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Seen here, doing a Hitler-walk in San Francisco.

Brad Fitzpatrick, also known as Lj-favicon.png bradfitz and Lj-favicon.png brad, is a geek and the founder of LiveJournal (if you haven't heard of it, then congratulations on your new computer — we're surprised you found your way here).

In January 2005, Brad sold LiveJournal and its parent company, Danga, to Six Apart. This buyout allowed him to purchase more hookers and blow than ever possible in the past. His other hobbies include software developing and asking members of damnportlanders to buy him some booze.

Brad's mom is Sandy, who is a total MILF—provided that, in this case, the "F" stands for "forget".

On August 6, 2007, Brad left LiveJournal as a result of fans spamming his e-mail over The Great Livejournal Strikethrough of 2007. However, he returned on December 3rd after being offered a new throne in the wake of some serious business

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It is also a well know fact, that Brad is indeed a bitch.

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