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bonzi_b is also a cougar magnet.

Bonzi_b, also known as The Lord of Chats is a user on the ED IRC network and can at times be seen roaming around Freenode and Rizon looking for potential targets to hardchat until they're in a fetal position crying for their mommy. He's known for his amazing rapping skills that makes 2pac look like a talentless nigger, and all around hardchatting.

He often is protective of his sister (who has fetal alcohol syndrome), and will lose his shit and spam you if you mention the slightest negative comment towards her. Bonzi_b's dream is to be a nigger, specifically Biggie, in his quest to achieve full niggerdom he's often seen rapping in various channels. Recently he has been doxing himself so people will fight him, so if you have the chance, go beat his ass (Though you will just find a general store), be careful, it's been confirmed that he has an AK and isn't afraid of going out shooting.

He is known to have ruined multiple users by doxing them, hardchatting them into oblivion, or both. Since his mortal enemy melt isn't around anymore to harass him and his retarded sister, he has been seen blogging in #buttnerd and rapping in #ed trying to convince people that he's black.

<Nicotine> I come here to watch bonzi_b's rap lyrics


—Nicotine, a perfect example of bonzi_b's eagerly expectant audience

A Sampling of Bonzi

<bonzi_b> soup fags


—bonzi_b, greeting his beloved IRC peers

<bonzi_b> u inferior fucking rice chilkd what do u want


—bonzi_b, doing what he does best

<bonzi_b> one one oht fi pon dem tallowah NIGGA


—bonzi_b, being a wigger

<bonzi_b> i dropped out of highschool and i smoke like 8 grams of weed a day


—bonzi_b, still being a wigger

Lyrics (With improved grammar and spelling!)

Being a true inspiration for bonzi (as well as a source for wet dreams), Biggie Smalls would be the only person bonzi would ever suck cock for (or even like) if it weren't for him getting shot to pieces like all gangstas do.

2 Seater

I'm in a two seater
Two cups and two liter
Two bitches
No room
I need a new speaker
One of them hoes
Put the heel of a stiletto thru my tweeters
Now it's hard to hear the trebel
I got my cardigan disheveled
Utter my name
My white tee is torn
And all covered in stains
Straight out the gutter I just came
My older cousin's deranged
They locked him up in E's
He drove my mother insane 
Now I'm a King

Somethin' Gangster

This is somethin' gangster
We do it like the mafia
I can't tell no secrets
I can't show you the codes
You call me a C-Rab
That's your fuckin' head
You come around my pad uninvited
And you're fuckin' dead
I don't know you
But I fuckin' said
You ain't fuckin' with me, Face, or Brazy Reds

Brand New

Brand new clip
Brand new nine
Brand new bitch
Brand new ride
Brand new weed
Brand new high

Locked in 2 The Truth

I'm locked into the truth
Just to keep out the lies
What's in my success
Is my demise
And I'll probably never make it
But just know I tried
I just wanna make it through tonight
I hope everything will be alright

4 My Shooters

bust one
squeeze one
i do this for my shooters
and not 4 bammers out here
talkin tough behind computers :)
i just hit the club
and then i tell these bitches
choose up.
and u know my money long
there is no sense to get ur ruler
that dope money
that blow money
that blood money
that show money
that slow money
that 94
them small faces
that old money :)
that yellow ho
i trapped that
her hair long
and her ass fat
im GQ
ima class act :)
and i been thru it all
like a lab rat
Diamond in the back
woodgrain on the dash
and ur boy drive stock
candy rims on smash
2 dope style
i dont ever say #swag
bandana on my face
strapped like an a-rab

Sure Shot

there'll be shottas shot
i done shot a lot
shot the nine
shot the rock
sure shot
shot for sure
but im s e c u r e :)


<bonzi_b> conducting a drug deal OTI

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