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Edray shows his unwarranted self importance to someone who couldn't really care. Ironically, AN1MAT0RS convinced Alex that VidLii is pointless
Poor Little White Guy 3

Bourg Productions aka Edray1416 on VidLii (Powerword: Alex "Jonestein" Bourg) is a grassroots conservative commentator that likes to ride off the success (or lack of success depending on how you look at it) of True Capitalist Radio and Alex Jones. Alex Bourg as been around since the early days of JewTube, but no one really payed attention to him until Alex's mental issues came to light. Despite the fact that Bourg is against the alt-right, the MGTOW movement, and white nationalist movements for being too edgy for him, he has proven to be far more racist than any of the big time far-right e-celebs that exist. To understand Bourg Productions, one must have a "high IQ" to fathom his deep, thought provoking content. Alex would go from a conservative nobody to one of the biggest jokes on the right wing of the political spectrum. Alex is basically what you get if you took every single meme about 30-year old boomers on 4chan and turned the meme into an actual, living breathing being. Alex's main source of internet infamy came on VidLii, a failed shitty JewTube alternative that went nowhere, where he cucked out against a group of people who are slightly left leaning on a video about segregation. After Alex posted that controversial video that no one really gave two fucks about outside of triggered pink-haired feminists and filthy normie pleb Redditors that have invaded the website, Alex Bourg would go on a sperg out that would cause him to delete his channel in order to move his work to BitChute only for ShitChute's community to completely destroy him. Alex's crowning achievement, however, would be his shitty attempts at trying to land himself on ED without communicating with the staff directly. At one point Alex Bourg had his article deleted because it was nothing more than bogus drama related to a website that not many go to, which caused the ED staff to see that the VidLii niggers were trying to write a PA request on a internet nobody that no one with a remotely rational mind should care about. Now that Alex has spread his drama all over the internet that started on VidLii, he will cause drama wherever he goes causing Alex Bourg to forever be known as an epic lolcow.

From Humble Beginnings, The Epic Life of Alex "Jonestein" Bourg

The story of Alex Bourg tells a simple yet tragic tale of a regular white man, who had huge dreams in life. Bourg's biggest goal in life was to one day become a filthy capitalist jew like his father David "Jonestein" Bourg who accumulated vast amounts of wealth by learning how to trade stocks, acquiring equity in property, and being a general competent businessperson. David Bourg, being a successful businessman, wanted to see his son be just like him- a young, rich capitalist who would use his wealth to spread the word of God. Unfortunately for Bourg, things started to go downhill for him ever since that the once booming town he lived in became FUCKING GAY. These GAY COMMUNIST NIGGER parasites destroyed everything white about the area, causing Alex Bourg and David Bourg to forever wallow in poverty. Alex Bourg got used to the ghetto life knowing that his Nintendo entertainment system can provide a means of escape from the grim reality that was the communist utopia.

Nintendo could not keep Alex Bourg happy forever, sadly, and he eventually reached the day that changed his life forever. Bourg would later get cucked by a black man, an experience that would eternally torment his memory. When a BASED BLACK MAN named Chad approached Bourg, Bourg had no choice. Bourg reached a flight or fight crisis and had to scream COMMUNIST NIGGER at the top of his lungs. BOURG'S LIFE WAS IN DANGER!!! THE BLACK FOLK WERE NOT KIDDING ABOUT GANG RAPE!!! This BASED BLACK MAN would make Bourg cry henceforth whenever he spotted a black person. Things were looking down for poor Alex Bourg due to his traumatic childhood experience with the niggers so he and his dad rented out a farm to grow plums, an act that saved his life. A widely known story that was gathered from one of the townsfolk during a church congregation when Alex was just 9 years old, a few years after the BASED BLACK MAN had Alex running for his life. During church, Alex Bourg punched the black preacher calling him a communist nigger causing his parents to ground him for a week.

Alex Bourg's parents were typical, loving parents. A few days after Alex Bourg was grounded, Bourg's parents advised him on a magical way that would get him out of poverty. Bourg's parents, who were too old to work at this point with Bourg's mom being nothing more than a withered old cunt, wanted Bourg to be a successful adult so they finally taught Bourg something that every scummy Millennial was lacking: responsibility. Bourg's parents told him that to be a responsible adult, you must lick the boot of Israel; and if you do not lick Israel's boots, you disrespect God's chosen people and go to hell. Bourg had a singular goal in mind. He would forever dedicate his live trying to promote the Israeli way in order to prove his half Jewish ancestry. The Jewish heritage that was brought onto his life at that young age would forever mold his consciousness. Once Bourg learned about the existence of JewTube and found his favorite channels, he knew that he could promote his part-Jewish identity forever using his fetish for lard, plums, and cheese to promote Israeli boot-licking.

