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People with BPD can be recognized by the broken mirror effects on their faces.

Borderline personality disorder (AKA BAWWWderline or That thing my girlfriend has that makes her unbearable and fucking batshit crazy off her meds) is yet another made-up psychological disorder that includes people who are generally recognized as massive emos who never grew up. They are absolutely unbearable people to be around, and just plain fucking creepy. They constantly lie, manipulate, leech off of, and generally piss off everyone around them and in their lives. Like with all made-up disorders that really point to someone with just a really shitty personality, no cure has been found, and therefore all of the normal members of society must suffer even more due to these abominations of humans existing. Fortunately, sufferers of the disorder are also highly likely to kill themselves, and rightfully so.

Anyone claiming to have borderline personality disorder OTI are of course, wonderful trollbait and contain more lulz-per-pound than a furry convention. However, if you ever see one of these special individuals IRL, trolling is ill-advised. BPD can make some people very dangerous and they could become violent given enough irritation (though if they have the ability to actually harm you or not depends on the person). If you do decide to risk being decapitated by a raving lunatic, you'd best have a witness there to film dat shit and put it on YouTube.

A visual interpretation of the disorder.
Even Barney is a borderline emo fuck.


Borderlines tend to be emotionally manipulative, codependent, demanding, masochistic, paranoid, sexually deviant, and display temporary psychosis (meth-style) (but only when it is convenient at the moment). Borderlines are addicted to drama and have the emotional maturity of a three year old. They see people as either perfect or the enemy; this varies based on their mood at the time, which is prone to unpredictable and extreme swings. Some mental defectives within the psychiatric community have sought to rename this disorder "adolescence." The rate of co-morbidity between BPD, psychopathy, and NPD are so high that some experts consider BPD to simply be a female expression of psychopathy rater than a mental illness all on its own. Some psychologists refuse to work with Borderlines because they're walking piles of drama that are fucking exhausting to deal with.

Suffers of BPD are also known to constantly change their mind about everything, including their sexual orientation and even their gender. This phenomenon is also commonly embraced by art students and 16 year old girls who want to impress/freak out their (multiple?) boyfriends. Borderline go to extreme lengths to prevent abandonment, which in turn will often scare their partner away. A borderline will go to ridiculous lengths to force someone to stay with them, which can include stalking and spreading lies about abuse and rape.

People with BPD often experience something medically termed Being an Emo Douchebag (BED). They like to go on frantic emotional rants, often on their LiveJournal and how they can't relate to other people, making them well-deserved sad-sack loners. This often leads to them becoming self-injurers and possibly even An heroes because nobody thinks they are hardcore. This symptom of self injury has led every emo in the world to e-diagnose themselves with BPD. However, death by suicide is very rare in people with Borderline, as 99% of suicide attempts committed by Borderlines are done for attention.

Asking for it:


BPD is commonly thought to be caused by childhood trauma, such as being touched by your uncle, having a lost loved one, or having been neglected. However, most of the time it's just because the person is being a self-centered manchild or an unbearable, narcissistic, rampaging slut who thinks one's emotions are the most important thing in the world, and also one who loves to make other people suffer due to their fucked-up emotions. People with BPD often tell therapists that they were abused as a child even though they weren't, in order to hide the fact their 'disorder' is caused solely by their own repugnant personality. The disorder is often, and rightfully treated like a joke due to the self-diagnosis of thousands of people via WebMD.

None of this is true. BPD people are just shitty human beings, and that's all there is to it. They do not have a mental illness, there is something disordered in the person whom they are.

Essentially, a BPD person is an infant dressed up as an adult. Everything is either 100% wonderful or 100% awful, and which way it is is never their fault - its always someone else's fault. BPD people take no responsibility for their internal emotional state, and spew that emotional state onto everyone and everything in the immediate vicinity. Infants. Babies with legal power to (for instance) drive a car, or sign a lease.


At present, there is no cure for BPD, though many sufferers tend to self-medicate through such means as gluttony, drug abuse, self-injury, excessive spending, gambling, stealing, driving recklessly, and having unsafe sex. These drug-addicted dangers-to-society then post videos of themselves doing aforementioned behaviors on YouTube or elsewhere, although their attention-binge ends at some point when they go too far and promptly win themselves a luxurious bubble bath vacation with Bubba.

An experiment conducted at a London laboratory recently showed that arsenic cured the disease with a 75% success rate. Death counted as a success, fortunately.


Borderlines are known for writing "poems" and producing other forms of "art" to try and make others feel sorry for them.

That's how I think of myself.
Wanting, needing the razors
to feel alive.
Getting so upset over
something most people would shrug off.
But I'm not like most people.
I'm like a Borderline.
Because I am a Borderline,
The creepy thoughts I have,
about the satisfaction of death.
My death,
other people's death,
are a regular thing for me.
The intense anger and tear filled eyes
that I get out of nowhere are
sometimes too much to handle.
And when I tried to die
noone saw my pain because all I am to them
is just another Borderline.
I'm just another Borderline.



An emo fuck

Do you know what it’s like?
You don’t, do you?
Only some of us do.
Our selective little group of Borderlines.

Everybody hates you.
Thinks you make things up for attention.
Noone understands you.
Even the psychiatrists are sick of hearing about your problems.
They’re the ones who are supposed to help.
Always accuding you of being overdramatic.
Do you know what it’s like?
Mood swings.
Major mood swings.
Anger, violence, distress.
Those are common,
Oh so common.
In the life of a Borderline.



An attention whore

Do you know what it’s like?
Having urges to spend all you have,
To have this need to run around the street
With a butcher knife?
Having the mentality of
A child,
No control over your emotions.
Do you know what it’s like?
Feeling like you can’t love someone,
And thinking nobody loves you?
Loving yourself one minute,
Confidence on the top on the world,
And thinkning negatively about yourself
Only a minute later?
Do you know what it’s like?
To feel so misunderstood,
To feel like noone cares?
Having this empty feeling inside of you,
That just won’t go away.



On the internet

As well as dominating and spamming sites such as LiveJournal and DeviantArt with their attention-seeking melodrama, people with BPD have tried to form 'online communities', much like Aspies. Similar to the Aspie sites, the 'online communities' focus around complaining about people who are not like them. However, unlike the Aspies, Borderlines communities focus around self-pity instead of arrogance.

After observing some of these people on the internet, it becomes very clear that they just can't do anything without it revolving around them being a pathetically emo moron. One such site that is dedicated to people with Borderline Personality Disorder is Clearly run by someone with BPD, they have made sure to cover it in gloomy colors and have vague, monotone photographs on the front page, and untrue 'statistics', as to emphasize how depressing they are. For a taste of the drama available at this site, please head over to the 'Common Misconceptions' section, written by a borderline who doesn't know what 'misconception' means.

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