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The way to pick up Swedish chicks is to write songs about IRC.

Boten Anna is a song and music video by otherwise non-notable Swedish Tourette's nerd Basshunter about hooking up with an IRC bot. It has gained a following on the internet among basement-dwelling geeks who will never experience sex that is not text based and who are afraid of real girls anyway.

At the plot climax of the song it is suggested that Anna isn't a bot at all, but a real girl who wields a banhammer. This is ludicrous because everyone knows there are no girls in IRC. This is confirmed by the fact that Basshunter doesn't bother to tell her "tits or leave" (bots don't have tits, you perverts) and drives off into the sunset with his laptop.

The song was successful in spawning many shitty remixes from basement dwelling faggots and other notable faggots as well. The most notable being "Now You're Gone".

Boten Anna and Basshunter are immensely popular in Scandinavia (Finnish for "home of ABBA") where shitty dance music was invented. Rosa Helikopter has even been banned under the Geneva convention but is still used on detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

Basshunter's only other notable song, DotA, is a paean to the voice chat program Ventrillo.

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