The Anti-TBONE2004, Edray's first channel

Bourg knew that he needed to promote the Zionist lifestyle somehow, and sought to initiate a plan incepted at the time he joined YouTube. This plan would put him in the spotlight that he lusted for since the get-go. He began to attack channels that were more popular than his. Bourg began to call himself the Anti-TBONE2004 where he would attack TBONE, a once famous JewTube commentator that has since fallen from glory. Bourg even planned to make a cartoon of TBONE2004 that was clearly inspired by Sonichu the Animated Series, because Bourg is totally original in everything he does. For a long time, people just ignored Edray, but TBONE2004 came to challenge Edray to a debate. Once Edray's lard fetish was exposed, TBONE wrecked the Anti-TBone2004 to the point that Bourg would have to change the focus of his channel. From that point onward, the Anti-TBONE2004 pivoted from attacking TBONE to making videos about lard instead to get ad revenue.

The Lifestyle of Alex "Jonestein" Bourg

A significant portion of Bourg's life involves shoving lard up his ass like a faggot pozzhole fist-lover. His usual day consists of playing old Nintendo or Sega consoles, pretending to cultivate crops that do not grow because he is too busy playing games, dying alone, fucking trees, or sitting on his fat ass eating lard. In other words, Bourg has proven himself to be as lazy as those who he criticizes. Bourg is basically the white trash analog of a nigger: a fat and ugly welfare leech that contributes nothing but burden to society.

The Controversy in Bourg's Videos

One notable thing Bourg likes to do is paint himself as a controversial figure when there is no controversy. The only thing controversial in his videos is Bourg acting like a sperg and then acting like an even bigger sperg when being confronted with a topic that he can't debate or answer. Bourg is so bad at debating that he makes Tomi Lahren seem brilliant. The main drive behind the edge in his content is the fact that it's so mediocre that other people who are known for their edge have covered his videos. These edgy JewTubers would then live their lives by making fun of his terrible content, using his channel as a personal punching bag and lashing out with their frustration and weaponized autism. One would think that Bourg's most controversial video would be his video promoting segregation but this is completely incorrect to those who follow his content. The real controversy instead lies in Bourg's incredibly sophisticated intelligence where it is a proven fact that Bourg has a "high IQ". Checkmate Atheists! Bourg has made a good number of notable statements found on his videos or social media accounts that will make you question your own existence.

Alex Bourg Versus Veganism

Bourg's detractors mocked Bourg for the idea that shoveling lard down your throat will make your life happier. Bourg knew that his detractors were Communist so he had do to something to piss them off, attack veganism. In his rant against vegans, he states that the ones that eat only vegetables do not get any proteins and minerals that are found in animal meat in their diets. Bourg believes that lard will give people super powers in a similar matter to how Popeye gets his strength from spinach. Edray wants to eat all the lard for himself hoping to become the conservative badass that he always wanted to be, but unfortunately he cucks out to those that he claims are people who do not use logic in their arguments despite the fact that he uses faulty reasoning to support his bogus points.

Edray Whines About VidLii Becoming a SJW Honeypot Despite Having no Mods (Edray Cucks Out)

Edray cucks out.
Edray gets SHOAHED
Edray gets mad when ever God's Chosen people are being held accountable for their crimes.
VidLii users cause Edray to quit making videos forever.

Edray is a confirmed trans-generational boomer.

As the community of VidLii grew, they started to "accept" more and more trannies and LGBT people into the community thus increasing the amount of Tumblrinas and Redditards on the website. Like most scenarios where this happens, it isn't noticeable at first but as time goes on the ones trying to subvert the entire website with communism end up showing their true colors. On the day it was demonstrated that VidLii is in fact Reddit in video form, the VidLii community decided to react retardedly to a racist video about re-segregating America posted by Bourg. Instead of taking the video as a joke, the VidLii community directed an autistic SJW-esque hate mob towards Edray, doing whatever they can to get him b& and unsurprisingly they succeeded.

