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The totally original login screen of BonziWORLD ( Does it remind you of something?
A screenshot of the public chat room ( when it's not filled with infinite amount of autists and skiddies.

BonziWORLD is a shitty cheaply-made Web 2.0 chatting website stylized as the experience of your computer being assraped by BonziBUDDY. Founded in mid-2016 by "heyjoeway" (Powerword: Joseph Judge, aka "jojudge"), who has grown to hate the project and everything about it. BonziWORLD is one of those websites that every sperg has to end up discovering via JewTube videos, along with GoAnimate and VidLii; as a result, over 93% of the site's users are 12 year-old Objectophilliac script kiddies that get off to gacha porn. If you even slightly enjoy this site, you're guaranteed to have a mental disability.

The original is long down, but there are plenty of pointless shitty revivals floating around the interwebz.

Basically, it's a shitty meme site (and an unfunny one at that).


This section covers only the most basic shit as everything else is documented on every revival's README.

  • /name [name] - Changes your Bonzi's name. PROTIP: You can include "{NAME}" in your name (Any instances of {NAME} in a message will convert to the nametag of the Bonzi that sent the message) (ie. "{NAME} is a nigger"), so you can make a 6-year-old call himself an asshole for a tiny bit of lulz.
  • /color [color] - Changes your Bonzi's color. The default colors are: red, brown, green, blue, purple, black and pink. If you don't type one you'll be given a random one.
  • /speed [speed] (values: min 125, max 275) and /pitch [pitch] (values: min 15, max 125) - Change your Bonzi's voice.
  • /youtube [video ID] - Post a YouTube video (or you could just paste the entire URL of the video). This one's the best for lulz generating, especially if you post something that might offend someone.
  • /asshole [name] - Calls someone (in this case [name]) an asshole (you can also do it by right clicking the Bonzi and click "Call an asshole"). The "asshole" message is a popular with the BonziWORLD kiddies so you can identify them based on whether they use this "insult".

Administrators (or "Popes") Only

  • /sanitize off - Makes you immune to message sanitizing, meaning you can now send malware through a fucking monkey chat site!
  • /pope - Sets you to an unique Bonzi Pope color. For some reason, the autistic community really fucking loves this color and wants to have it, so they can say ">ban someone123 reason: UR A FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111", pretending they've just banned someone.

Besides that, you can also cancel out someone's message (the same menu as the Asshole option). You can also mute someone (same menu), this is commonly used by butthurt faggots, which is everyone on BonziWORLD.

Most BonziWORLD Servers will have those along with a fuck ton of other useless ones added in.

To summarize, BonziWORLD is a useless site that serves no lulz on its own (without the help of its community at least).

BonziWORLD Servers

Typical home-run BonziWORLD server. Keep in mind that THIS is still on the somewhat better side.

BonziWORLD servers are (usually) effortless modifications of the original website run by virgins who have an unhealthy obsession with a purple desktop monkey. Because everyone in the community is an autist, most of those servers are port-forwarded with most of them showing the host's IP, meaning any faggot can just run a cheap batch file that pings the server until the host's router turns into a black hole, leading to an epic win (unless the fucktard installed Cloudflare on it). Many of those servers are down half of the time, as they're hosted on 1984 IBM computers with a 2kbps dial internet.

