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Bob Sager is a meme that sprang unexpectedly from the Womb of 4chan's /g/. Bob Sager's legacy started due to a Internet Tough Guy claiming his Sager 5791 notebook was able to run Call Of Duty 4 on highest settings on the highest resolution. A few quick googles revealed that this poster was making this up as his Sager notebook had roughly the power of a $300 Desktop. The kicker was this particular laptop was priced at $2300 and most posters from more legitimate notebook review sites claimed the notebook of only being able to play most games on medium settings with little or no lag. The poster, being dethroned so quickly, start making up excuse after excuse of why he needed the Sager but, the damage was done and the most epic /g/ meme of all time was born.

8 Hours of Sager Shitstorm:

Instantly every post was flooded with the signature meme "Sager 5791, $2300, Games on medium laptop" filled every thread on /g/. For 8 hours non-stop not a single thread of any topic was left un-tainted by this meme. Most posts were something along the lines of "You guys should check out the Sager 5791, $2300, Games on medium laptop. It will play most games on medium without much lag." These posts went on for 8 hours straight until modfaggotry sprang to action and attempted to permaban a few users but, were unsuccessful due to dynamic IPs.

The Bob in Sager.

The elected mascot for the Sager Meme was none other than legendary actor Bob Saget. His name was mutated to Bob Sager and a new legacy was born. Some say that Sagat from Street Fighter was another option but, it was soon dismissed due to lack of potential. Most posts that used the Sager meme were accompanied by a picture of Bob Sager. Some say that it was only one person trying to force the meme but, this was proven incorrect as when the modfags came with the banhammer Bob Sager still lingered quite a few posts afterwards. One of the more overlooked facts that makes the Bob Sager meme so notable is the fact that it is nearly impossible to start a meme in /g/. This is due to the fact that most posters on /g/ think they are gifted and that their internets are even more serious business than the serious business of the Internet. They are quick to dismiss any lulz that doesn't involve mathematical equations, Bill Gates porn, or other forms of more sophisticated lulz. It is hard to get memes past their arrogance but, through pure determination of a few lulz seekers Bob Sager was able to bypass the /g/ Nazis and continue for hours. Most of the hardcore /g/fags left saying they were too cool to stay on /g/ during Bob Sager's rule, but, it is known they left to go masturbate to porn made by the guy from the MAC commercials.


During the course of the Bob Sager shitstorm another meme tried to piggyback its way into fame but, was not as successful as Bob Sager. GNU/Linux meme tried to flood posts the same way that Bob Sager did with a phase such as "Just install GNU/linux. It has all the software you'd ever need built in and best of all its free!" A lot of the time GNU/Linux would try to integrate into a Bob Sager meme with such phrases as "You should really just install GNU/Linux on your Sager 5791, $2300, Games on medium laptop. It has all the software you'd ever need built in and best of all its free!" The GNU/Linux meme only lasted around 2 hours compared to the 8 hours of Bob Sager.

The End?

No one can tell for sure if this is the end of Bob Sager. For one I am not convinced he is completely dead but, rather just in hiding until the mods get their bottle of apple juice and go night night to leave /g/ unprotected again. There is no question as to whether this meme was the most epic of /g/'s short life. It started out as a simple cheap "portapros" style meme but, erupted into something moar. I for one await the day that Bob Sager resurfaces to preach the beauty of the Sager 5791, $2300, Games on medium laptop again.

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