On Vidlii, his arch nemesis was revealed as a cunting kid named JReviews, a 11 year old boy that Edray thought was a girl since he was too clever to research his gender for himself. On some of his videos he has admitted to stalking other VidLii users such as ShadowLeggy, ToroFA, and KokoAnimations hoping to find a boyfriend. After sperging out on VidLii, Edray landed on ED viewing his page as an accomplishment. Edray, not being the brightest man, decided to take ED and the internet seriously by going full OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN MODE thus causing himself to terminate his video account along with his entire internet presence. Ever since Edray went on VidLii has been forever scared by the vicious SJW trolls causing him to have suicidal thoughts and making him question whether or not he should make videos ever again. Edray frequently posts on Gab bitching and moaning about whether or not Jesus will take him to his funeral the day he finally an heros. After Edray finished screaming like a little bitch on the internet, he produced a video revealing that his whole goal in life was to get an ED page...which later got deleted due to it being all about his time on VidLii and the fact that Edray himself had pathological levels of unwarranted self-importance. To this very day, Edray wishes to become the e-celeb he always wanted to be. Edray later came back as a Natosexual believing that his performance as a JewTube star would be funny and memorable. This video would later cause a shift in what kind of content he does. From that day forward, he no longer does commentary but instead does lame random videos. He made two different videos that were different from his usual style, one where he fucks a tree and another where he goes full 1488 in a sarcastic matter and invites his black friend in the process.

Edray Gets Targeted by SJWs and Soyboys and Can't Take the Heat About missing Pics
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Alex Bourg's First Attempt at An Heroing

On Gab, Bourg was met with various comments from former VidLii users telling him to go drink antifreeze. It was no surprise to anyone, then, that Bourg would talk about killing himself on Gab. A few days later his former co-workers who forgot about Edray's existence, but also happened to worked at his former job, began to make observations about a random fat man using lard and alcohol to ignite himself; but alas Edray had the body of Rasputin and survived the third degree burns. The fire failed to burn a single body part. Angry at not dying, Edray then decided to shoot himself in the head killing himself for good, or at least for now.

Edray attempts to kill himself on Gab

Edray's Magic Garden Blessed by the Lord God himself

A few days after Edray was thought to have offed himself, Edray being one of God's chosen ones, saw Jesus come to his house. Jesus noticed that without Edray on this planet, all of the non-processed lard in the world would vanish overnight due to a lack of demand in the market forcing people to witness a day known as The Crisco Nightmare, a dark day in history where everyone would die on the streets due to a lack of Vitamin D and saturated fat. In a few days, Edray came back from the dead with the help of his lord and savior Jesus Christ and crystal meth. In the beginning when Jesus saw Edray's stockpile of lard, Jesus gazed upon the lard, and He saw that it was good. The lard brought forth vegetation: plums yielding seed of every kind, and plum trees of every kind bearing plum with the seed in it. And Jesus saw that it was good. And on the seventh day, Jesus finished the work that he had done, and he rested after all the work that he had done. And the LORD God Jesus Christ planted a garden near Edray's home, in the east; and there he put the man whom he had formed. Edray had woken up from his short nap, seeing what Jesus did while he was asleep. Jesus had given Edray a second chance at life, he did not leave a word about what he did to Edray or his garden while he was gone, but Edray went outside and saw that it was good. Edray had to make sure that no one ruined God's garden. Edray saw a snake come to his land, a snake that took orders from Darkscythe. This snake was a shapeshifting reptilian and also a COMMUNIST NIGGER. Now the communist was craftier than any other wild animal that the LORD God had made. Edray spake unto the communist, 'You shall not eat of the plum of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, nor shall you touch it, or you shall die." Edray met him and yelled, "COMMUNIST NIGGER, you better not steal these plums." The shapeshifting reptilian had a name, Mike Maverick, who was after Edray's plums. Edray then sprinkled holy water on him. The nigger was done for and that was the end of Mike Maverick and his story, or at least for the time being.

Alex Bourg Moves to BitChute

Bourg, angry at VidLii's piss poor management, needed to leave that shithole. VidLii had already faced 6 different category 5 autism storms that proved to everyone that VidLii was near-invincible. Edray began to move to ShitChute only for something magical to happen. Bitchute would disappoint Edray by being too liberal for him. Video after video, people would downvote Edray's videos or troll him in the comments section. Edray's pepes were boiling too fast. He couldn't take it, so he did something that would put him in the spotlight once more: make videos screaming about his trolls that he gathered on VidLii.

Alex Bourg Vs. The Glow in the Dark CIA Niggers

Edray gets blacklisted from his Klan rallies.