  • (formerly BAWLEETED - The first and "Main" BonziWORLD server with a slightly better choice of features and a faggy modernistic UI shit added to it that contradicts the whole point of having BonziWORLD to look like Windows XP in the first place. Barely moderated to attract more infants. Also you can donate with e-shekels to "keep BonziWORLD alive", despite the fact that it's still up even though no one donates it. Went down from October 7th 2019 to January 2020 because of exploits. The site has shut down on May 20th, 2022, along with its classic counterpart.
  • -'s even more retarded equivalent. This one was never ever moderated and the latest patch happened never, therefore it's a warzone of screaming 9-year-olds who will shit out a large-ass grounded threat that goes on for eternity once trolled.
  • BonziWORLD Revived - The server to attract kiddies after pwnd itself. Made by a bipolar faggot called Seamus Cremeens, who can't decide if he loves or hates the site. It had a lot of useless shit crammed into it and had actual active moderation, which actually spawned a shit ton of angry homo videos of Bonzifags BAWWWWWWing. And then every bonzifag left BWR for when it came back, BWR died alone a while after. The site keeps getting killed off and revived 24/7 to this very day (by the said bipolar faggot) and therefore can't be qualified as either alive or dead. Seamus announced that the server is officially dead, how long will it take for him to change his mind?
  • - A short-lived Windows 10 UI server. It had the most useless skins and colors to the point where they started including Mario characters and OCs of some UTTP sandniggers with 10 subscribers. Assraped by BWR and turned into some animu school shit.
  • OnuteWORLD/BonziWORLD FE - A bloated clusterfucked piece of shit with 100000000000ms latency. The site's retarded skid owner logs people's IPs when they use the site. Its earlier UI would give you both a seizure, and AIDS, killing you instantly. There's also BonziWORLD FE (short for "Fastest Edition" which is the polar opposite of what the site really is), which is OnuteWORLD but somehow worse. That one died fortunately.

The Death of the OG

In July of 2019, the worn out original website has finally an hero'd and got shut down by Joseph Judge. Immediately after it happened, thousands of GoFags, Gachafags, and unwashed manchildren starting BAWWWWWing and started demanding the piss litter to return, but it never did, fortunately. The shutdown traumatized every single child that dedicated their worthless aspie lives to the website, but no worries! Skids that only know JavaScript from BonziWORLD spambots are here to create terrible re-runs which the demented 5-year-olds will surely enjoy.

The Community

the concept of BonziWORLD itself is not even bad, but the concept involves interaction with the users, and the BonziWORLD community is just fucking horrible and that's what makes it a deplorable website


Some argue

Bonzi GoFag.png

The BonziWORLD "Community" is a very terrifying and retarded fandom that surrounds this sorry excuse for a chatting client. It consists mostly of perverted 11-year-old boys (or "Kiddies") who get boners from Roblox Inflation MS-Paint pictures they find on DeviantART and script kiddies who inject shitty JavaScript exploits that do nothing but change the background and sometimes blast out earrape, which can all be removed by refreshing the page. Many faggots also use the site for online dating and buttsex roleplays.

With such an aspie fanbase, it should be completely expected for the BonziWORLD's userbase to be filled to the brim with latinos, niggers, other 3rd world monkeys, and jews. That is because BonziWORLD is simple enough for an average roach to understand, but also because of "Logo Editing Community" influence, which by itself is full of spics. Your average Pablo of BonziWORLD will very likely be a Logotard + GoFag or a toddler bouncing on his keyboard spamming gibberish.

Many Bonzitards usually post their retarded activities on YouTube, which are mostly something called BonziWORLD Reacts, where the user says "BonziWORLD Reacts to (video)" and then plays the video, thinking they'll reaction from other users in the room, when they usually cancel the video instead. There are also "gameplay" videos of BonziWORLD which last 15 to 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes of colored monkeys talking, very interesting indeed.

Typical BonziWORLD Reacts Video, recorded by some roach

What the fuck are they even looking at

Trolling BonziWORLD fans

BonziWORLD is a giant shitpot filled with GoFags, Objectfags, Skiddies and alike, so you could visit a few pages and their "Trolling" sections, as most of those will also work on Bonzifags. Here are the fun ways you can get them to rage.

  • Insult. That's literally it.
  • Tell them that BonziWORLD sucks.
  • Call them a "kiddie"
  • Make fun of anything they like.
  • Start a proper argument. They will short-circuit and/or go with their GoFag rage the moment you say your first "fancy word".
  • Bring up the fact that replacing strings and images on a shitty JavaScript "Virus" template is not hacking.
  • If they threaten to hack you, tell them that they're too autistic to understand anything that's not JS, so they aren't and never will be able to hack even a retard.
  • If you wanna completely shatter their epic haxor delusions, you could hack their accounts yourself, and watch as they cry.
  • If they try pulling off their "BonziWORLD Hate" or some other fake ITG bullshit, show them the videos of their BW obsession from just a year ago or less. But make sure you archive it first, in case the aspie 9-year-old attempts to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, which happens all the time.
  • Tell them that Jojudge did the right thing shutting this shithole down.

