreading eagle on cam so the whole world can see her old lady, crusty meat curtains. She sometimes has a snack of 2 or 3 celery sticks (TOO MUCH!!!11), while chanting "A second on the lips, forever on the hips". After her mantra, Eva immediately runs to the washroom to purge repeatedly. Pointing out her freakish body shape, or the fact that she looks like she will expire in a matter of days, results in her getting pissy and demanding that everyone treats her with some respect.

UPDATE:Sweeteva has abandoned Broadcaster, if you wish to contact her for some lulz, please go to kthx bai.


Hotmamilive AKA, SexyGirly, AKA, DianaChance, is a house wife who spends countless hours online teasing men to stroke her ego some more. Diana claims to be 24 on Broadcaster, but other sources have found out that she’s really 27. Even though she is married, she claims to have an open relationship. However, he can see whoever he wants, but she is only allowed to see females. Can we say control freak? When the old man isn’t around she is happy to show you anything you want to see, as long there is no chance of her getting caught. With enough makeup on to supply a circus full of clowns for a month, Diana always has to look good, well that is if you’re into the whore look. On her YouTube channel, you can find her dancing like a slut, rambling on about god knows what, and playing Halo. Diana is so into herself that she started a social networking website with her own name (3 of them so far), where she is the star. Her ego needs to be brought down a few notches to realize the world does not revolve around her, not to mention the 3 MySpaces she has. That’s right, three of them. You will notice how Diana’s age varies on them. She had a blog on Wordpress, but it was deleted due to her posting her homemade pron on there. By the way Diana, protect your WHOIS. She has also been banned from stickam over 10 times and she only goes onto broadcaster and stickam when her husband is sleeping or not at home because he does not allow her onto the internets after he found out that nude photos and videos of her were being circulated , Diana also says that she is going to become famous because she was recently took part in a reality show which she says but she can not talk about it until it airs on TV

Update: Do not be fooled folks...the ever crafty Diana Chance is now disguised as Sexygirly, an equally useless, full of herself whore who wears about 8 pounds less makeup while still remaining a failure at life.

Update 2: She now uses the profile of SEXYblondy

Update3: Another new profile aHotMami

Update 4: Under her Hot Mami stickam profile [2] Diana has recently started to take $10 payments for live sex shows, sometimes involving fellow Stickam semi-Lesbianite [oX||*hellokitty*||Xo] [3], a negro-looking Phillipino, who though "am not racist" has publically stated that she "only like white guys" and will go apeshit crazy if you dare refer to her as "black".

Update 5: Diana now likes to show home videos of herself on Stickam being buggered by her husband, but she refuse to upload them to a website "incase people see it".

update 6: New Broadcaster account MamiAndKitty

Fun Links

Myspace #1 age 27

Myspace #2 age 27

Myspace #3 age 24

Youtube #1

Youtube #2 (Notice she claims to be 23.)

Diana’s website

stickam account

her other site

apsense profile

yahoo 360 profile

She'll sell you crap.

Welcome! -Are you ready for fun? So am I! I'm here to bring you more entertainment than you can handle. If you're looking for a sexy girl to show you a good've come to the right place! This site isn't only about me but also about YOU and I'll tell you why. I would not be here doing all this work if it wasn't because YOU come back for more. I feel sexy, you watch me and feel sexy in return - and THAT is what I'm talking about! ;) Now, sit back and relax...I have got sexy up my sleeve like you wouldn't believe! -Diana Chance



The KKK took my cock away.
His Producing Sounds liek shit!!!1 LOL
Do you liek what you see?
OH NO! She burnt down her house with french fries and chicken!

UPDATE:On November 30, Diana Chance was cooking when her batshit mother called, this caused Diana to fling grease everywhere and burn her family's fucking house down. You can read all about it by clicking here!


THEUGLYPEOPLE – Their screen name is indeed fitting, and let me tell you, they are some ugly ass people.

A little back info on Theuglypeople otherwise known as Roosevelt & Ashli Daniels. They are an interracial couple, him a nigger, and her looking like a 16 year old white girl. Like most mixed couples, he totally treats her like shit, smacking her around, forcing her to pole dance on command, and so on. Then out of no where their 2 year old child will come walk into the room while she is performing sex acts on him. Lawls were had when theuglypeople came into Crownaffair’s room and had fit over this article, stating that it had gone too far, and that he was going to have Crownaffair banned for making lulz on this site again. He then continued to state that since he has the all mighty ban hammer, he would have any member of ED banned as well. So if you have the chance, please to be trolling.

Did you also know that Roosevelt is gay? Clearly this must be true because he poses as a female. His tranny wife is hardly ever on cam. Roosevelt please to be coming out of the closet and stop beating your wife because she can’t please you sexually. It’s okay to admit that you are gay. We all know it anyway. How many men do you have watching you? Fapping to you? Is that why you are always high? Because you don’t know how to deal with that fact that you are a flaming faggot that beats his wife? It’s always this fucktard talking shit and thinking he knows it all. He is a killer of the lulz and a hater of ED.

He also takes himself quite seriously as a 'producer', and has a profile on Sound Click, where he goes by the name Garcia Vega. Check out his very very professional sounding tracks, which will make you dance up a storm.

Expect moar lulz when Roosevelt gets his "Show".