A few months after Edray had left VidLii for good, Darkscythe, a poor man's Mister Metokur who is also leader of the Nazbol gang, would fake his own arrest just to lure Edray into making himself look like an idiot. Edray would then make his video, The Rise and Fall of Darkscythe, which would go down as his worst video yet. Edray talks about how Darkscythe started off good when his channel wasn't about politics and then went bad when he went liberal despite the fact that he was already one to begin with, demonstrating that Edray has no clue what he is talking about. Edray, not knowing that Darkscythe was in fact a communist nigger, completely gave him flashbacks to a traumatic experience he had as a child: the fight with the BASED BLACK MAN. Edray knew that BASED BLACK MAN was too much for him, so he took a short break from the internet to make himself a lard sandwich with onions and plums. Shortly after he posted and finished his lard based meal, Edray revealed on that he was getting blackmailed by the CIA. ToroFA wanted revenge on Edray for stalking her so ToroFA decided to go screw up Edray's life by doxxing him and got Edray blacklisted from every place Edray can find a job due to every single employer knowing about Edray's racist faggotry in advance. Edray and ToroFA would then begin a full on flame war where Edray always lost. At one point, Edray tried to apologize in a vain effort to stop the incontinent shitshow that was his OL life. A few days later, Edray gained more information about ToroFA claiming that she was responsible for the assassination of Terry Davis. Anyone that believes that Edray is paranoid or acting retarded for attention is automatically deemed a CIA Nigger or a fucking chink.

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Alex Bourg Magically Transforms into a NPC

Edray screams at the thought of a black person being a white nationalist just like a good goy.
You can feel the salt coming from Edray.

Bourg being a huge failure at life and as a conservative commentator eventually transformed into something he would never dream of becoming, a member of the Alt-Reject also known as Right-Wing NPCs, a series of unconnected douchebags who are so pathetic that they are the joke of the very communities they represent. Bourg made himself so pathetic that his channel could be compared to the likes of Kraut and Tears and the Vigilant Christian. Bourg caught attention of a magic communist nigger known as Mike Maverick who constantly shouts NPC memes at his face.

Darkscythe, Self Proclaimed Leader of the Nazbol Gang, Gang-rapes Edray Live

Edray gets angry at MikeMaverick's parody account.

Darkscythe NAZBOL anon from leftypol rekts Edray live

Once Edray's only friend, Darkscythe, saw that Edray was posting nonsense or at least nonsense that isn't verifiable unless Edray shows the actual court documents about how Edray's former girlfriend works for the CIA, but so far Edray has not brought any real evidence or proof to back up any of his claims. Edray wants people to believe that his former girlfriend is a highly trained CIA agent that took down the twin towers, participated in CIA black operations, and helped jump start the Iraq war. All of what Edray is posting comes from anonymous sources that are feeding him information. Edray believes in these nonsensical allegations in the same matter that someone like Christian Weston Chandler would. Either Edray is being dumb or Edray is posting this nonsense to give ToroFA more fame because Edray has not moved on from his crush that he never met or seen in person. Darkscythe after finding Edray's video on the Rise and Fall of Darkscythe cringewrothy and also Edray's comments about going to court because of his interactions with ToroFA to be baseless, he began to start a debate against Edray in hopes to get information on what Edray is thinking. Not surprisingly, Edray won the debate instead of Darkscythe since Darkscythe felt like that Edray was a special needs good goy so he told Edray that he won just to make him feel better inside.

Edray Returns to VidLii

Edray has recently returned to VidLii to make videos again and he was met with positive reception perhaps due to the lack of good content creators on the website. Edray has also apologized for his terrible poorly made video on segregation after having a debate with a conservative broadcast that goes by the name of Opinions and Beer. Only time will tell if he rage quits the internet again.

Types of Videos

Bourg was renowned for producing various different types of videos all of which could launch a thousand lols by simply watching them.