Notable BonziWORLDers

ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?

Because everyone at BonziWORLD is a full on autist (all with their own lulzworthy doings), it would be impossible to list them all. So here are some "Notable" ones.

Diogo Mendes

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Diogo "Doggis" Mendes.

Diogo (Powerword: Diogo Miguel Barros Mendes, known under the nickname "Doggis") is a severely autistic 16-year-old Porktuguese tranny psychopath who might be the closest thing you'll get to the BonziWORLD's CWC and has online dated people on Discord and BonziWORLD. He started out as an objectfag on YouTube who got popular from his poorly-made logo edits, reaching 400,000 subscribers before Niggatopia compromised his computer with RATware, haxed his channel and baleeted it.

Diogo has the first one to popularize this garbage site to kiddies, whereas before the website was only used by Vinesauce fanboys. Ever since 2017, the fetid children of this site worshipped this faggot while he was busy inviting more fucktards. Eventually, the entire chat client became a shitfest assburgers playground full of underage gofags. That did change when suddenly in mid 2020, hating Diogo became cool, and as always the little babies followed the trend.

Nowadays almost everyone hates Diogo, even a lot of various logo-faggots and 13-year-old boys who turned it into a cult that uses his videos as forced meme material, which is literally just associating Diogo with a Chilean restaurant called "DoggiS", and editing its commercials with KineMaster.

Other than that he does shitty webcam videos where he rages over some minor bullshit like dislikes or being called a name. He also makes retarded react videos to whatever garbage his cocksuckers send to him. Here are some (reuploads) of his tard rage videos, just to show how pathetic he really is:

An example of a "Ven a Doggis" meme, if you can even call it that

Typical reaction video.

Onute Saulute

With the power of Jabba Script, he will fuck ur shit up.
Daniel, the mastermind of graphic design.

Onute Saulute (Powerword: Danielius Paulavičius; also known as "Jabba Saulute" or just "Jabba") is a fat Lithuanian potato gargler, a GoFag, and a massive skid with terrible grammar. He's the very proud owner of OnuteWORLD, which is BonziWORLD if Chris-chan got his hands on the site,being slow as fuck and bloated with malware. He spends his time writing extremely lengthy TL;DR grounded threats, collecting old phones and jacking off to some shit called "Samsung Fun Club". This loser has also doxxed himself, proving his extreme autism levels. Onute also has a hate boner for some other fucktard called David Egan and wastes his life arguing with him and literally everyone else.

He also runs an illegal clone of GoAnimate called "Wrapper Offline Gold", which is where all the fucktarded children went after GoFagimate removed their themes.

i'll infect your phone with malware so you can't boot the android os
not fucking phone


—Then who was phone?

you are grounded! go to your room immediately and you fucking bitchass so I don't need it to my life please shut up you fucking bald nigger I don't want to hear your accountant and get a job if you use of year 18, so get dunked on nerd assholes, I have a semi confident to get a misuse complaint to kill with coronavirus and die in your country so you don't wanna to hate me instead, go ahead and what happens if you hatred and pussy out of me to hate me, get sick on covid-19 nigga, GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN DUMBASS, HYPOCRITCIZE ALL YOU WANT OR NOT. SHITASS IS YOUR FRIEND, GET A LIFE NERDIES, BOOBIES, YOU FANS ARE UTTP COMMUNITIES ASSES, INSTALL PROTEGENT OR ELSE DIE IN A LITERAL WORLD ON YOUR SPACE



engrish is for japans
you pedo


—But it's for lithuanias too!

What location that you hate BonziWORLD, did you send into other states on USA? Pulling states is illegal, so irrelevant. You want to be worstest person on BonziWORLD. Kiss your mom was a gay when FBI is coming to raid your house, you're perole, right? Alright, well your siblings are fuckin gay, they don't want you to hate BonziWORLD, so get the pathetic life loser. Buy some drugs, then get sick for drugs, and go to hospital you dumb. Go to heaven while you have ever died. Or I will fight like a karate then I will kick your organs, stomach and brains off.




Who broke bonziworld community?