Evillish aka Lisa Scarpechi is an alcoholic from Ruffin, NC. This is not uncommon most people born in the south are inbred. Surprisingly, she has all her front teeth. Lisa isn’t any different or any better then any of the other Broadcaster whores, though at times when she’s not being a cunt she can be a bit funny. Lisa is in the typical southern marriage: her husband wears the pants and she slaves around the house and waits on him hand and foot. If dinner isn’t ready by 7 pm, she is locked in the bedroom closet and beaten with a belt. When free from the closet, she is sometimes allowed to use the computer. When hubby isn’t around or in another room she will flash the camera or fap. Lisa wasn’t pretty enough to be used for sex in the Hell’s Angel’s gang, so they used her anal cavity to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the States. Being the stupid bitch she is, she got busted when she offered anal sex to a border patrol officer and he found more than 40 condoms full of coke lodged in her bowels. Now she can’t live her life long dream of being a Detective in Criminal Investigations. She is forced by her husband to work at the Family Dollar with the Mexicans. While lurking in her room a troll came in under the screen name DateLineNBC stating that he was Chris Hanson. Lisa lost it. Yelling there isn’t any 13 year old boys in here this is an adult site and I will not go back to prison. She then shut her room down. However, Lisa, being the attention whore that she is, couldn't stay away long enough and soon came back with the clever user name of evilish1.

Minty Teh Tranny NEVER flashes well maybe just once...
Minty can has nipple too!


Mintyfresh a.k.a. Amelia Devlin is a tranny and a former CP star born in the Czech Republic. It spends most of its time on broadcaster arguing with Miss_Tigress about who sucked the most black dick for crack rocks. Mintyfresh's gender is often called into question, as of this time there are conflicting reports that it has a cock and that it doesn't have a cock. Minty has also admitted that she is a foster parent, this caused many lulz to be had at her expense.

If you would liek to ask her if she has a cock or not, you can email her at [email protected] She appreciates teh lulz.

Update: Mintyfresh deleted her account on November 22nd. She may have become an hero but it is not confirmed.


Yep, harpoons need to be manned!

Beyond_Real is a fatty and all around lulcow (cow being the operative word amirite?!?!). When not yelling at Raptor Jesus through her cam, she has her equally fatass husband yell for her. Her hopes and dreams were shattered by RaptorJesusV3 which may have lead to her becoming an hero, that or her fatass ran to the kitchen to drown her sorrows in a bucket of beef gravy.

UPDATE: After seeing her entry to this article, BEYOND_REAL went apeshit and baleeted her account.

Minty Teh Tranny NEVER flashes well maybe just once...
Minty can has nipple too!


Risquekitten69, aka Candy,is a filthy canuck from the city of Vancouver, considers herself to be "1337" and undeserving of being on the Broadcaster Wall of Ewww. When she is on cam, she spends most of her time drinking beer. She is also famous for fisting herself on cam and having her e-boyfriend (who lives in Michigan and begs to have an ED article written about him) threaten to pwn you for besmirching her good name. It should be noted that her and her e-boyfriend have been dating for 8 years and actually met in a chat on yahoo. The topic of that chat you ask? FISTING! In fact, Candy has admitted to being "submissive and loves to be beaten." She also has been "tied up and hung inside of a closet." Sadly for Candy and Rick they can never meet irl due to them both being convicted of felonies (repeated counts of prostitution,child abuse, and DUI's for her, breaking and entering for him) making them unable to cross the US/Canada Border.

UPDATE: Rumor has it, that after learning that she was added to the broadcaster ED entry, risque went crazy and smashed her webcam just after she deleted her account. News of this event came directly from her e-boyfriend Rick, who was extremely butthurt about being added to the entry as well. Those of you would do well to fear Rick, he is a 1337 h4xx0r and has completed Computer_Science_III, as well as owning netstat! It is also of note that Rick is in his 30's, lives with his parents, has no job, and cries on about being "agoraphobic and that being outside of his house sends him into panic attacks"

UPDATE(I'm starting to sound liek Robert Stack amirite?):Due to a severe case of butthurt, Rick and his h4xX0r boyfriend "eelushonnn" made several attempts to DDOS Encyclopedia Dramatica, when that failed, they attempted to blank the article only to find out that EDiots don't tollerate that sort of faggotry.

UPDATE She now has goes by Kitten_interrupted_666

UPDATE Candy has a profile located on Yahoo where she continues her so-called submissive slut act. [email protected]

UPDATE You can find Candy active on risquekitten69 or just do a Google search for her slut camwhore name Google results


Dicks don't turn me till I'm horny.



but you need to be careful... chris hanson from dateline mite be tapping



Why should I be doing this for money I do this for fun. I'm not a ho.






I'd like to jerk off 4 u.






I have a small one that shoots blanks.



In the gangworld, snitches get stitches



I think I just inhaled a cookie.


—AirD00's while reading this article

No way would I ever go out with a Mexican.. fucking wetbacks.



I LIKE THE article you wrote about me though, thank you. I'll just have more people in my room now.



Well it says he watched for 2 hours so he must have been fucking his own ass!






MISS_TIGRESS isn't ugly. She's hot!



I need to get Circumcised, I mean i need to be castrated. It's basically the same thing.



sorry i hate it people draw my atention away from my friends



Well when he gets down here we will have to wait until my grandma goes to sleep so we can fuk.



The Aftermath

Last night when Broadcaster FINALLY flipped its lid over the article, Tigress was the most butthurt out of them all. Refusing to get on cam and playing movies in her room. She idled in Crownaffair’s room for over 2 hours without saying one word. When finally her butt buddy Hossler showed up to idle long side. Finally after Crownaffir drawing cocks and such on Hosslers face she spoke up. Only problem is you couldn’t make out a damn thing she was saying. The meaning of Hossler is To make a fool of one's self(verb). A dumb individual(noun). It is quite fitting screen name for her.


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