  • Internet Pioneers - One look at the series will put you to FUCKING SLEEP. Known for stealing research from Wikipedia.
  • Commentary Insanity - A series of videos where Bourg takes the moral high ground by attacking people crazier than himself. Known for stealing research from ED or Kiwi Farms and also shamelessly ripping off Mister Metokur.
  • Conservative Commentaries - Bourg's other series of videos jumping on the slideshow commentary bandwagon by picking random avatars that doesn't fit his personality or his character (which says a lot in the slideshow commentary community). But much like Internet Pioneers, the entertainment value of this series is nothing but pure boredom and also known for stealing research from Wikipedia.
  • Wrestling Videos - Edray is a huge fan of WWE. These videos are about the same quality as his other content at least until he starts mentioning Hulk Hogan who he has a huge hate boner for. He claims that Hulk Hogan had killed more wresting careers than Hitler did Jews.
  • VidLii Reviews - A series of videos that were once on VidLii until Bourg deleted his channel. In this series he tries to give asspats to a bunch of nobodies in order to look like an honest reviewer. BONUS DICKSUCKING if he is reviewing one of his OL ex-waifus.
  • No Respect - Not a Rodney Dangerfield retrospective, but a series of videos where Edray talks about people who deserve No Respect. It's basically the same as Internet Insanity but with simple gimmick. These videos were made when he returned to JewTube after getting ASSBLASTED the first time and stopped once Edray got tried of the gimmick and also because people stopped viewing his channel once they knew that these videos were made by Edray.
  • Conservative Topics - Videos where he praises Israel as the land of God's chosen people despite incontrovertible proof that the Jewish people are traitors to Christ which is written in the Necronomicon.
  • Plums, Lard, Cheese Videos (aka Health Advice) - A series of videos where Bourg fetishizes plums, lard, and cheese. Those that do not know the difference between processed oils that kill people and real fats will go WTF due to Bourg's piss poor presentation and illogical horseshit. In one video, Bourg tells people that exercise is a joke because he doesn't like getting off the couch.

Other Articles on Edray

Social Media Accounts

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See Also

  • Alt-Right - Despite Edray being far more racist than Richard Spencer, he does not want a white ethnostate and also hates the Alt-Right because they insulted God's chosen people.
  • Zyklon Ben Garrison - What Edray wishes he could be.
  • Baby Boomer - Edray seems like a boomer at first since he is bald but he is actually 33.
  • Mister Metokur - One of Edray's main inspirations for making content. Unfortunately, when Edray tries to imitate his channel he falls flat.
  • Ghost - Edray is a former follower of True Capitalist Radio who ditched his show when it ended with Ghost becoming a COMMUNIST NIGGER. Ghost got butthurt and called Edray, a 30 year old basement dweller that waxes his carrot to cartoon plums.
  • Amerimutt - Edray's real race.
  • Donald Trump - Edray is an obvious fan since he is a conservative.
  • SJWs - Edray apologizes to SJWs and gets butthurt real easily.
  • GurigorloX - A commentator that is even shittier than Edray. Got rekt badly in a debate with Edray.
  • MGTOW - Edray considers them to be the far right version of feminists.
  • VidLii - The pile of shit that gives Edray nightmares.
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Adam L. GoldsteinAl FrankenAlan MooreAlbert EinsteinAlex HirschAlicia VikanderAliza ShvartsAmy PascalAmy SchumerAndrew BreitbartAndy KaufmanAngelina JolieAniMatAnita SarkeesianAriana GrandeAyn RandBaruch GoldsteinBeastie BoysBen GarrisonBen ShapiroBen SteinBernie GoetzBernie MadoffBernie SandersBobby KotickBourg ProductionsBrie LarsonCasey NeistatChelsea ClintonChris SavinoChuck SchumerDan HarmonDan SchneiderDaniel BenfieldDanny ElfmanDaron NefcyDavid DraimanDavid KatzDebbie SchlusselDianne FeinsteinEd RendellEinsidlerEli KozinElliot RodgerElon MuskEmiNetEric AbramovEthan KleinFrank MillerGeorge SorosGirlvinylGreville JannerHarvey WeinsteinHenry KissingerHenry MakowHoward SternIce PoseidonJacob StellmachJared KnabenbauerJarlaxleArtemisJeff GoldblumJeffrey EpsteinJennifer LawrenceJerry SeinfeldJerry SpringerJesusJewWarioJim SterlingJoe LiebermanJohn KricfalusiJohn OliverJon StewartJonathan YanivJoshua Conner MoonJussie SmollettJustin RoilandKevin SmithKumichooKurt EichenwaldLauren FaustLena DunhamLinda MackLyor CohenMandoPonyMark ZuckerbergMatt StoneMaury PovichMichael BloombergsavetheinternetMichael RichardsMichael SavageMila KunisMiriam LazewatskyMonica LewinskyMonica RialMosesMoshe FinkbergMundaneMattNatalie PortmanNeil GaimanNihilistic SnakePamela GellerPewDiePieQuinton ReviewsRachael MacFarlaneRahm EmanuelRebecca SugarRoman PolanskiRon JeremyRupert MurdochSacha Baron CohenSam HydeSeth MacFarlaneSeth RogenSusan WojcickiTara StrongThe Amazing RacistThe Fine BrosThe Krassenstein BrothersTim BurtonTodd GoldmanTodd HowardTony GoldmarkTrevor NoahDonald DrumpfWil Wheatonwillg8686Woody AllenYandereDevYank Barry

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