Everything. I finished. You guys are hooligans, pedos, monsters, dragons and hippos. I was allowed to see what happened on the server today? Those people who accept and receive a new hotel and hunt for that IP address if the hotel has a new IP address. Do I need to leave again? See, Seamusmario is no longer hypocritical, nor is Seamusmario striving to be a better person. Seamusmario has a new channel because I revealed its IP address, and now Seamusmario will not broadcast live unless personalization is enabled. What a penis you guys constantly know and barricade for no reason. I hope your parents will annoy you and make you angry. Because we no longer use BonziWORLD. Because it’s very stupid. GoAnimate people who don't like the associated Bonkeyword because it can grab an IP address. I want to get those gofag IP addresses later. I want to make people run away as usual. And the last thing. If I close all of BonziWORLD, you will still call me jabba, a? If I delete an incompatible account? To me, it’s still called the word jabba, and you know you immediately came up with what word? You despise a little. Look at what I said, David Egan shows the index point that if Miguel de Oliveria Valentine will be discontinued? Miguel must be on a good list, David Egan - naughty for life. What if I delete my Google Account and change my trademark if I still call it jabba with disagreements? You knew everything. I don’t care if my IP address was made public, who cares that it just stays there and does nothing! Now I hate Sexy Wubbox because Diogo Mendes, who bombed the chat site port, doesn’t allow my internet to die at speed and speed. Who cares, just call me jabba, how do you like it, right? We have your IP address because the ports have been registered. The first magazine, Thonkbot IP, was shown when monsters suddenly closed the tab while visiting the site. not bad means the ip address was shown as new. vyond likes to block and offend the firewall. and the omle as well. i’ll play gba and leave again because you all hooligans dancing like chimpanzees have to be locked up at the zoo! these blocked sites suffer like anger! it is suspicious that we are seamusmario's partners again, because he has improved and wants to act again when mature, if not ... bonzio a similar world in a world where i would not see activity. this work affects persons and ducks, and what are the main threats! these people close close, hard to say you offer either gtfo or ddos! these people must move frequently! just go and you’re all black. i don't have uiggu! if i see a word called jabba again? i will put a bead out of you, and you can deserve to be driven out! rant users are good, but you rely on 300 dillecillion eon! now go to your room and tell your parents what you just did before! go now! the foxfan computer for managing and setting up system32 will be permanently deleted!


— And this one is not even the longest message he shat out. Are you impressed?

I was exposing the face for good, David Egan is nothing good for more, but I was trying to make fun of him, because it would be very funny. Also, we still fun of David Egan, making more angrier! I watched for two times. The copyright strike is not a remove, it's a ignoration of remove. But the best way, that is. It says that the description is really bad for me. I like calling out a hooligan word for it. Because I like to fun of David Egan. Also you know, the mutual organization was started proving why the user is not miguel, it's different but not PBYT. David Egan doesn't have a Discord Account. Because they don't like Discord. Besides, why David Egan makes presumptuous videos out of me. Think for all, it's a crime which I insulted an crime to him. And second for all, you can't send me to FBI, I'm in Lithuania. But there's no FBI on Europe, USA does. David Egan only lives in USA, but me live in Europe. That have a difference of regions. He was against and strong to report it immediately for me. I created the account and we took it down to make bad messages out of David Egan, now I ranted for not giving a nitro. Then for comeback, I was really mad at these users, because they blocked me or banned me. I was really using VPN and getting unbanned or creating an alt for it. When my video's are removed, I used to create a new Google account called "Samsung SGH-J700" on Huawei Ascend Y550. We knew the fonts that is Eurostile and Verdana.


—Him ranting on David Egan

YouTube Favicon.png YouTube channel Discord-favicon.png 600707238000328732 Discord ID LOL B& here's his Discord-favicon.png 880385119939076156 new account.

Seamus Cremeens/ItzCrazyScout

i never doxxed my self online retard


—Says Seamus after hosting his BWR server via his home IP adress and failing to censor his personal info


The bipolar autistic loser behind BonziWORLD Revived (from now on referred to as BWR) and a faglord that changes his mind on shit every 2 nanoseconds. Other than sitting on his ass wasting his life on playing TF2 and GMOD, Seamus dedicates his free time (which he has too much of) on writing ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsob stories on Twatter about being e-molested by some spic called Losky about 3 years ago, failing to realize that no one cares at this point and that the only reason he brings it up is because he got banned from Losky's Discord server or some shit.

Despite his multiple claims that he will "end BWR", he somehow magically never feels like doing so, and even when he does take it down, he brings it back up in about a week.

He also likes to whiteknight the little kiddies that inject the site with autism, claiming they're innocent and believing the internet is serious business and that trolling makes "teh situation"™ worse, even if done for the lulz.

As of July 2021 Seamus realized how much of a faggot he was to everyone, so he changed his mind again and decided to shut down BWR. He also deleted his twatter. But sadly since he forgot it, as of April 2022 he created BWR AGAIN under this domain (HE MENTIONS US LUL!!!).


Cosmic (short for Cosmic Xploitz and YouTube Favicon.png Cosmic TE) might be the the second biggest skid after Onute. This schizo basically thinks he's the master of JS and a "professional" bot maker even though he has no idea how to multiply 2 variables together. Just like other skids, he browses stackoverflow and pre-made code that he stitches together to make horrible abominations. He can be easily destroyed with facts and epic delusion shatterers. As shown here:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Cosmic loses an argument.png

Pastebinfavicon.png His godawful Pastebin ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). WARNING: Full of aids.

Other Nobodies

Here's everyone else:

  • Tyler London - A 14-year old niglet from New York who's a skid and pretends to hate BonziWORLD because he thinks he's cool by doing so. YouTube channel.
  • Rodrigo Gamer - A 9-year-old Brazilian thing that makes 6 million alts to hide and usually abandons his older alts. His alts are easy to identify as they usually are just "BonziBUDDY" or some other aspergic shit.
  • Geri/Bowgart/Pom Pom/Whitty/whatever - Hungarian 14-year-old child who did sex roleplays with Diogo when he was 12 until they broke up. He also pretends to hate BonziWORLD because it's some form of an autistic trend over there. Has some identity crisis and claims he's not "Geri".
  • SrKevonz - White version of Tyler London. Nuff said.
  • ArdaKirac - Some 13-year-old Turkroach who cums over BFB, "Barney Errors" and logo edits. Used to LARP as a BFB-n-BonziWORLD hating Internet Tough Guy to fit in with the cool kidz, but stopped because no one took him seriously. He now wastes his time spamming grounded threats and drooling over bonziworld, undoing months worth of his ITG LARP.
  • "Dioga" - Used to be an imaginary girlfriend for Diogo. Nowadays, the name "Dioga" is associated with Diogo due to his tranny status.
  • "Charles Stansell" - A fake character alt created by Tyler and managed by people like Diogo. Spams PornHub links and porn ads, showing how even such a simple dead meme chatting site can cause AIDS in someone's brain. Some say Charles is real person and that Tyler impersonates him.

The funny thing is that most of these fuckwits pretend to hate BonziWORLD only to get free whiteknighting and worship. Mostly because no one on this rotten shithole has the balls to actually fucking leave it. There's also numerous schizos in the community who impersonate other retards or make fake characters (ie, the already mentioned Charless Stansell, but also other fakes like James Stansell or Jeffery Joseph). Try identifying anyone in that community.

BonziWORLD fags About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The May 12th event

May 12, 2021 was a "special" day, promoted as the end of BonziWORLD servers, started in April when some random autistic anon wannabe started spreading shit about him and his scary hacker buddies planning to take down BonziWORLD on May 12th. And so he got Bonzifags to spread his message, and they did, like the mindless shit puppets they were. Eventually, the whole community knew about this event, BAWWWWWIng about the end of an abomination that should've died long ago.

The funny thing is that the user in the screenshot of the video is fake and the user is not even Seamus. Just more proof it was all staged shit made as an attention grab.

What happened to BonziWORLD on May 12th


Nothing happened, obviously. Even if it were to happen, Tyler London was supposed to take part in it, meaning it would've been some ineffective JS injection spam anyway.


BonziWORLD fuckery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


How an average BonziWORLD user reacts to being banned

Typical tryhard LOL BAWWWLEETED

Yes, part twenty-fucking-six.

See Also

BonziWORLD users are known to be unbearably annoying.

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BonziWORLD Server Links


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